Anal Cherry
Anal Cherry
By: Sassy Sue 1617
Edited: obsessivelesbian

I would have never thought it would be possible to be on a euphoric high days after an exquisite cybersex session with a creative, gorgeous, sexy woman. I am still replaying our cyber lovemaking in my head. Some consider this crazy or bizarre behavior. I call it admiration, to be able to influence another sensual being think about their decisions and the direction to take when deciding a path to travel is a gift. I just want to thank this delicious woman for the fantastic session. I hope I left her with a good memory as well.

This superb woman provided me with so much pleasure and clarity; I now know what I am going to do and surrender my anal cherry. I will always think of my cyber lover as my first anal lover. You never forget the person who took your cherry. To me, it is on the taking of your anal cherry is the same magnitude as losing your virginity.

I started the day by waking to wonderful feeling in my body. The sun was warm and bright and set in a field of azure blue. I was glowing and experiencing a feeling of contentment in the afterglow of great sex. Today was going to be spent with my cyber lover running around in my head. I started the day with some phone calls.

The first call was to my favorite spa and I scheduled an appointment for the full spa treatment. Next call was to my girlfriend Jessie, who was going to do the deed on Saturday night.

My body was charged with sexual energy. Every thought or feeling was connected to my intriguing, delicious cyber lover and our super sensual sexual interlude. I offered her the gift of my virtual anal cherry and she eagerly took my offering. She had prepared me to surrender my anal cherry.

Entering the bathroom, I turned on the shower and let my ruby red cami fall to the floor. I looked at my body in the mirror and brushed my breasts until the nipples went rigid; the shower was hot and I entered the steaming chamber. Quickly I lathered my body with soap, caressed the "girls" and gave each nipple a quick kiss. Then, I stimulated my anxious slit until my VJ got damp with love juice.

I exited the shower, patted myself dry, and applied a dusting of Shimmer Powder. Hence, I was ready to get dressed. With all the things I planned to do that day I required a minimal amount of clothing.

I inserted my Ben-Wa balls into Lucy, my pussy, to give my kegel muscles a work out and then I selected a sheer silver colored C-String thong to cover the gateway to my pleasure center. I was going braless today so the "girls" could enjoy the day, be free and relish the motion of the fabric against would glide across "their" nipples. Finally, I put on a short black perforated sleeveless dress with a sheer silver lining and a deep V-Neck with a silver zipper closure on the front. Like all form-fitting dresses, it felt sexy with a pair of black ankle boots that I could slip on and take off easily.

I left the apartment headed for my favorite deli for some OJ and a fruit cup and then to the el. I ate my breakfast during the short commute. I radiated sexual energy and saw many steal a personally wistful glance. Well, I did not have time to tease today.

I entered the Spa; the receptionist gave me a quick look over, smiled, and greeted me. She directed me to a waxing room. When I entered, I was greeted again, and it was Jean whom I was acquainted with for years.
She whistled, "You are hot to trot." She said teasing me meaningfully.

She had me disrobed. I licked my lips when she exposed and lay me on the table face up. Then she offered me a towel to cover my breasts; I declined, as I wanted to be naked as long as possible and had to keep my sexual energy souring with freedom.

I informed Jean that I wanted a leg wax and a Brazilian Wax but save my "V" landing strip and trim it. Jean, the consummate professional, started her undertaking. First, she inspected my areolas to insure that Thelma and Louise were hair free. Then she moved to my toes and quickly removed the miniscule hair that resided on them. Finally, she started to apply the hot wax strips to my legs.

I closed my eyes and went to bliss. I was thinking about the fantastic cyber-sex session, when my cyber lover took my anal cherry. I forgot all about what Jean was doing with the wax strips. I recalled dreamily of assuming the doggy position, with my head on a pillow, my ass high in the air, and my lover behind me. Her smooth hands tickled my skin and she spread my ass cheeks, descending gradually and licked the ass crack. Her saliva flowed to my rosebud, which was awaiting the arrival of her wet tongue. It ran on my asshole in circles, up, down, and sideways.

I felt my body shake and opened my eyes. There was Jean, smiling at me as she handed me a towel. I accepted the towel sheepishly, cleaned Juicy Lucy up so Jean could wax my vulva. I told her that I was going for a hot date that night and was daydreaming with anticipation.

"Unh huh," she nodded and proceeded to place the wax strips in place.

I did not care about this part. Surely, it brought the intermitting moments of pain as she pulled that strip, taking off some hair with it and I slipped back into the daydreaming.

By now, I could feel her raking my booty with her nails. It flinched and I never felt the pain form the wax stripping. She caressed my asshole, inserted a finger gently, and played with my smooth rim. Then she slapped my booty. It was a sharp hit, and another wax strip was removed. My lover reached around to tickle my clit and spanked me again. She continued to tease me, and I shivered for her touch. My eyes flew open and saw the smiling face of Jean who offered me another towel. Instantly, I blushed in embarrassment, mumbled another excuse coupled with a lame apology, and accepted the towel.

"Some lucky guy was going to have a good time tonight." Jean said as I cleaned up.

I applied the aloe vera to my freshly waxed snatch, and looked in the mirror. Jean was a deft girl.
"Damn it looks great," I thought and tied the robe closed.

Then I got up, gave Jean a large tip, hugged her, and left the wax room with elation.

I headed over to the other side of the spa for the remainder of my full body treatment. I could feel the Ben Wa balls undulating in my vagina with each step I took. They frolicked into the cozy yet wet playground, and sent me on the verge of orgasmic pleasure. However, I managed to hold the release and chose to savor the suspense that the evening promised.

I spent the next few hours in the spa where I was massaged, given a facial and a very relaxing bath. I had a manicure and pedicure. There was not an inch of my body that was missed from being oiled, rubbed or buffed. I felt like a celebrity. It got tickles, here and there. I was primed like a goddess.

The treatment was complete, I got dressed replacing the boots with a pair of black sandals so I would not damage my toe nails with the eye catching shiny black finish. Feeling warm ebullience, I settled my account and headed to an exquisite lingerie shop.

I entered the shop. Some women love chocolate, and for me chocolate is lingerie. I searched the store for the right bra and panties, a set befitting the occasion. The stuff set reflecting the love of two women. Jessie was a classy woman who took pride in everything she did. Therefore, I could not buy the slut wear. I looked at the thongs, the briefs, the boy shorts, the G-Strings. Nothing struck me right. Then I spotted a silky satin nude colored thong with lace. It looked "yummiest" with a matching lace bra. The material promised sex, class, and seductive for slut wears. The bra and panties would definitely invite someone to make deliberate yet passionate love to me. Perfect,' I thought with conviction, purchased it, and went out.

The Ben Wa balls reverberated as I walked. In my mind, everyone I passed could hear the thunderous echoes as the balls collided and recoiled off the walls of my pussy and thumped again. With a smile and a damp crotch, I walked to the el station with a cold wind blowing up my skirt. Lucy was still warm.

My errands were completed and the train was approaching the station. I exited the el station, headed to a diner for brunch, and something hot to drink. My body was burning fuel that I would later need. Waiting for my order, I sat there and dreamed of what Jessie would do to me that night. I felt nervous and yet excited for the pending cherry picking.

I stopped at the drug store and picked up the enema that Jessie had directed me to buy, but not to use. Only four hours before Jessie would arrive. My crotch got wet with anticipation.

I made sure everything was ready for her arrival. I was nervous like a teenager on her first date. Music was on, candles were lit, wine was chilled, and the meal was prepared. The only maneuver left for me was to put on the lingerie and wait patiently for her arrival. I was ready to present my anal cherry for the ultimate treatment. It took me 26 years to get to this point!

I removed the Ben Wa Balls, applied a little shimmer powder, a little perfume and it was time to get dressed.

I slipped the lace panties on and they fitted perfectly, hugging my curves like a sheer curtain for Lucy. The silky satin fabric was cool against the warm skin of my VJ. The thong kissed my rosebud, which ignited my vitals with the deep carnal lust. I selected a vintage black floor length peignoir to wear, slipped it on and let it cascade to the floor. The peignoir had an opaque black satin body and the sleeves and flowing cape were black sheer with ruffled black laced cuffs and trim. It was the perfect wrapping for the gift that I had to offer her.

I leaned against the window overlooking the street, apprehensively waiting for Jessie to arrive. My mind was racing with a bad case of the "whats" or "ifs." To calm my nerves, I took a sip of wine. Suddenly, I heard the door buzzer and the reverie was interrupted.

Three short buzzes, I knew it was Jessie. I walked over to the door and for a brief moment, my own eagerness hit me. I turned the knob and opened it. She stood there, clad into a pair of jeans and a bulky sweater. It was not the attire, I expected her to put on.

She looked at me. Her mouth opened a bit before she spoke, "Wow, you look luscious!" Then she entered the apartment without any preliminary.

In addition to her purse, she had brought a bottle of wine and a small nylon bag. I took her coat, the wine and reached for her bag. Jessie kept the bag to herself and went over to the bathroom. I hung her coat up and busied myself preparing the dinner.

Still in the bathroom, Jessie laid out oil, lube and the enema I had purchased. She also laid out some towels. Then she removed her sweater and jeans.

She had ample breasts, which could not be conveniently contained into her emerald green bra. She had a pair of matching Carnival French Cut Tuxedo bikini panties, which were skintight and hugged her smooth pussy. Next, she put on an emerald green lace camisole which barley covered her panties. Shortly afterward, I declared that the dinner was ready.

She walked into the bedroom, and laid out several items on the nightstand and covered them with a towel. Then, she went to the living room, put a DVD in the DVD player, and turned it off. She dropped the remote control on the sofa and walked over to the kitchen.

I heard the patter of her bare feet as she entered. I looked up and almost dropped our food. She stood there, with an aura of arousing exquisiteness. Her eyes followed my movements, like a lioness stalking her prey, as she propped herself against the corner of the doorway, sipping a glass of wine.

I looked at her and said with elation, "What a change!"

Jessie was a very attractive woman. She had rich, shoulder-length auburn hair with very delicate blonde streaks. Her eyes were brown, which she hued with emerald green eye and black eye shadow. Her camisole was a short, emerald green with lace, which revealed a glimpse of her emerald green bra and panties. Her 36C breasts were trying to escapes the confines of her bra.

I stared at her, fascinated by her takingness and blurted out, "Oh God, awesome!"

She smiled and joined me for the dinner that we ate in silence. After that, Jessie took the wine bottles and went into the living room.

I put the remnants of dinner away and the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Then, I entered the living room. She was already stretched out on the sofa. I sat next to her and she turned on the DVD player. It was a porn movie on anal sex.

She whispered to me as if we were in a crowded room, "I am taking your cherry tonight, Sue." Then she smiled and we cuddled each other.

We watched the porn and went on with sipping wine. Jessie fondled my 34B breasts and played with my nipples but made no move to remove my lingerie. She pointed out things and answered all questions I had. She told me that she had been doing anal intercourse since she was 19 years old and enjoyed every second of anal. Her husband could not get enough of her ass. When the movie was over, we stood up and she led me to the bathroom.

Jessie explained that she was going to give me an enema as a first treat. She eased my peignoir off and laid it neatly on the counter. Then she stood in front of me and knelt down, placed her thumbs in the waistband of my thong and removed it carefully. I felt that the cool air kissed my pussy only to be followed by her.

She placed a large, fluffy bath rug on the floor and had me get into the doggy position so that, my ass was up for an easy access. Jessie picked up the enema bottle and lubed the tip. Next, she put some lube on my asshole and worked it in with her fingers. She lubed my rosebud and slipped the tip of her finger into my asshole, applying the lubricant.

When I was ready for another insertion, Jessie touched the tip of the enema bottle and squeezed it, forcing the liquid into my anal cavity. She pulled the bottle out, loosened the cap to let some air in, lubed it again, and reinserted its tip, squeezing the remaining fluid into my rectum. Then she removed the bottle and refilled it with water before going on with repeating her maneuver. When she was done, I felt her hand on my arm as she pulled me on feet.

I felt discomforted and full in the booty. She laughed at my pouting expression. Standing there with nothing on, except my bra, I looked at her and inquired, "Now what"?

Jessie told me to jump on my toes for a few minutes and I did. My little boobs bounced up and down. Jessie removed her camisole and panties with swift turns of her arms. She told me to stop and give her an enema.

I performed the same steps on her that she did to me. Now it was her turn to jump up and down. I was laughing so hard I almost had an accident. She took my hand and we smiled at each other. She asked if I remembered the Hula Hoop. I nodded and began to swing my hips as if I were playing with one.

What a sight that was! Two women dressed only in bras, swinging their hips and playing with some imaginary Hula Hoops.

We went on with playing and giggling like little school girls until she picked up her undies, and went to the bathroom to for some clean up.

"Sue when you are done, meet me in the bedroom." Jessie said over her shoulder as she departed.

After a while we entered the bedroom. She had her panties and camisole back on and I was clad into my panties and peignoir. We laughed, sat on the bed, had some sips of wine, and talked.

Jessie asked, "Sue, are you ready to have your cherry plucked and your ass fucked?"

I nodded and Jessie leaned over and gave me a soulful kiss. She laid me gently on the bed and we made out like two teenagers. We French kissed, and I licked her lips. Then she kissed and nibbled at my neck.

Her breasts, yet covered under camisole and bra, touched with mine. I knew her nipples were hard and swollen. I kissed her bust, slipped my hands under her camisole, and raised it to her arms. She sat up and I removed it from her body. Then I stood up and removed my peignoir.

We lay next to each other and French kissed again. Jessie moved her hands around, unclasped my bra, and removed it.

She nibbled, sucked and tweaked my nipples aggressively. For doing so, she had to stoop. I hugged her, fondled her back, and unclasped her bra. Her stunning breasts swung free and dangled above my face.

I could not resist an urge to take one of her globes into my mouth and held her nipple tantalizingly. I heard Jessie emit a low guttural moan and teased the other nipple by pinching it. She lay down and I massaged her succulent, creamy tits.

Our breasts touched and bodies shivered for an electrifying sensation. Jessie glided her hand under the waistband of my thong and her touch felt tickling on my vulva. I moaned as she continued to tease me.

Jessie fumbled with my thong and removed it deftly. She went down and planted a kiss on my pussy lips. Grabbing the sheet, I closed my eyes and raised my hip; it was an effort to intensify the pleasing contact. I squirmed but she had taken control. Oh, I was powerless!

Jessie rose, touched my breasts and teased my hard nipples. With each touch, my pulse raced. A quick lick, a gentle pinch, anything anything at all, but Jessie seemed to be harsh on me. No relief from the sexual tension was forthcoming. Yes, there was nothing for the relief as Jessie continued to torment me with her touch.

After a while, Jessie followed her instincts. She bent over and traced my labia with her tongue. I stared down and watched as she drove her tongue down deep into my pussy. I quivered and tried to hold onto her slippery tongue with my pussy, but my efforts went in vain.

She broke her oral contact with my pussy, moved up, kissed my cheek, and whispered, "Are you ready?"

I muttered "Yes," as she rolled me over with deliberation.

Jessie had me assume the Downward Dog Yoga position, which she quickly modified. She gave me a pillow so that I might rest my head on. Then she lowered my knees to the bed and placed my forearms flat against the outside of my legs on the bed. My ass was high in the air, totally opened and exposed, ready for her to pluck my cherry.

Jessie massaged my back with some warming oil and I felt the tension fading away. She moved her hands, oiling my ass cheeks and crack ardently. Some drops trickled down my asshole and rosebud. I gasped as she followed the oily trail with her finger.

Jessie focused on my aching asshole. She tantalized the outer edge, working her way to the hole and made an insertion. Then she retracted her finger, lubed it with some warm oil, and penetrated me with deliberation until her palm touched with my ass. I could feel her finger, touching, dancing and wreaking havoc into my rectum. It was a wonderful sensation I had never experienced before. Trembling with anticipation, I wiggled my butt for more attention. Jessie removed her finger and my sphincter grasped at it in vain.

Jessie was ready to move on and so I was too. I begged her to take my ass. She stroked my breasts, fingered my pussy, and moved on with tormenting my ass. Then she took a 6" long, dildo with slim and pink shaft, and slathered it with the lube. The toy felt thicker and longer than her finger as she touched the glans with my asshole and made an easy insertion; I looked like a milkshake with a straw stuck in it. Teasingly, she went on with fucking my rear, licking my pussy along.

The mixed sensation soared through my spine and I went delirious, moaning hoarsely. Jessie pushed the entire length of the shaft into my rectum and I felt a rush as I came instantly; my pussy twitched for the heat and the girl cum ran down my thighs. It was a warm, wonderful feeling that made me feel so dirty and sensual; a feeling I thoroughly enjoyed!

Jessie turned on a 7" vibrator, and touched my clit with it. It shook me and I bucked up. My vitals quivered with desire. I pinched my nipples and pulled on my breasts. She went on fucking with the dildo, removed it from my asshole, and replaced it with the vibrator. My sphincter sucked on the vibrator and the vibrations resounded throughout my body.

Jessie inserted the We-Vibe into my pussy to stimulate the G-spot and clit simultaneously. I felt an indescribable feeling of intense pleasure that radiated drove my womanhood ablaze. A vibrator buzzing away in my ass; another one buzzed into my pussy. Jessie went on with teasing me. She watched me with relish as my body convulsed all over. All along that, she brought herself to an instant climax with another vibrator. We squealed, together, in delight.

For the next episode, Jessie put on a black strap on with an 8" venous shaft. It was carved with balls and so, designed as a replica of the real "monster". Then, she put a large amount of lube on it and had me coat it.

I asked, "Aren't you going to fuck my ass with that?"

Jessie smiled meaningfully, and replied, "I won't hurt you babe. Just relax, and trust me! You will crave for more."

She positioned herself behind me, with the huge glans probing at my tiny backdoor. She raked my ass cheeks with her fingernails. My asshole tightened for an impending breach. Jessie pulled her hips back and spanked me hard with a riding crop. The glans glided into my ass instantly. Clutching my hips, Jessie pulled me toward her, letting the monster thing penetrate my rear. She pumped into me, slow at first and harder with each shove. I knew I was on the verge of begging her for mercy. On the contrary, I did not ask her to stop but screamed and begged for more.

"Deeper, deeper, I want it all! Fuck my ass. Yesss, h-h-harder, ye-yess," I shrieked.

She went on with pounding into my rectum as if my encouragement raged her for an action. It couldn't be halted until I convulsed and cummed, so full and so satisfied. Of course, I loved the sensation of my ass being that full and being fucked to the depth.

Jessie was not through with me. She took a love stick and inserted it into my rectum, pressing against the We-Vibe and sending me into spasms of rapture. My body quivered for a mass of sexually charged nerve endings. Jessie continued pumping the stick into and out of my rear; each shove was better than the previous and so, she amplified my desire for the climax. I was on the verge of cumming when she drove the large prosthetic cock in for the final time. I squealed with delight. My chest heaved and I gasped to catch my breath. Jessie, panting with me, slumped against my ass. Her breasts moved in concert with her breathing. It slowed down as she caught her breath.

Jessie removed the strap-on from my ass. We unbuckled the monster from her hips, and collapsed on the bed in a pool of sweaty hot spent flesh. Tenderly I removed her panties, which were soaked with her nectar, and tossed them aside. I embraced her, caressing her pussy tenderly.

Jessie's face and neck showed flush of sexual tension. I reached out to fondle her breasts, but she held my hand lovingly and whispered seductively, "I have a small token to mark your special occasion."

She handed me a box, wrapped in a shiny black paper and tied with a red velvet bow. I kissed her thankfully, and like a child at Christmas, opened her gift eagerly.

The box contained a satin, ebony cloth. Nestled in its folds, was a large silver butt plug that was thick and long with a 1" stem at the base. The base in turn was encrusted with a red jewel and it was breathtaking absolutely. I could not believe that after all she had done for me tonight that she gave me such a thoughtful gift.

We applied lube to the shiny plug and I lay on my side with my leg cocked. Jessie sensually applied more lube to my rosebud and guided the tip of the plug to the entrance of my rectum. She placed my hand on the plug and then gently placed her hand over mine.

"Easy now! Just slide the tip of the plug down your ass," she said softly. "Push the plug in and you will feel a little resistance from your body."

I pushed, felt the resistance of the sphincter muscle, applying a little more lube, and pressed it. The sphincter swallowed the widest portion of the plug, locking around the stem of the plug to prevent an escape. The red jewel sparkled as it was the crown jewel of my temple now. Full and content I embraced Jessie and gave her a long passionate kiss. She tapped the red jewel sending a tremor through my body.

Jessie took a picture of me bending over with my new red jewel peeking out of my ass. I was enthralled with the evening and stood up, kissing her passionately.

We faced each other and held hands as Jessie lay on the bed. I gazed at her beautiful body as the soft candlelight danced on the subtle tones of her skin. The shadows from the candlelight pirouetted on the rich caramel color of her soft supple skin. I took her into my arms and hugged her warmly. I kissed her breasts, licked the erect nipples, and licked my way on her stomach until I reached her hollow. I patted her wet pussy. She hissed for my teasing touch and I eased my middle finger into her warm, receptive crevice.

Consumed by her radiating beauty and the essence of her womanhood that nestled between her thighs, I took a moment to enjoy her serene ambiance. Her vulva was tanned, bald, and smooth like a fine precious piece of the silk. The pussy lips were swollen, dark and luscious. They were soaked with her honey that had oozed already. The cunt protruded for the arousal and defined her breathtaking pussy. Her clit jutted out from its hood and her pink slit glistened with a minute line of over flown juice.

I licked my lips and slid up. We hugged, caressing and kissing each other. It was her turn to receive pleasure, my turn to serve her equally. I looked in her amber eyes and coyly smiled at her.

I cupped her face into my hands, and kissed her passionately. My tongue traced her lips, parting them ever so slightly. Her tongue met mine; the pair twirled and danced against each other. I knew she was fully aroused and wanted more than the foreplay that was being offered.

The aromatic musty odor of sex hung heavy in the room. I reached down once again and patted her hot, odorous snatch. Her engorged lips were very wet with her secretions. Jessie bowed her hips, as my finger penetrated her and touched the smooth silky walls of her cunt. As I increased the pressure, she began to thrash. My fingers frolicked in her pussy, cautious at first and harsh later. I led her ablaze in no time. Her hunger had to be fulfilled, as her body telegraphed the desire and the need to cum.

Jessie wanted a release; her body convulsed as she clutched at the bed sheet with one hand, and my thigh with the other. She screamed for the shaking climax and her juices gushed from her hot crucible.

I slid down and glued my face was to her quivering sex. I flicked my tongue on her slit, relishing with the flavor of her nectar. Warm, wet, and sticky fluid oozed from her cunt and I plowed it with my tongue, harvesting her cum. I sucked her swollen and salty clit and her nectar gushed out, teasing my taste buds. I felt the rich cream glide down my throat. Jessie had that rich womanly piquancy that I cherished. My tongue was searching for her erogenous zones that lay within her delicious pussy.

I licked down and up until I took her clit again, teasing it with my tongue. A vulgar, hoarse moan escaped her mouth as she bucked into my face. Her cunt quivered and opened, allowing my mouth and nose to go in. Giving her clit another swift lick, my tongue sought out her honey. Jessie wailed with ecstasy when my tongue flicked her twat. This brought her to a toe straightening and thigh tightening climax. She held my head and rammed my face as deep into her pussy as possible. Feeling her juice on my face, I inhaled her feminine aroma and went on with eating her. My body shuddered for the building desire and I was on the verge of a climax but I held back.

My face was buried in the best place in the world, the musky chamber of her cunt. Jessie had locked her legs around my torso, as she underwent a series of tremors. We frolicked in the throes of passion and her body got tense. She yelped and cummed once again, letting her juice out. I drank it to my fill and she groaned with pleasure and fulfillment.

Jessie was the woman who, just a short while ago, postponed her pleasure in order to provide me the pure carnal service and took my anal virginity away. It was the rightful thing to please her in return. Hence, I picked up my strappy and put it on. I was going to fuck her gaping pussy. Slathering it in the lube, I poised the glans at the gateway to her cunt. I pushed the entire shaft down her pulsating slit. It went slow and easy.

I struck hard, moved my hips back, and propelled the cock deep inside her pussy. Her muscles clinched on the lifeless shaft. She began to heave in the heat. Her breasts rose and fell lusciously. I squeezed them and she moaned as I went on with fucking her. Her nails raked my back and I winced with pleasure. She wrapped her legs wrapped around my hips. The effect pulled me above her and she screamed as my weapon hit her to the hilt. We made love with primal fury. Her eyes closed and then she opened them wide. I knew she was reaching her crescendo

Hence, she convulsed for a violent cum. This triggered my own orgasm and I cummed. Jessie gave a last burst of release and I lingered atop her, before taking the shaft out of her enervated pussy and unbuckling it.

We lay together, enjoying the afterglow of lovemaking, sharing the tenderness, the warmth and the sensuality of the evening. Our bodies entwined in unison. We spoke about our exceptional night, and the unique memory we would share for the rest of our lives. We spooned until a peaceful slumber consumed our etiolated bodies.


Jessie is an amazing friend, who understood my needs and helped me to overcome the intimidation about the anal intercourse. She did everything possible to ensure that my anal cherry could be taken with positive and pleasing sensation. That is the reason for me to offer her an undying gratitude for the favor she bestowed.

It would be unfair if I do not thank the special women with whom I met at Lush. They bestowed me with strength, encouragement and sound advice to overcome the fear of anal intercourse. Some of them went so far as to have cyber anal sex with me, and provided a mental scope of a sensual fulfilling experience, which gave me the courage to lose my anal cherry. Thank you Ladies you are wonderful. I am now a proud member of The Back Door Betty Club.

Special thanks to Monica Marshal {obsessivelesbian} who supported me in by being a tough editor and good friend to help me make this a special story. Thank you my dear.

There are those who will say no big deal just let a guy peg your ass and get it over with. For a person with fear, real or otherwise, it is a big deal. For those contemplating anal for the first time and feel it uneasy, I must say just take your time and find a loving partner, who truly cares for you and so, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the experience. It is truly a great one!

Now all that remains is to find the right man to fuck my ass with his hard cock and I think I know just the right man.

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