And it continues... Another rendezvous with my boss
The evening we flew back in from our trip I got a text from my boss telling me to meet him at his place. 

I knew he wanted more. After all, we hadn't actually fucked since the first time a few weeks prior. 
I was aching for it so took little time freshening up. I'd been waxing ever since our first time so my pussy would be nice and smooth for him when the time called.

He greeted me at the door with a kiss and lead me into his bedroom. He told me to to strip down and get on all fours for him. I obeyed. He kneeled down and touched my pussy so gently. Spreading my pussy lips, slapping my ass telling me, "god, baby your pussy is so pretty." It turned me on so much that he loved just staring at little pink pussy. I leaned down farther spreading my pussy so he could get a better view. He gripped my ass cheeks firmly, kissing all over my backside. I was so wet, juices were seeping out of me starting to drip. He ran his finger down my slit and wiggled his thumb on my clit. I squirmed with pleasure. He asked me, "do you like that, baby?" I moaned, "mmhm." I could barely stand it. I was aching for him to make me cum. He flipped me over onto my back and began to kiss and lick me all over - from my neck, to my tits, to my stomach. I couldn't take it anymore - I wanted his cock in my pussy. I got on top of him and straddled him with my ass facing him. I lowered onto his hard cock. He moaned with pleasure, "ride my dick, baby. I wanna see that ass bounce." I started off slow to get his dick wet and ready for my soon to be fast thrust. I grinded on his dick, up and down, back and forth, twirling my hips. All the while he's grabbing my ass pushing me onto his cock, thrusting with me up and down. I could feel me getting close to ecstasy, screaming "fuck baby, your cock feels so good in my pussy. Im gonna fucking cum." I thrusted harder until I hit just the spot. My body shook, I fondled my tits to make my orgasm that much more intense. He then flipped me over on my back, and I wrapped my legs around his neck like he was determined to squirt his hot cum inside me. I pleaded, "fuck my pussy, baby! Harder! Harder!" He was thrusting so hard and deep; he could feel I was about to cum again. He stopped out of nowhere and took his pulsating cock out of my pussy. He immediately shoved it back in, and then out again. Grunting each time he stuck it back in. You could hear my pussy lips close back together so quickly each time he took it out and drove me crazy. I cried, "make me cum baby, please. Fuck me!!" He asked me, "do you like that? Is this what you want, huh baby?" and began to fuck me again. building the momentum back up quickly which made me cum so hard. He came shortly after grunting loudly, "ahhhg." Stroking his cock, dripping every last drop of cum on my stomach.

He lowered down next to me, and held me until we fell asleep.
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