Anything for a friend!
Why did I agree to do this thought Jen. I could think of so many other ways to spend this beautiful day. But when my best friend called crying, with children screaming in the background I felt I had to help her. I have no free time to help my father move she explained, could you help?
I doubt she has time to do much I thought to myself, what with such a big blended family.

Carla has been my friend since childhood and I felt the despair in her voice.
I'm not your father's favorite person Carla, how is that going to be? He'd always blamed me for his daughters wayward teenage years claiming me to be a 'bad influence'. Don't worry Jen, I'm sure he is over all that and I'll explain its a favor for me.

That settled, I sit at home enjoying my coffee before leaving to help Mr. Personality. Old blue jeans, old t-shirt, and shorts just in case.
Driving across town I notice the blue water and trees budding, flowering lilacs intoxicating the air with their sweet fragrance. Families out in the spring Sun almost giddy to be out after such a long winter.

I arrive at the new home, U-haul in the driveway waiting to be unpacked. It's a much smaller home but then again how much room does a judgemental old man need? Ok, ok promising to keep my mouth shut.

Entering the doorway I reaquaint myself with Sam, Carlas dad as nicely as I can. His 6' frame and a few extra pounds loom over me. Thanks he mumbles with a sneer. Over here is Tom, picked him up at the coffee shop, down on his luck but strong enough to work make a few bucks.
Looking over I gasp to see this man. He is tall, muscles straining through his shirt but with cold eyes. The cold silent type.

The morning quickly passed while I organized and put things away. The men carried in the heavy furniture. For lunch I picked up pizza and beer and we settled in the new front room, sectional sofa, ottoman, comfy.

They took no time in drinking the beer at all and started to loosen up a bit. Sam turned to muscles and said this here is the slut that got my daughter on the wrong path for a while. She turned her life around but (pointing at me) don't bet slut here did. But you didn't have no Daddy did you? No one to set you straight. He grins when he says it to me and I can't help but roll my eyes.
Seeing this angers him. You never learn do you? Well bout time you do. Get over here.
No way am I going near....before the thought even finishes he's grabbed me and pushed me over his lap. You little whore you show some respect....slap....his hand across my ass stings...slap...ouch stop Sam please....No I've had enough of your teasing slut....his hand lowers my silk shorts to my bare ass...slap slap slap ow Sam please no spite of the stinging I feel myself getting warm in my pussy....did you learn anything yet? Yes I'm your daddy...slap...Mmmm yes daddy. He can feel my wetness on his leg. I think you like that slut...What else do you like? I like to suck a big hard cock and I take his pants down and he is hard as a rock as I take the whole thing in my mouth hitting the back of my throat...sucking hard tasting pre fun he forces me off and my pussy impaled his hard shaft I am moaning in pleasure pulling and rubbing my nipples grinding then I feel muscles next to me breathing hard and stroking his cock...I take it my hand pulls him to my mouth licking the head teasing him and he pushes my head down until I'm gagging but recover and he guided my head up and down until yes bitch swallow my cum. Sam flips me over and fucks me so hard I'm screaming in a pillow but he pulls out and cums on my ads making me rub it in.

I am still so wet I'm writhing on the sofa holding my tits and I ask please eat me please...muscles obliges me and with one arm moves my entire body putting his face to my cunt. He teases my clit and plunges his tongue deep tasting my sweetness I wrap my legs around him and ride his face while Sam takes turns sucking my tits and is a feeling beyond words and soon I am screaming in ecstasy fingering myself and cum on muscles face....coming up to my face he makes me lick his clean of my juices.

Then muscles takes me from behind fucking me hard...Yes yes yes fuck me fuck me like the slut I am he thrusts pulling my hair one hand on my neck the anger coming out until he cums and my pussy is dripping with his cum and my pussy juices, face and ass covered with cum collapsing on sweaty hard bodies.
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