Angel (rhyming couplets poem)

"I believe that friends are quiet angels who sit on our shoulders and lift our wings when we forget how to fly." Unknown

I want to sit, your shoulder, yes
to gaze down there above your dress
your lovely rack, it there so proud
me there I'll be on 7th cloud

That cleavage deep so cosy warm
so soft, divine, it such fine form
or hover close a nipple calls
me back and forth like juggling balls

I want to sit there see your rear
oh lovely shape oh what great gear
oh yes I'd look down see your arse
it mini clung, it is top class

I'd slip down and enclose with arms
we'd writhe and smile, oh wand'ring palms
'oh D I ache, you know I do'
I'd grip, and oh I'd fuck you true.

My cock it hard, your cunt it wet
the mini, side-ties off, you set
you doggy lean it's time for fun
'this slut is yours' 'you're the best one.'

And in he went, you wet divine
you are the best like the top wine
your body and you know the way
I'm in and there, and there to stay

To fuck you well you lovely bitch
we know the way there'll be no hitch
one hitch there is, we're hooked up tight!
you ache I ache so that is right

'don't stop, don't stop' you call out loud
'oh you're the best, of you I'm proud'
'oh good, and now yes, yes I cum'
'yes, cum, and lots, I'll make you hum'

And yes I did and you did glow
your fanny juices they did flow
'now David give your strongest ride
I want to feel your full high tide'

I gripped, took hold and rammed in hard
I went right in right up your yard
ram, ram, oh god you loved been rode
so hard and fast you slut, explode!

Once more you came, I loved that so
you'd cum before but this mad go
together now, and you did scream
my juices shooting in a stream.

We rested then and cuddled close
that I did need, 'another dose?'
yes that from you, insatiable
a rest p'haps just amiable

We did, I read, but god your skill
I'm soon erect, you have the will
oh yes I'm in you, fucking time
'I love your ways Jenn, makes me rhyme.
arthur 19jan12
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