I slam my hands together on the mosquito that buzzes around my head. I have been sitting by this library for half an hour waiting for the one who sent the cryptic message. "Near countless words, the greatest happiness is recieved. Meet me..." Okay, but now what do i do?

The sun sets, and the automatic lights come on, illuminating a figure in the dark. I squint, not really seeing very well in the sudden light.
A voice, feminine, calls out. "A hall of knowledge is a perfect spot for the most carnal of acts."
The words confuse me. "Just what are you saying?"
She steps into the light, the black jacket and large brimmed hat hiding her face and features. "Do you read?"
Again I am confused. "Well, duh! Otherwise I wouldnt be here, right?"
A chuckle, odd for this situation, comes from under the hat. "I suppose so."
As she continues the approach, the sleeves of the coat start to move around in front of her, my vision shielded by darkness.
Their goal becomes clear as the jacket suddenly falls to the ground, revealing the figure of a woman who definately would be admired. Breasts that were incredibly sized, a stomach and waistline that melded together, and only a simple lace black bra and panties to hide them.
I instinctly step back, in shock and awe of this sudden sight. "What the fuck is this?"
The large brimmed hat comes off revealing its wearer, her brown hair flowing with the hats removal. The next light showed her brown eyes looking straight through me.
"Do you like what you see?" she asks, with obvious tones of desire.
The only concious thing i can do is nod. "Uh...yeah...very much..."
Now she is in front of me, her heaving chest only inches from mine. Her lips, ruby from the lipstick, get closer to me. "Would you like to see more?"
My head starts nodding before i can control it.
She smiles and sinks down, rubbing her hands all the way down my chest and belt line. Soon her hands rest on the growing bulge in front of her.
"Oh," she gasps, then snickers. "I am glad to see your enjoying this." All I can manage is a goofy smile.
She works the zipper slowly, and quickly my member pops out, semi-hard and quivering.
"My, my." she takes hold of it and slowly start moving her hands along the growing shaft. She only does this for a moment, as its hard almost instantly. She smiles, then licks her lips. My eyes lock to her.
She opens her lips and moves onto my cock, and closing around the shaft sends a shiver up my spine. But her slow work of my member has me mesmorized. She slowly moves along it, her tongue moving along with her, but on the sides and bottom, moving in almost a pattern.
I can only sigh as she keeps moving, her warm mouth feeling incredible along my shaft. When her mouth is removed from my cock do I look back and see why.
She sits me down on a nearby bench seat and moves in between my legs. Then she moves behind her and the bra falls away, her massive breasts bouncing free. She takes them in her hands and engulfs my cock with the largest cleavage line I had ever seen outside of a porn mag. She presses them together, and slowly moves them up and down, all this time with a smile on her face. It didnt bother me, all I knew was I was getting a great titty fuck from a girl I hardly knew.
She kept her breasts pushed together, but now with her forearms, leaving her hands up. She even gamely tries to lick the head of my cock as it appears and disappears in between her tits. But my cock barely peeks out of them and she gets her tits more often, leaving red kiss prints all over them.
She finally releases my cock and stands up. I sigh, thinking this has been the greatest thing, and if she leaves now, i still would remember it forever.
But after opening my eyes do I see otherwise.
Her butt is now hovering almost at eye level, wiggling at me. Her pussy is also visible, the simple glisten of moisture shining in the dim light.
"Uh...." is the only thing I can say to it.
"You wanna lick me, or just stick it in me?" Shes now on the bench seat, kneeling down, teasing me with her sight and smell.
All I could see now was my face moving in and engulfing her pussy in my mouth. She lets out a happy squeal, then giggles as my tongue moves along her wet lips and presses in. I can feel her warmth, and my tongue goes immediately to work licking up and down her pussy, my hands latching onto her tight butt. She giggles and squeals under my touch, and my tongue finally finds its target. It flicks her clit and she tries to stifle a screech. My hands play with her buttcheeks as tongue and clit begin a dance, each moving around the other. She pounds one hand into the bench seat, moaning and giggling.
"Please! I'm on fire! Please fuck me! I need it so bad!" Any sign of her well taught speak goes out the window in one lust driven blurt.
But I didnt really comprehend it then. I just wanted to fuck her too.
I get on my knees on the bench, and line up my cock with her pussy, not wanting to waste a moment. She senses me closing in, and reaches under, spreading her pussy wide with her fingers. It becomes too much to bare, and I thrust forward, burying my cock in her in one hard motion.
She throws her head back in esctacy, moaning and panting, giving up her cool control.
My movements start becoming fast, as my body learches feeling her warm wetness engulf me again. Her pussy even tightens around me, and all I can do is fuck her, in and out, loving her pussy.
Her hips even keep bucking back, her lips whispering "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me" in time with each thrust.
One thrust back causes my cock to pop out. She takes the opportunity to roll over on her back, legs now splayed. I cant control my lust and just pound back into her.
My humping, or her ragged breath, causes her massive tits to start bouncing. My eyes lock on to them, and my hands begin their approach.
They latch on, and instinctively start working her nipples and massaging the large mammaries. She can only pant and moan, as her pussy and tits get the mauling that she was longing for so long.
The fucking kept up, me lost in the feeling of her warm pussy around me and her, lost in the desires that had built up for so long.
Soon, the familiar feelings began again, like they did when I looked at the porn mags...
"UH! I'm gonna..." My breath makes it hard to say, but she knows immediately. She gets off my cock, drops to the ground and gets between my legs again. "I wanna feel your cum on my tits!"
She wraps my shaft back in her massive breasts, now slick with her pussy juices. This doesnt stop her as she starts tit-fucking me again, now more intent on the tip of my cock.
"AH! OH FUCK!" The massive orgasm sweeps over me and I launch a huge load of spunk up in the air. She squeals, feeling it splash against her face and tits, while each shot covers her tits and cleavage in white.
I barely feel the shivers in my cock, but definately on my legs as she slips back, her tits bouncing off my crotch.
"I dont believe i just came from having cum on me." She looks down, seeing the wet marks all over her tits and running down her stomach. "Incredible." She runs her hands along her tits, spreading the cum all over them.
She stands, retrieves her bra and starts walking away.
I raise my voice in protest. "Hey! Wait! Who are you?"
She pick up the jacket and hat, returning both to cover her naked frame, the bra being thrown over her shoulder to my feet. "It's Carmen. And I know I will see you again."
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