Anger Sex
Anger Sex
By: Sassy Sue

I have been thinking about you on the ride home. We have been fighting a lot it seems and arguments have replaced sex. I could barely keep my mind on the road, I had one hand on the wheel and the other under my skirt as I drove, fantasizing what our sex before all the strife. It had been a month now since we last had sex and now l fantasize what you might want, and what I wanted to do for you.

Opening the door, I am wondering if, are you at home or do I have time to change into my sweats and maybe even masturbate a bit before you get home, before the fights start over some innocuous bullshit. I hang my coat up on the clothes tree, when you burst into the room; I turn, prepared for another onslaught of bullshit accusations of how I am screwing anything with a cock. I can see you have a stern, angry look on your face, but you say nothing and you toss you topcoat on the floor.

You step towards me; I stand my ground, and then your strong hand on my shoulder locking me in place. Our fights always verbal, never physical, I glare at you, this is the most physical contact we had in a month and it is not what I want. I shrug my shoulder, you tighten your grip, you lips twitch, and you start to speak.

"Krissy I have had enough of this fighting, it stops here and now!"

I start to say something, but you silence me by pressing your lips against mine, your chest squashing against my tits as you push my back against the wall. My eyes widen in surprise for a second, but slowly close as the heat of your kiss melts the anger in me. I succumb to you and my hands ripping your shirt open. You pin me to the wall with your hips, one hand holds my wrists to the walls, and then your other hand grabs my chiffon blouse and rips it open. I hear the buttons clatter as they fall to the floor. My bra and blouse in tatters and my breasts spill out. The air is cool on my hard nipples and you maul the pliable flesh with your hand. This is not a gentle caress but hard squeezing and pinching of my aching tits. I feel that you are already aroused and you are very, very hard under your suit pants with you erection pressing against my mound.

You pull me from the wall and push me to the back of the couch. You bend me over the couch back, my tits dangling. I am squirming twisting trying to get away from you, but you pin me to the couch with a hand in the small of my back, the weight of your enraged body keeping me there. I hear you unzip your pants, your belt buckle grazing my calf as your pants slide down. You dance a bit and now you are naked with the exception of your torn shirt. I realize you are going to rape me.

I am pissed; I don't want you to fuck me, do I?

Your hand goes under the hem of my skirt, you flip it up on my butt, and finds my pussy uncovered; I was so wet and ready from fingering my snatch on the way home that I left my panties in my car on the passenger seat. Your hand is between my legs feeling my swollen pussy, fondling my engorged lips, squashing them, making my slit ooze nectar. My cunt is literally drooling from weeks of neglect. I squirm and you hold me in place. Your thick finger is penetrating me now and I sigh, not wanting it but loving it just the same. My cunt is on fire now, involuntary I impale my greedy slit on your fat finger. Pushing back and forth, I ride your finger, trying to get it to rub my clit.

Now you deprive me of the pleasure, my pussy is empty and I am dripping on the rug.
I can tell how hard you are for me; how you must be ready to explode me at any second, and I know you see how slick and ready I am ready for you to you to fill me and give me the fucking I crave. Instead, you toy with me a little, running two fingers along my needy slit while your thumb circles and teases my clit. I want to scream at you, to hurry up and fuck me, but when I open my mouth, all I can do is gasp with pleasure and the urge to scream passes. I moan loudly instead.

My anger has fading, replaced with lust and I grip the back of the couch tightly for support as my knees wobble and threaten to give way. Now, I can feel your engorged cock rubbing in my slit, my pussy lips gliding alone the slimy wet sides of your cock, the bulbous head bumping the tip of my clit. I arch up but your hand still holds me in place. You are in charge. I want more, I am willing now, you are not raping me, we are fucking, omg I want your cock in me.

Your fingers tease and spread my pussy lips, but you will not push them all the way in. I begin bucking my hips, trying to force your fingers into my cunt; trying to make myself cum on your fingers if you will not let me cum on your cock. I grab for your cock and try to stroke it, but you swat my hand away. I thought you felt like you might burst when I touch you, and with the way you are torturing me I would not mind making you cum in my hand as payback. Is that why you stopped me? Do you think I would make you cum too fast? Alternatively, do you just enjoy torturing me with pleasure?

Your probing fingers have hit my G-spot, and I am on the proverbial edge, I am about to cum when suddenly you stop. You push away from me, leaving me propped on the back of the couch, seething with the fire of lust and frustration burning in my cunt and soul. You lick my juices off your fingers, taunting me, you fucker!

Now you kick my feet farther apart, I am splay wide and exposed to you and your thick, rigid cock is sliding between my ass cheeks. With two fingers in my cunt, you pull me towards you and remove your fingers. You guide your cock to my pussy opening and I feel the pressure of you entering my cunt, your bulging glans is stretching my tight hole, a hole your cock has not been in for month now. You are not gentle, a violent thrust, a burst of searing pain in my pussy and your thick rod burying itself in my cunt, and I can feel your balls on my lips. My cunt grips your prick, welcoming it home like a long lost lover.

The nectar of my cunt is spurting out as you pummel my wet, pink pussy. Shrieking I am shrieking and shoving my hips back to meet your savage thrusts taking all the cock I can get from you. I bear down as hard as I can on my cunt muscles. If that is the way you want it, I will make you struggle to give me every fucking inch of your cock. You grunt as you force your way into me, and fucking me making me squeal. Good. This pussy is yours but if you want it, now I am going to make you work for it.

With one hand in the small of my back, you grasp my hips with the other, using your leverage, you stuff a few more inches into me. I moan aloud, finally beginning to feel the fullness that I have been yearning for and needing all month night. I was feeling good thinking that I could resist you a bit, but you claimed my G-spot with your last thrust, and made me cum — it is not the biggest orgasm I will have tonight, but it does sends spasms through my cunt.

With my muscles quivering out of my control, and my hot juices flowing and squelching out though the tight seal around your shaft, you are now filling the entire depth of my pussy in one strong thrust. However, you do not; you hold very still until my orgasm ends, why? Do I have you so excited that if you move you will explode? I would love to make you cum before you can take my whole cunt; you deserve it for the torture you have been inflicting on me. On the other hand, are you just letting me calm down so you can start pushing me to another orgasm?

As I regain control, I growl like a lioness in heat and clamp down as hard as I can on your cock, looking back at you with sensuality and defiance. You slowly withdraw until just the tip of your cock in me while I squeeze as hard as I can to trap you inside; you see my pussy lips stretching wide, dragging along with your shaft, reluctant to give it up. I whimper with need while you caress my ass and pause before renewing your efforts. I plant my hands on the couch l and try to push back against you, to impale myself again.
You back up enough to deny my prize for a few seconds, but at least now that my arms are bracing against the couch, I have a little room to move. I smile and squirm at the end of your cock, ready to give back as good as I get. Beads of sweat glisten on the tanned skin of my back, and my massive jugs hang free, jiggling every time I try to wriggle and thrust back onto your cock. I feel you grasp my hips again, and I smile to myself in anticipation.

When you begin, again you take me hard; you take me fast. You were always a snug fit for me, but with the way you have my legs and the way I was squeezing, it feels as if I am too small to take you. I cry out through clenched teeth and close my eyes as you stuff me so full I feel ready to burst. I know now that you were not just teasing me when you were fucking slowly and only taking a few more inches with each thrust — you were giving me time to adjust.

I feel your hips pressing against my ass, but you have not quite hit my deepest parts yet. Now you give each of my legs a little kick to spread them a bit; I catch the hint and open my legs wide for you. Now you can sheath yourself all the way to the hilt. I groan as you bottom out and giving me, a few more firm thrusts; it feels like your probing to see if I can stretch any farther. You pause with your cock buried fully inside me, having taken every inch of my pussy for yourself, while I use the break to catch my breath. You know I am ready when I begin rolling my hips and fucking myself on your cock. You begin again, matching my rhythm with slow, passionate strokes now; the anger seems to be fading. My huge tits bounce and jiggle with our fucking; I gasp as you lean forward to grab them, one in each hand. I feel your chest against my back as you grope and squeeze my tits. I moan and fuck back faster as you pinch my nipples. I love this feeling of closeness and fullness, but I can tell that hunching over my back is not a comfortable position for you, so I control my panting enough to gasp.

"Let me stand up, sugar, help me stand up."

Crushing my tits and steadily pumping my pussy, you help pull me into a standing position. Goodness, I love to fuck standing up. I do not know why, I just do. I guess it is because most of the time I am lying down, or I am riding a partner who is lying down or sitting. Fucking while standing in the middle of the floor always makes me feel like I am breaking the rules a little. I know it is not naughty, but it makes me feel naughty and I love to feel naughty.

I try to turn my head to kiss you, but cannot reach, so I twist my body halfway and hook one arm behind your neck. I kiss you passionately while you continue stuffing my hungry cunt full of cock. You lift one of my legs, hooking your arm under my knee to support me, and spreading me wide open and impaling me on your full length. You free hand goes to working my clit, and I throw my head back in ecstasy. I do not care if I am loud. I do not care if the people in the next room hear. I do not care if they kick us out of the apartment, or arrest us for causing a public nuisance. I want to howl loud enough that every woman in the city hears and wishes she were in my place right now.

The orgasm is a big one, and earthquake that starts in the deepest part of my cunt and rocks through my whole body, leaving my legs trembling. I can tell that you feel it too since you stop moving. You must be close; this one might set you off if you do not hold still. With my limbs quivering, I cannot stand up anymore, so I try to plant my hand on the wall, but unsteady as I am I slip. You are able to slip a hand under my bunched up skirt and slow my fall enough that I do not hurt myself, but I still fall to the floor. You ride me all the way down, your cock never slipping out of me. As I calm down I can tell that you're close to cumming by the sound of your husky breathing — I'm amazed you've lasted this long.

I am on my knees with my face on the ground and my ass high in the air. I cannot move very well in this position, and you have got me pinned, but you are grunting and you are holding as still as possible inside me, so I can tell that I have you where I want you. You are going to cum for me soon; I just have to push you over the edge.

"Fuck me, sugar. Give me your cum! Give your little slut her cum!"

That was all the encouragement you need to cut loose. Directly above me, and you begin fucking straight down into my cunt. Your strokes are fast and deep as you bash me like a jackhammer. I spur you on wriggling my ass, rolling my hips and squeezing my cunt around your girth as I try to milk the cum out of you. I want to cum one last time, so I work my clit furiously with one hand while I play with my nipple with the other. I want to cum with you, and I can tell I will need to cum quickly.

You hit the point of no return a second before me, and pull out to shoot your load on me. My own orgasm follows as I feel your hot seed spatter across my back and ass, staining my ruined skirt.
You seem spent when you pull your softening cock from my ravaged fuck-hole. I stretch out on the floor and smile contentedly as you walk over to the couch to lie down. I could go to the bedroom now, but I see your soft cock still glistening with the juices of our fucking. It would not be right for me to leave just after making such a mess of such a beautiful cock, now would it.

I crawl to the couch on hands and knees, and take you into my mouth, my tongue circling your cock as I lick you clean. As I lick and suck on your balls, I take your soft cock in my hand. I catch a glimpse of our face and you look satisfied, but the awakening prick in my hand is telling me a different story. I could go to bed now, but your cock is hardening in my mouth. In addition, after a fuck like that I would hate myself if I did not try for another one.

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