Analiza' Tear
Liza stepped out of her row home humming softly to herself. It was shaping up to be one of those rare perfect early fall days. The ones where the sun is warm, a hint of a chill is in the air, just enough chill for a light sweater. Shifting her purse and coffee to her left hand she closed the door and double checked the lock.

She set the car stereo to her favorite eighties station and pulled away. "Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one" Cindy Lauper cheerfully sang out. Liza drove on, seat dancing to the music. She heard her cell phone text tone go off, "Grrr, that's going to drive me nuts", she said out loud. She knew who it was without looking. Only one person would text her this early knowing that she was driving and would have to wait till she got to work.

"Hey Larry, Monica, and DaVita how y'all doing?" Liza asked racing past the break room. She signed in and hurried to her desk. "Finally!" She fished the cell phone out of her purse, and scrolled down to the text function the message was, as she knew it would be, from Blaine. The message read 8 P.M. Baltimore Hilton room 357 pick the key up at the front desk.'

The rest of the day she found it hard to concentrate on anything except that text message. Never had she gotten out of work so fast. Bidding her co-workers good-bye she literally ran past them and out to her car. It took all of the self-control that she could muster to stay at the speed limit.

Blaine knew what he was doing to Liza, his Analiza and it made him smile. "Bea, was that my last patient", he asked his receptionist. "No Doctor Lantis. You have one more, Mrs. Carling's, Wittle PeeWee is due in for a distemper shot and check-up" On most days Blaine was an extremely patient man. This was not most days, he had plans and Wittle PeeWee was holding him up. "Mrs. Seaford", Blaine said gruffly. The petite grey haired receptionist looked up, "Yes Doctor?" "As soon as Mrs. Carling and company arrive please show them to examination room number one" "Yes of course Doctor Lantis". "Thank you" he replied walking away. Ten minutes later he was taking the temperature of a very unhappy poodle.

A little after five she arrived home. Sitting on her stoop was a FedEx delivery. Liza smiled knowing that the package had come from Blaine. The package was addressed to Analiza the name he had given her when he took her as his sub. She scooped up the package and stepped inside of her row home. Trembling with anticipation and a bit of trepidation Analiza opened the box and found a note written in his hand, "Analiza, you will wear the contents of this box this evening. If you do not find it in this box then you do not wear it. Wear your hair down the way I like it. Take a cab to the hotel and arrive on time. You will find further instructions at the hotel. You have until 8:30 to have things properly arranged.

She unpacked the box one item at a time and laid them out on the bed. "Red lace garter belt, red lace thong with a single strand of pearls matching lace bra, and suntan hose with a seam up the back", she noted out loud.

She finished unpacking the dress and shoes that Blaine had sent. Good Lord she thought to herself, he even included the make-up he wants me to wear.

Glancing at the clock she realized that if she wanted to be on time she had better get started. She took a quick shower and slipped into the clothes that she had laid out on the bed. Analiza took a good look at herself in the full length mirror and had to admit that Blaine had done a really good job putting her outfit together.

"Red and Black Taxi can I help you?" said the voice on the phone. "Yes I would like a cab at 2712 Willow Way, going to the Baltimore Hilton. Oh and can you please hurry I'm running a bit behind? She said. "On its way" the voice replied. Within minutes the cab's horn sounded. On the ride to the hotel her mind was racing thinking about all of the possibilities. "Okay lady that'll be fifteen seventy five" the cabbie says startling her out of her thoughts.

"Here keep the change", she handed the cabby a twenty and headed for the hotel.

Hello welcome to the Baltimore Hilton. How may I help you ma'am?". "Hi, yes the key to room 357 please" Analiza said pleasantly.

"Here you go ma'am enjoy you're stay."
The walk across the lobby and the elevator ride to the third floor all seemed surreal kind of like everything was moving in slow motion. Room 357 was lit by one small lamp on the desk. She stood taking a moment for her eyes to adjust. It wasn't a room rather it was a luxurious suite. A bedroom, sitting room and a kitchenette decorated in hotel chic.

Opening the closet door to stow her overnight bag she discovered Blaine's toys' hanging neatly. Blaine was anal about his toys; he had obviously taken great care in placing them. Analiza decided it would be smarter to stow the bag somewhere else. It was now eight minutes after eight. She realized that she needed to get her ass moving. On the desk she found an envelope addressed To: slut From: Blaine. The envelope contained a note and instructions.

Hello slut, I expect you to follow these instructions to the letter. Should you fail Me the evening will end immediately.
¢light candles
¢remove the bedspread
¢place the desk chair in the center of the sitting room facing away from the door
¢ turn on the cd player
¢take the silk scarf from the nightstand
¢Be seated in the desk chair
¢Use the scarf as a blindfold.

Remember I will come in sometime after eight thirty. Everything on this list must be completed before I arrive.

Nervously she set about the chores, checking the time frequently. She moved the desk chair to the center of the room facing away from the door. Her heart racing as she sat down, "Oh shit! I forgot the scarf" analiza exclaimed. The nervous subby ran into the bedroom grabbed the scarf, ran back to the chair and sat down. One last glance at the clock, five minutes to spare, Analiza tied the scarf securely over her eyes folded her hands in her lap and waited for Blaine. Every little noise was amplified. Several times noises in the hall made the hairs on the back of Analiza's neck stand up

Blaine was sitting in the lobby when his Analiza arrived. The little black dress he had chosen for her hugged her ample curves perfectly. The girl's hair was a warm deep chocolate brown that fell in soft waves just below her shoulders. Her full sensual lips were accented perfectly by a deep maroon lip stain. He knew that she would be too focused on following his instructions to notice him watching her. He loved watching her in these candid moments; she had no idea how beautiful she was.

At 8:30 he was outside of the hotel room door, an evil grin curling the corners of his mouth. He would let her sweat a little. He walked past the door heavy enough to be heard. Waited, jiggled the door. Waited. The people in the room across the hall left, Blaine used this to his advantage and knocked on their door. Waited. At about 8:45 he decided to take pity on her. Whistling, Blaine slid the magnetic key into the lock, listened for the click and slowly entered the suite.

The door clicked open and Annalisa's heart skipped a beat. She could smell his cologne and she ached to run to him, but she knew better. Blaine stood silently watching his slut and enjoying her discomfort. Closing the distance he whispered "Hello slut", his rich deep voice tickling her ear his hot breath sending chills up her spine. Had she not been sitting her knees would have buckled.

She trembled and her voice came out in a shaky whisper, "Hello Sir."

"Cold?" He asked. Blaine slipped his hand in his pocket.

"No Sir", Analiza replied finding her voice.

He pulled out an ornate pocket knife, "Then why are you shaking", he asked as he opened the knife. His voice was ear candy, "I asked you a question girl", and his amusement was evident in his tone.

"Blaine Sir I'm nervous", Analiza replied.

Blaine chuckled, "You should be, mwahahaha." Blaine ran the point of the pocket knife lightly up her bare right arm causing her to quiver and moan softly. "Stand up, and turn around slowly fuck toy, it's time I inspected my slut." A little wobbly, Analiza rose from the chair and turned around fighting her desire to remove the blindfold.

Her nerves got the best of her she had the oddest desire to lisp, Yeth Mahster'. The harder she tried to dismiss the thought the harder it was to suppress the giggles. She tried biting the inside of her check, she tried to think serious thoughts, she told herself how deep in shit she was getting herself; somehow that made it worse and she gave into the giggles.

Blaine waited patiently for the laughter to subside. He grabbed his slut by the hair and pulled her to him. "Do you find this amusing? Do you find me amusing?" he asked sternly.

Analiza managed to get herself under control; she owed this in no small part to the tone of Blaine's voice and the pain in her scalp, "No Sir"

With his left hand still entangled in Analiza's hair he unzipped her dress and let the dress slip down her shoulders and pool around her feet. Analiza's pussy was sodden. "I can smell your sex slut", He taunted in her ear. "Step out of the dress. Spread those legs fuck meat, I want to see that glistening pussy." Red crept up her face like mercury up a thermometer". He gave her thong a little tug causing the pearls to rub against her juicy clit.

Blaine had Analiza stand, legs spread arms at the nape of her neck. He removed her blindfold, kicked the dress to the side, and he moved the chair out of his way thus giving him room to walk around the girl and inspect her at his leisure. He pinched her taut nipples through her bra, caught her sneaking a glance and pinched harder. Analiza moaned softly. He raised one eye brow and grinned.

Blaine, never taking his eyes from her face, inserted his index finger into her greedy pussy. Unconsciously Analiza began to her move her hips. He pulled his finger from her cunt and using his other hand he grabbed her by the nipple and pulled her to him. Blaine held his index finger under her nose within her field of vision. His finger was saturated with Analiza's pussy juices.

He was enjoying her discomfort immensely. "Look what you did to my finger", Blaine accused, feigning disgust. "You are a dirty little slut. A nasty wonton whore, clean this vile filth off of my finger. Now!", Blaine insisted plunging his finger into her mouth. Analiza began to suck her pussy juice off of Blaine's finger enthusiastically. She was so turned on, so wet, she wanted so badly to be fucked. Blaine pulled his finger from her mouth and gave her a sound slap across the face.

He fastened a thick leather restraint to each of Analiza's wrists and ankles. It was time for the real fun to begin, up until now it had all been foreplay. He led his prize into the bedroom and had her lean over the bed with her legs spread wide and ass up in the air. She had tensed anticipating what was coming. He hummed happily to himself prolonging the suspense. He pinched first the right cheek then the left and she jumped, shivered, and creamed all at the same time. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, so jumpy", he teased.

Blaine had chosen a substantial paddle, leather on one side and soft rabbit hair on the other, to begin with. He landed the first blow on her tender ass. He watched as her full luscious ass cheek jiggled. It took her by surprise and stung like mad. She jumped and gulped air.

"Ahem did we forget something?" he demanded with a touch of sarcasm.

"Oh fuck!", she thought to herself. "Sorry Sir I forgot" she said trying to sound repentant.

"That's okay darling perhaps ten additional licks will help you to remember in future" he said, the amusement evident in his voice.

"Yes Sir. Thank You Sir" she answered. Analiza was so fucking wet by now, her pussy literally ached to be used. Smack, "One Thank you sir may I have another", smack, "two thank you sir may I have another" she increased by one with each blow trying hard to keep up. And Blaine did his best to make her lose count and start over.

Blaine, alternated whacks with the leather side of the paddle with rubbing the silky fur on her reddening ass. It stung, her ass was getting warm and tender, and it felt wonderful. Analiza began to giggle. She could not help herself, it always happened when she got spanked or paddled. She lost track of the number of whacks, between the giggles and loosing count and having to start over keeping an accurate count was a lost cause.

Blaine delighted in her inability to stifle the giggles during a spanking. He once asked her why the spanking made her laugh. He asked her if instead of pain it tickled. She tried to explain to him that it did not tickle, the giggles were a reflex. Blaine was a master at his craft. Analiza's ass was soon a brilliant red.

He grabbed hold of her hair and stood her upright. He spun Analiza around and kissed her forcefully and deeply on the mouth. He nibbled at her earlobes, whispered threats and taunts in her ear. He pinched and teased the girl's erect nipples until she was on the edge orgasming.

Sensing her distress he simply uttered, "Don't you dare." Somehow that made it harder for her to control, Analiza loved it for her it was delicious torture.

"I do believe that you are over dressed" he said, "no worries".

Analiza thought to herself, "who's worried? Do I look worried?" While she was busy having this little dialogue with herself, he pulled out his pocket knife slipped it under her bra between the girls and in one smooth flick of the wrist the bra was toast.

"Crawl to the center of the bed. Keep those legs spread wide and that ass high." He instructed. She crawled her breasts swinging like flesh pendulums. Analiza was shamefully aware of her exposed sex. "Now slut lie on your back and hold your hands out to me".

"Yes Sir" she answered softly chancing a quick glance at him.

She timed her glace wrong and looked directly into his ice blue eyes. He remained expressionless as he took her left wrist in his strong masculine hands. There was a large strong D ring on each restraint to accommodate rope; and as he threaded a length of jute that he had attached to the bed post, he spoke to her without looking at her. "My brazen little slut" he shook his head, "What do you think is a fitting punishment for such brazen disrespect?"

"Umm, a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again?" she ventured and batted her eyes.

He chuckled, "Nice try smartass. No guess again. I have a brand new set of clover clamps that are going to look sweet on those big perky nipples. Still feeling froggy?" Blaine fastened her left wrist and moved to the other side of the bed.

"Yes Sir. I mean no Sir", she stuttered trying hard not to grin. He repeated the process with her right arm so that her arms were out stretched to either side. He produced a pair of purple clover clamps attached with a purple chain and swung them in front of her eyes.

"Are you ready smart ass?", he didn't wait for her reply as he pinched her right nipple and attached the clamp. "Deep slow breaths. Breathe through the pain. Good girl", he soothed giving a light tug on the chain. He walked back around the bed pinched the left nipple and applied the second clamp. Holding the chain in the center he pulled loving the way her tits looked. Analiza had no clue how beautiful she was to Blaine at this moment. "Open your mouth", she did and he placed the chain between her teeth. Analiza gave a little moan.

"Just remember it hurts worse coming off", he chided ironically.

"Thank you Sir", she answered sarcastically through her teeth.

"Ups-a-daisy" He said as he grabbed her left ankle pulling it up to her left wrist and clipping the shackle to the cuff, He repeated the same operation on the right. With pussy and ass now fully exposed and at his mercy she was quite tasty. Blaine took a moment to admire his handy work while he stripped down to his boxers.

Out came the clothes pins. Instinctively his slut tried to close her legs. All that she managed was to move them a bit. "Ouch! Fuck!" , she breathed through the initial pain. The pain began to take on a new texture it ceased being pain and morphed into a strange warm excitement with each clothes pin he affixed to her labia. The air was heavy with the musky aroma of her sex. "I feel like my entire body is climbing towards a mind blowing orgasm", she purred.

"Look at Me.", Blaine was harsh bringing her focus back. "Are you alright? Do I need to remind you my little fuck toy that you need to ask before you cum" he insisted. Take a few deep cleansing breaths in, hold, exhale"

"Yes sir, I'm fine".

He gave her his Dom look. That look always made her think "ut oh, what did I do", and made her cunt wet at the same time.

"You smell so good", he said as he began to tease and slap the insides of Analiza's thighs. She blushed feeling dirty and helpless and she loved it. "My bitch dripping wet like some whore." Slap slap slap with the crop on her wet exposed clit.

Analiza was on the brink of cumming, but knew that she had better not, not without asking. "Sir, may I please cum?" , she asked with some urgency. "No! Christ slut we haven't even gotten started yet", he chuckled.

"Pleeese may I cum?" she begged.

Again he said "No". He began flogging her cunt and cheeks, "Better?"

She closed her eyes tight, "yes Sir"

When he was satisfied he placed a vibrater just above the clit and finger fucked her hard. Analiza's pussy liquor was flowing freely. "Sir may I please cum?" she begged, "I don't think I can hold it". Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She was holding back with all of her might.

"Yes little one cum for me" He said almost tenderly.

And with his permission came the release. Waves of pleasure so intense that it hurt. She shook; she screamed, "God, god, god. Thank you Sir, Thank you Sir, Thank you Sir. Mmmmmmm", the muscles in her cunt contracted violently as she squirted cum and then finally the after spasms. "Thank you Sir" , she said dreamily.

"Your very welcome little one" He replied. He kissed her hard while gently diddling her tender clit. The vibrater found its way back into her cunt.

"Nooo", she cried "it's too much."

"You can do this Analiza. Just listen to the sound of my voice. Are you ready to cum for me?" he enticed. The cadence of his voice was hypnotic. Analiza began that climb towards climax again.

Beginning to moan, "Sir", she called out to him.

"Let me know little one, when you can't possibly hold it one more moment" he soothed her

"Sir, now please please may I cum?" She begged.

"On the count of three you may cum. Ready one, two, three cum" He encouraged. And on three he removed the clover clamps from her nipples.

"Mother Fucker! Son of a bitch", Analiza cursed at Blaine.

For the second time in less than thirty minutes she was having an earth shaking climax. Every muscle in her body was spasming in a combination of pain and pleasure. The pain in her nipples made her cum harder than she believed was possible "Can a person cum to death" she wondered. The orgasm was washing over her in wave after agonizing, wave of contractions she could feel it clear down to her toes.

Blaine watched his pet with love and pride. She was so new to this and had done so well. Analiza slipped into that floaty place known as subspace. Subspace is like seeing, feeling and hearing everything going on but at the same time being detached seeing through sensation drugged eyes.

The restraints had disappeared from her wrists and ankles. She could not remember Blaine releasing her. He came back into the bedroom, when did he leave? She couldn't remember.

Blaine helped her to sit up on the side of the bed. "I'm so proud of you little one" He soothed. "Can you stand?" he asked nuzzling her neck.

Stand? What was stand? Oh yeah she remembered. "Yes, I can stand", she responded dreamily. He helped Analiza to her feet and carried her to the bathroom. While she was floating around in sub space he had prepared a bubble bath. Blaine helped her into the tub.

"Do you here that Sir?"

"Hear what my little one" he questioned, watching her intently.

In her altered state Analiza was convinced that she could hear each separate bubble as it popped. "The bubbles, each one has its own sound as it pops."

"Ah, I see" Blaine said gently.

Analiza sat in the tub full of velvet bubbles and perfect water and thought, "this is about as close to heaven on earth as I can get. No I'm wrong sitting in this tub full of perfect water and bubbles while he sooths and baths me is heaven on earth.

He dried her off and carried his treasure to a chair in the bedroom. Blaine pulled back the blankets on the second bed; fetched Analiza and had her lie on her belly. He applied lotion to her sore bottom. He then he gave her a whole body message. Slowly Analiza was starting to come down from that floaty place, but she was okay safe and secure in Blaine's arms.

As she drifted off to sleep he kissed her tenderly and whispered in her ear, "I love you little one, you make me very happy."

Analiza answered softly, "I love you too Sir", and a perfect tear traced down her cheek.
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