An old friend
We were friends from when we were kids. Always flirting growing up, never doing anything about it. She was that one girl when I was 17 that I just wish I could lay down and do whatever to. When were just out of high school we finally had our chance. It was one of those alcohol fueled evenings where we finally got hooked up, and honestly, it could have been so much more. We kind of let each other down. For as sex crazed as we both our, I'm sure expected more.

Time went by and we went our separate ways. We both are happily married and have three kids each. Life is well for both of us. And then snapchat was invented...haha

It started out innocently, playful snapchats. A few seductive looks and messages and my testosterone was in full force. This is where my fantasy takes over.

She comes over after we've discussed one major ground rule 1) at no time are we allowed to have sex of any kind. Knowing how sex crazed we are, this proves to be impossible and erotic all mixed into one big stressful situation. Knowing that we are both happily married and don't tend to ruin that, this is our rule. We are just here for a little fun.

I sit on the floor in the living room, with a porn going on the t.v. I've already got my pants off. So I'm sitting in my boxers. She walks in with her purse and slowly starts taking her clothes off. First her pants come off, showing me her hot pink lace panties...somewhat see through. I can already tell she's wet. Next her shirt comes off, she has already discarded her bra somewhere before hand. She sit down next to me, our back against the couch, we watch the porn. Currently the male in the movie has the chick laid on her side, one leg in the air, the other under neath him. You can see a great view of the action. She throws her leg over top of mine, so the heat of our legs touch, sending a sensation through both of us. She pulls out a dildo from her bag, slowly starting to rub it against her pussy. I start to rub my dick, slowly, knowing full well that if i go any faster or harder, this will be over in 5 seconds.

She has one hand on her dildo know, working her pussy over while she takes the other and starts to rub her tits. She grabs and pulls at her rock hard nipples while her breathing starts to labor. She looks at me with a look of lust, begging to be fucked. Quickly her panties come off while I continue my assault on my cock. The sound of the porn in the background is of moans and screams and the sweet sound of fucking. She quickly drives the dildo into her pussy, her legs spreading wider, her knee now hitting my stomach and her other hand has now found my thigh. She's grabbing at my thigh while she drives the toy dick deeper into her pussy. My hand grabs my cock tighter, moving faster and faster. she arches her back against the couch, head back on the cushion. She's about to cum as I'm all for my release. Our legs now intertwined again, all either of us wants to do is fuck each others brains out. The desire to just fill her pussy is overwhelming but we resist.

I can feel I'm going to cum fast and hard. She continues to delve deeper into her pussy and she is close. I tell her I'm getting closer and i can't take it anymore. I get up, get between her legs. Her legs pull me in wanting me to fill her,but she's filled by her big toy. Her pussy starts to spasm and cum and I reach in closer with my dick. My hand is still holding it, working on my head, blocking my cock from her pussy. I lose control and know that it's about to happen. She spreads her legs wider, taking her toy dick deeper as I unleash all of my sexual frustration on her pussy lips and stomach. Stream after stream of my hot cum lands on her pussy lips and shoots up to her stomach and tits. I fall over out of breath as she slows her movements, her orgasm coming under control. We regain our composure, smile and hug and go our separate ways. We're both someone each other can trust in a situation like this. Neither one of us knows if it'll happen again, but we both sure as hell liked it.
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