Annaliese and Keir Part 1

The all girls school faded into the distance as we drove away. The enormity of the place no longer intimidated me. I was dropped at the door of the school at the age of eight, easily forgotten by my newly wed father.

My mother died when I was born from the difficult birth of me. I was premature and a very weak and sickly kid. I remember quite clearly how my father glared at me with hatred, often letting me know my part in the death of the love of his life.

I grew up in the school, my father sparing no expense in keeping me away from him. He needed the publicity of having such a well educated daughter, he is a politician. On occasion, I would see a carefully placed news crew or photographer in my peripheral vision.

I heard I was being placed in some news feeds like I was with him often, yet I haven't seen my father since the day he watched me get into the hired cab that took me to the airport, hired help escorting me to the prison I grew up in.

Now at the age of eighteen I am free to go, but being penniless I must go to a different torment. My father passed a few years back and I just now found this out. The tears running down my pale cheeks aren't in grief, no, they are in fear. What is to become of me?

I pulled back my straight blonde hair and put a band in it, I rubbed at my large blue eyes to rid them of the moisture still lingering, finally after grabbing my one bag I push in on the cab door with my generous hip.

I walked slowly to the door of a strange residence I just learned of. The address was handed to me and I was placed into the large black automobile that I just exited. My nerves had the better of me so I stood and waited for my breath to calm, allowing the cold wind to bite into my exposed legs.


I watched her from the window of my upstairs room. Her ponytail and falling tendrils whipping in the wind, her skin flushing from the cold. My cock stiffens in my slacks.

I sip from my wineglass while I watch her struggle with her decision. Should she approach the door? Why yes, Annaliese, you should. I chuckled to myself at the ill fitting uniform she probably wore for several years now, it is terrible. A stiff worn blazer of blue and a fading knee length skirt that looked a bit snug around her luscious hips.

I was torn between relieving the lust right here and rescuing her from the cold. I sighed and placed the now empty glass down and turned to go downstairs.


My eyes were taken in my surroundings when the door opened up the steps in front of me. A tall casually dressed man stepped onto the top step of the porch. He stood with his hands in his pockets and just stared at me with a dark hooded gaze, his eyes seemed almost black. His wavy black hair fluttered in the wind.

He has to be the largest man I have ever seen. His shoulders were wide and his legs long, with his hands in his pockets, his thighs were powerfully thick. When my gaze drew back up I saw a slow devilish looking grin spread across his face.

My body started quaking from nerves and my breath stopped, all of a sudden everything went hazy and black and I felt myself fall to the ground in a heap, my head bouncing off the brick drive.


"Fuck!" My smile fell from my lips and I stood stunned. When I saw her head bounce off the drive I flew down the steps.

When I had her inside on the bed in her newly furnished room, I pressed a wet warm cloth to her head. The blood flow from the knot finally stopped. When Kember, my housekeeper, came in with the ice pack, I switched the cloth for the pack.

Anna's eyes finally peeked up at me and when they registered, her breath started coming fast and her eyes filled with fear. She started to sit up and fell back from the pain.

"Anna, stay still. What is wrong with you? Standing in the cold for thirty minutes with those thread bare clothes, isn't a wise thing. You are frozen solid." Once he mentioned her state, Kember started rubbing the young girls bare feet and warming them, she mumbled about foolish children in her motherly voice.

Anna's confused face was pink from the cold and she shivered. She swatted away the cold compress. I chuckled, "Okay, enough cold. How about we get you some hot chocolate." I look up to Kember, she smiled sweetly and turned to go back down stairs.

I turn back to the vision of my fantasies, "Now that we are alone, I am going to quickly give you the rundown." Her large eyes stared up at me and my cock stiffened from the fear in them. The perfect submissive.

He squatted by the bed and she continued to look at the ceiling. "Your father passed from poor health. I am sorry you weren't informed of this two years ago, but I highly doubt you cared. He was a monstrous man, he mentally tormented my mother till she became a shell of the women I knew before."

I stood and started pacing the room and continued softly, "I guess you could call me your stepbrother, but since I haven't personally met you before now, I will just say we are new acquaintances. Especially for the reasons I brought you here." I turned and glared upon the shifting beauty in the bed.

I feel my mouth drop open when I see the white cotton bit of her panties when her legs shift up so she can curl into a ball. My arms and legs start tingling from the growing lust. I shake my head and sigh.

Reaching down I pull the comforter over her. "Don't fear me, Anna, I will not hurt you. I only want to provide for the young lady that was forgotten many years ago." I smiled kindly. I hated lying to her, what I wanted to do is force her to submit to me now.

"You will be living here. This is your room, and if you wish to change it, I will be pleased to endure the expense." I smile and reach to run my hand over her soft silky hair, I just can't not touch her. Her shivering got stronger. I felt a coldness inside from a familiar feeling.

"Has someone hurt you, Anna?" My voice suddenly cold. Her eyes cut from mine and she closed them.


I open my eyes to look up at Kier. "Please, I wish to be alone. I am tired." I took a deep breath and hope to relieve him of his suspicion. "I just never knew of many men, and I feel quite uncomfortable now." I looked up into his eyes and see that my excuses haven't eased his cold curiosity.

Our eyes don't part until the kind older lady returned with a tray. He placed his hands in his pocket and she looked up when he spoke. "Get some rest, Anna, we shall finish the conversation tomorrow." Then he turned to leave.

Kember places a large table tray at my lap when I sit up at her request. She places a large napkin around my neck. I am stiff from the kindness. I have never experienced this kind of treatment, ever. "Thh..thh thank you, Ms. Kember."

"Just Kember, dear. I will start you a nice bath to soak in while you enjoy your dinner. I am sure the long trip home was quite trying." She walked away and I stared at the bounty of food before me.

I have never eaten so grand. I dug into the soup and bread, next the cheeses and fruits. The roasted chicken was juicy and hot, burning my fingers. I cleaned the tray and my stomach suddenly cramped. I pushed aside the tray and ran to the bathroom I made it to the toilet in time to empty its contents.

Kember grabbed at my hair and wiped my face with a cloth. "Oh, sweetie you must have been so hungry. You ate entirely too fast." She helped me up and reached to undo my jacket. I slapped away her hands.

"Thank you, Kember. I am sorry, I am so tired, I don't mean to be so temperamental. I will be fine. I just want to take a bath and get some sleep." I looked to her hopefully and smiled.

She bought my excuse and promised to leave a soft gown on my bed and a glass of water on the night stand. I half listened to her and sent to undress and slide into the water as quick as the door shut.

I drifted in and out in the cooling tub. My fading bruises were still sore and the bath eased my aches. The abuse was always hidden in places where no one would notice, not that they looked.

I sighed, hoping that this was the end and hopefully when my absence was noticed at the school, that he would not come looking for me. Surely he knew that I would not be there forever.

I used to think that Carl was sent by my father, whom hated me, to torment me from the beginning. It started out small but the abuse got worse and worse and escalated to much crueler maltreat. I shivered, remembering the last time the art teacher had me at his mercy.

The warm towel on the sink wasn't there earlier. I look over to the door and see it slightly open. I shake my head slowly. I must have left it open, even if I didn't Kember had no way of seeing the bruises when I was submerged in bubbles.


I peeked into her room and saw she was snoring in a soft husky pur that stirred my desire. I softly shut her door and left to seek out Kember before she retired.

Kember was putting away leftovers when I made it into the kitchen. "Kember, I wish to speak with you."

She poured us each a scotch and we moved to go into the seating area in the den. She sunk her large frame into her favorite chair, groaning about middle age and menopause, and I smiled.

This women raised me from childhood and I loved her dearly. Her short gray hair and rosy flushed face looked grim and my smile fell. "What is it, Kember?" I knew she was regretting what she was going to have to say.

"Keir, I want you to stay calm and listen, there could be a perfectly good reason but I am not certain..." She looked away.

"Kember! Damn it, woman. Get to the point, please. You are scaring me." I stood and started pacing.

She asked me softly to sit. She would not speak until I calmed, a technique she always used when I had my temper tantrums as a kid. Finally I rolled my eyes and sat opposite her, leaning forward with my elbows on my knees, trying and failing to look calm.

She shook her head and started, "Annaliese would not let me help her undress for her bath, I respected her, but only offered because she got sick after eating." Before I could interrupt she raised her hand to stop me, "Now Keir, let me finish." She said sternly.

"She had ate way too fast. Judging from her shape I believe she was fed at school, but the quality of the food must have been terrible. I just gave her the basics; chicken, fruit, cheeses, soup, and bread. I wasn't sure what she would want so I brought a variety."

My patience was wearing thin and I believe she saw this, waving her hand at me to stay calm. She sighed heavily and shrugged, "Like I said she ate quickly, every single bite. She quickly vomited it all out ,understandably, so I helped her start a bath and was going to help her in." Kember paused to sip from her glass.

She started up again, "She asked me for privacy so I left to leave her to prepare her bed. I had forgotten to leave her a warm bath towel so I returned quietly so I wouldn't disturb her. As Anna sunk into the bath I saw red marks and fading bruise on her thighs and back." Kember sobbed into her fist.

I stood and went to Kember, offering her comfort. My mind reeling, anger rising and my thoughts were everywhere. "What kind of life must she had endured, Keir?" She asked while blubbering into the handkerchief I handed her. "She is such and innocent, what shall we do? Should we call in a doctor, Keir?" She looked at him, pleading.

I stood to kneel at Kember's feet. "I will look into this, but we must give her privacy and you can watch her carefully. I would believe that she would ask if she wanted medical care, Kember."

"I am going to have the school investigated. If there is harm coming to the young women there, it's best to do this quietly so we won't bring worse harm to them. Now I have a few requests to ask of you." I turned to my long trusted friend and gave her instructions on Anna's behalf.


Searching around I was stomping my feet in frustration when my bag did not turn up. What was I expected to wear? I sat on the bed and my thoughts were whirling with confusion when the door opened. I pulled the sheets around me when I saw it was Keir.

"Good morning, Anna. You look rested, do you wish to come down now? It is almost noon." He said smartly. His smile mischievous, looking at my dilemma with humor in his eyes. "What is the problem? What's with the frown, love?"

"Please, call me Anna, not love." She says sternly. "I don't know you. Why must you tease me? Where is my bag? I can't change, till I have my bag." She pulled the sheet even tighter around her.

"I burned it. No more of those rags for you, Anna. If we are to be housemates I can't have you dressing like a school girl. You are now a woman and you must dress like one." He turned to motion to the door on his left. "Your closet is stocked with everything you need. And if you haven't noticed, so is your bathroom." He walked to the door to leave, "Hurry along, lunch is almost ready."

Once he left I paced with anger for several minutes. The loss of my mothers necklace had me distraught. How could he? The clothes meant nothing to me but the one thing I had of hers and he took it from me. I fell to the floor in sobs. After I was all cried out I went to the closet and opened it.

It was enormous; the walls were draped with racks of clothing, shoe racks filled with colorful heels and comfortable shoes, and upon opening small drawers I found colorful underthings, and lastly I tall chest full of jewelry and watches.

The top of the chest, as I opened it, made me cry out. My mothers necklace was carefully displayed. I smiled and ran my finger along the gold chain. I carefully removed it and placed it over my head and let it fall between my breasts. I carefully undressed and put on a soft white dress and a pink sweater. After sliding on flats I made my way down to find Keir.


After sitting for five minutes, waiting for her to arrive I decided to pour a glass of wine and nibble on my lunch. I have a good mind to make her go without but after knowing of her poor treatment I couldn't bring myself to do this.

I stood quickly as she walked in. Her hair was pulled tightly back into a bun and she wore one of the outfits I knew she would turn to upon arrival. I shook my head and complimented her anyway. "Anna, you look beautiful. Come lets get started. You're lucky the lunch is a cold one." I looked at her sternly, but with a slight smile. I must make her trust me.

We ate in silence for the duration of the meal but once finished I stood to move our plates to the sink. When she started to rise I shook my head and she sat back down. This stirred me, her obedience.

"Now Anna, I am a patient man but you will answer the question I asked you last night. You shall not be afraid any longer. No harm will come to you, I will be your protector from here on out." I waited patiently.

She smiled and lightly pat my hand. "Keir, no harm came to me. I just don't care to be touched. It is something I am unused to. Please be patient with me. I have to get used to the luxuries of adulthood." Her smile seemed genuine but I was still unsure.

"Come let's walk in my garden. I want to hear all about your future goals. What you wish to accomplish." I held out my hand, with a daring look in my eye.

My eyebrows flew up when she placed her hand in mine. To my disappointment, she withdrew it once I opened the door to exit into the garden. Baby steps, I tell myself. I have a great plan forming in my mind as I allow her to softly speak her goals on becoming a music teacher.


My nap lasted way too long to join Keir and Kember for dinner. I was relieved that Kember left a note for me to go to the kitchens. My dinner was carefully placed in the oven to stay warm. Kember left every evening at eight, she says, and I would probably be left for the night when Keir usually went to events. She had told me earlier not to worry there would always be security on guard.

After eating the pasta she left for me I decided to taste the wine that I saw Keir drinking earlier. My heart raced as I looked around. I was clearly alone. I went to the sideboard and poured a glass of the red liquid and sipped it slowly. I filled it to the rim. It took a few sips till I could adjust to the taste.

I sat at a chair and decided to read some of the book I saw him with earlier. I sat down the glass after a hefty sip and picked up the novel. After a few pages my breathing grew shallow and I sat on the edge of my seat my eyes tearing over the pages fast. The action and adventure of the story consumed me. I finished the glass of wine and decided on another, which was also filled to the rim.

I was halfway through the book when the hall doors flew open. I tossed the book aside and hid behind the drapes. I heard giggling and moaning. I peeked from behind the drapes.


Sophia was playfully swatting at my hands as we entered the house. Her luscious curves where my target. My cock was at full mast. Her hair was long and blonde, her eyes weren't quite the color I hoped for, but her curves where on target. I pulled her into the house thinking to take her upstairs to give my Anna a show and lesson on submissive behavior. I saw a fluttering of the dens curtains and noticed a half glass of wine and my book thrown to the floor. Perfect.

I watched from my peripheral, Anna's shoes shifting from foot to foot under the drapes. She finally settled. I grabbed Sophia and kissed her with new hunger. After a few moans and whispers I stood tall, "Sophia, on your knees." I said deep and stern.

She lowered to her knees and lowered her eyes to my feet, her hands on her knees. "Take out my cock." I run my hands in her hair with gentle care.

I met Sophia when I was twenty after I obsessed with the knowledge of Anna's existence. Jack, Anna's father, never spoke of her for the years I knew him. Of course my mother knew but was sworn to not speak of it.

My obsession grew strong and my sex life grew frustrating. The pictures I saw of Anna in the press and in magazines, of the life Jack fabricated, had me wanting to protect her. Eventually her innocence became a sexual fantasy of mine and I felt ashamed, till now.

When I met Sophia I saw a resemblance and so my dominant personality was manifested. Sophia, in the beginning was hesitant, but once she found the pleasures and luxuries I could bestow upon her she became my number one submissive, for there where others, but she was my go to girl.

Sophia looked up to me. "Baby, focus, I want to pull you out of the pressures and give you the freedom." She chuckled huskily and deep throated my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and moaned in pleasure. Before she could finish me I pulled her away, "Sit on the couch and raise your skirt, baby, I am hungry."

She dropped her panties and posed the way I requested. I kneeled before her and opened her wide. My tongue artfully traced her folds. This was out of my norm, but she did not comment on it. I teased and fucked her with my tongue bringing her to the edge over and over, but not letting her fall. I eventually let her fall, her screams filling the air and when she was limp from the play I stood over her stroking my cock.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a condom. I sheathed myself and fell to my knees in front of her. I pulled her to the edge and pushed her legs up straight, she crossed her legs. Her generous ass displayed as well as her pretty bare pussy.

I teased her clit with the head of my throbbing cock. After I saw I had her on edge I sunk slowly in and moaned my pleasure. I stalled and peeked over to see Anna watching, then I started pounding Sophia's sweet cunny with my cock. Her moans of pleasure filled the air and she chanted my name as well as my favorite 'More!'

I closed my eyes and threw back my head. I lowered a bit to angle into her g-spot and that is when it got interesting. Sophia started screaming YES over and over till I roared out my pleasures. "FUCK YES BABY!!!"


I woke late, which did not matter. Even if Keir didn't see me, I just can't bring myself to face him this morning. Let him think I was a late sleeper. I had to wait for a half hour after the show in the den till he finally sent away his company and went to bed.

After ten minutes of waiting for his bedroom door shut, I got brave enough to go to my room and I realized it was after three in the morning. Five came before I could fall asleep, which isn't fair since he fell asleep quickly, judging from the snores coming from his room when I passed it last night.

Kember brought me fruit, a bagel and coffee soon after I woke and I was thankful she left me quick after, to my thoughts. I recalled dreams from my fitful sleep this morning, dreams of moans of pleasure and screaming for more. I found the events of last night and my dreams, to be quite confusing. So I got up to shower and dress. What more will I learn about Keir?

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