Apodyopsis: The Act of Mentally Undressing Someone

I watched her walk into the room as she owned it. The woman was 5ft. 9in tall full figured and wearing a red dress that just loved her curve s. With the creamy skin, large blue eyes and wavy waist-length black hair all accented with a killer smile from full ruby red lips, she had every man and a few of the women looking at her. I happened to have followed her into to the restaurant, or rather I followed shapely heart shaped ass into the restaurant. Hell, I would have followed her anywhere with that ass. When I saw the rest, I started to walk up to her and give her all of my worldly goods until I saw that she was married or rather figured it out after she punched out the guy who was with a woman that was half her body size.

My Goddess didn't spare the woman a glance she kept all of her rage on the man. Nothing like getting knocked down by a woman who takes the time to curse you out while she is doing it. I watched as my Goddess left the restaurant after telling her hubby, soon to be ex that she would be seeing him in court on her way out the door. She existed in a hypnotic sway of red covered hips and a cape of black hair keeping time. Damn that woman had my dick up!

Following her out of the restaurant after hanging around long enough to see the hubby get up off the floor with the help of his date and a waiter holding his jaw, I walked behind her as she cleared a path with rage and sex. She made a move to cross the street and almost got hit, but the car stopped when she put her four-inch heel encased foot on the bumper and told the guy she was walking there. I could only laugh as she held up traffic. When she was sure, she had the man's attraction my Goddess put her leg down after showing and an excellent expansion of leg to thigh. Again she set off in a sway of red covered hips and flowing black hair. Did I say that this woman looked from the front as well? Her face well flawless and her chest... she had me imaging her nurse our kids from those tits!

I followed her anger swaying ass to Carton hotel where she went to the bar and took a seat after ordering a double scot. Then downing the drink in one gulp! The few patrons who were present looked on in horror, and admiration of her drinking ability and her present. This woman was hot, sensual and so alive and I knew that I just had to be where she was. I watched as she walked out to the elevator and went up. I quickly find found out that she had used her husband's credit card to book a suite on the top floor. I did the same and went up to wait.

That son of a bitch! How dare he think that I wouldn't find out? As I stormed out of the restaurant after knocking the shit of him in from of his latest, I started to tell her about the other one, but I figure she needed to go through finding out just like I had. Maybe she will be smarter than me and not marry the ass! As I strutted my happy-anger-but-still-happy red-silk-covered-ass-way from that scene, I decide to check into my favor hotel and this time get a suite on the top floor the one with the pool and charge it to him along with endless room service.

I had noticed him as he sat there at the table across from my hubby and his latest looking cool and calm as I handed my hubby his ass, taking in the whole scene with a slightly interested air. He was an older man disguised looking and yet remote somehow. Not sure why but he interested me, and he if had spoken, and I could have gotten past my anger. Well too late now, I thought I as stormed up to my hotel room in the penthouse suite. Yes, the Penthouse! That piece of shit hubby of mine had stayed here with some woman a few months ago, so I figure it was my turn now. After having a good cry and a call to my lawyer, I decided to go for a swim in the indoor pool that was part of the suite amenities. Not caring that I hadn't bought a swimsuit with me I stripped down to my skin. Leaving a trail of lace and silk behind and boldly strolled into the pool area naked. Once there I was speechless as the area was covered from floor to ceiling with glass allowing for a breathtaking view of the city skyline at night. I found myself standing naked to the world in front of one of those windows looking. Then wondering who could see me, a woman of middle age, full figured plus now having to start her life over after finding who she thought was the life in love with someone else...himself. On that last bit, I had to smile if those it felt like pieces of glass. Moving among the large green plants that had been planted to give some sense of privacy I approached the pool and again I was in awe. The pool not a full Olympic size pool but was like a circular blue jewel among the greenery and sitting areas that surround it. Hidden lights from above and from among the greenery and the stars at night were only light. I slid into the water feeling it coolness dampen my rage temper and caress my skin. I swam around in the pool that was 6ft deep in the middle letting the water and the rhythm of me moving my body take me into a trance.

I stood in the shadows of the dimly light room watching her. I almost gave myself away when she first came into the pool area. All that I had to imagine was nothing compared to what was standing in front of my eyes. Her body was the curves, valleys, and planes of and mature woman. Her dark hair encircled her upper body like dark silk cloud accenting her large dark eyes full lips and ample mauve nipples. Letting my eyes travel down the rest of her body as she walked past where I was sitting among the plants to stand naked in the floor to ceiling window for the entire world to see, I noticed the matching dark patch of curls coving her mound and I wanted to run my fingers through them. Touch their silkiness and to dip my fingers in between the fold of her sex and find the pearl within. Damn this woman is making wax poetically, and no one has ever done that. As I watched her swim effortlessly from around the pool, my trouser tighten to the point that I wish that I had discarded them like had my shirt then I would have been as naked as the beautiful dream in the pool. Wanting to join in but knowing this isn't the time and she was not the woman for a quickly of any kind. I decided to watch from where I was sitting my cock hard and dripping precum from its position against my stomach staining the front of my pants. Hell, my mouth was even watering for her! I wanted to lick the water from her skin and suck on those big tits, with those nipples that now had hardened and darken in color to a deep rose. Ok I wanted to fuck her until all she knew was my name and that the only hands should on her was mine. I could tell by the way she was swimming that her anger was still with her and even found that sexy. At this point I just wanted to quiet it by eating its fire, taking it into myself by any means that I could and then giving it back to her in a fucking that would rock both our worlds. Then she stopped swimming and stood up in the pool with her hands to her face and cried. At that moment I went from wanting to fuck her to wanting to kill him and then make love to her. I watched as she walked out of the pool and stood near the door leading to her suite. Her body was glowing softly in the ambient light with long her made more so by being weight wrap itself around her body, accenting the full breasts, rounded shoulders and pale oval face now devoid of makeup, making her look younger than her age. She stood by the door as if to go through then she stopped, and it let me know that she knew I was there. Not anyone else just me, the one who had stared her down before she confronted her husband, the one who had followed her from the restaurant to this hotel and was now waiting for her to let me in.

"What do you want...?"

I want to watch you take off your clothes; she said quietly almost a whisper that I had to strain my ears to hear.

She wanted to watch me take off my clothes. Ok, I thought but what else?.

"Ok what else," I said standing and strolling toward her from where I had been sitting.

No, don't come near me I... I... have my reason but I will stay naked if you do this for me. "Redress as I saw this afternoon and then we will talk, and you will take off your clothes," Then I am going to give you want you to crave, and I am going to get what I want.

"Where would you like for this to take place?" I asked feeling like my heart was going to leave my chest any second if I didn't put my hands on this woman.

"In my hotel room, in the next ten mins if you have the time ...

I have that time and more for whatever you want or need. You only have to ask, and it is yours, whispering to her with just the space of our mutual desire separating us.

She nods slowly and then without looking back she opened the door and walked through it leaving ajar for me to follow.

I went back and redressed as I had taken a shower before going out to the pool wearing only my suit, and like her, I had no other clothes.
Walking back into the pool area and I saw that the door leading to her suite was open. A thin beam of light was making its way through to join the ambient lighting around the pool. I quickly walked around the pool and without a thought cross the threshold closing the door behind me.

My God, it's him, he followed me from the restaurant! I had noticed him in spite of my rage when I entered. I was struck by his rawness and the way he looked at me. Then I walked up to my hubby and his latest and forgot the yummy fuck until I came up for air one time and was him. Knowing that my marriage was over and my hubby had fucked around with me one time too many so why I couldn't, I return the favor? One night one time only deal. I came up out of the water crying why I don't know, but I wasn't going to leave without extending the invite, but my way for him to cum and fuck me. He accepted, to my grateful surprise as I walked through the door to my suite I knew that, what would be becoming behind me was more than I had ever bargained for and to quote a famous movie. Frankly, I didn't give a Damn!

She was standing naked in front of the large floor to ceiling window letting all those in the next hotel or apartments see her in all of her glory. I stood there taking in the sight, admiring her round ass that was a beautiful bottom accent to her hourglass figure. I waited for her to make the next move, then after that, it was all my turn. She turned to face me now the light in the dark.
Alice, she said in a cultured voice with a slight southern accent.
I stood there looking at her knowing what to say but wanting to stretch out that moment. Every man who has ever been in the presence of the woman that they wanted would understand how I was feeling and I never wanted to end, but at some point, there must be a beginning.
Reynolds, I said and watched a smile light her face and then see the beginning of shyness as she lowered her head a little letting her drying hair fall on her face. I could feel her pulling back, and I wasn't having that, not now. I moved further into the room to stand within a few feet of her, and I started taking off my clothes that got her attention.
Wait, this is by my rules ok, she said pushing her hair nervously out of her to fall around her shoulder on her breasts.

Yes, I said unfastening my tie pulling it out the knot and dropping onto the floor at my feet.
Never taking her eyes off me, she walked over to a chair and took a seat. Crossing her legs, she looked at me with confidence that had not been there moments before. "I will tell you what I want when to take something off and other things," she said in a much stronger voice then I had heard from her since we spoke in the pool area.

Now, I ‘m assuming that every man as some point has stripped for a woman his or not, for some reason this seemed different, I stripping on a woman request...demand. This was nerve-racking and damn erotic. I stood there waiting feeling my cock growing harder with every second and knowing that when it came time to release it would fold out like a switchblade opening. At this point, I just nodded my reply.

Alice sat there, naked-looking me over at one point a smile appeared on her lips as her eyes took in my bulge in the front of my pants. Standing there I waited to hear what she would ask of me, and I didn't have to wait long.

"Take off your jacket and shirt and give them to me," Alice said leaning forward just a little to rest her hands on her knees and giving me an eye full of her large plump breasts.

My cock jumped in my pants and had me thinking that it was going to take out my zipper in the next minute, but I did what the lady asked. Slowly removing my jacket and gave it to Alice who, got up and went to the closet to get a hanger. Returning she sat and waited, as I took off my white button-down shirt, baring my chest.

"Wait, let me look at you," she said in a breathless whisper.
I stood there with my shirt in my hand as Alice came up to me. She was so close that I could feel her warm breathe against the skin of my chest. It made me want to things, but what I wanted right then was for her to put her mouth on me.

"I want to taste you," she whispered against the skin of left pectoral causing my nipple to tighten into a hard nub. Then she did it, Alice's warm lips rested against my nipple a second before sucking in between her lips. I stiffened when her tongue swirled around my nipple and then I all but came.

"No, you can't come yet...I have plans," Alice said as she looked up into my eyes letting me see her lust.

All I could do was smile and let the lady have her way. Alice started to suck on my nipple while holding my suit jacket between us. All I could do was stand there and moan in pleasure. When I thought that I could stand no more, Alice stepped back taking my jacket and shirt with her. I watched as she took her time putting both articles of clothing neatly on the hangers then laying them on the back of the sofa before retaking her seat. Leaving me...well, fucking hornier then I have ever been in my life. I realized then that with the removal of each piece of clothing, Alice would do something unforgettable to my body. Damn!
Reynolds had a swimmer's upper body, and it was beautiful. From the tanned skin smooth and tight over sculpture muscles from his inny navel surrounded by his six-pack abs. I found myself wanting to lick him to taste his skin, so I start with his nipples I sucked the left nipple into my mouth and held it there as I felt his body tense against my lips. Then I began to suck on his nipple swirling my tongue over it taught surfaces as I held his clothes between us like a barrier. I didn't know what this was going, no I did know but how far I was going to go would depend on when I got there. Releasing Reynolds from my mouth, I stepped back taking his clothes with me. Going to the closet, I got a few hangers and came back then I lovely draped his clothes on the hangers making sure that they wouldn't wrinkle. It was an insane move, but at this point, I didn't care. I retook my seat and looked at the man standing there in front of me half naked with his cock all but out of his pants. The sight of him was making my pussy ache and twitch in ways that it hadn't in years.
Take off your pants I said without thinking sitting in the chair with my legs spread wide playing with my pussy, patting like a kitten. I knew that I look like the Whore of Babylon at that moment I didn't care as I sat there watching a beautiful man strip for me preparing himself to be my...

Damn this woman was driving me mad! How in the hell could her husband cheat on her? He had to have known what she was...or did he? All this ran through my mind as I took off my pants letting them slide down my legs after getting them over my cock which was not tight hot and dripping precum. My cock was still under cover of my black silk boxers and bounced around as I took off my shoes then my sock and gave them to Alice who lovely hung up all of my clothes in the closet and put my socks in my Belucci 's. She then came back and stood in front of me as she looked first in my eyes and then down at my cock. Alice went to her knees in front of me almost eye level with my cock that was laying tight on my stomach now under it black silk covering. She then lifted her black curl head back and looked up at me as if I was giving her a present, something that she had always wanted but had never gotten...
Oh my God! I wanted what was under that silk. I wanted to hold, to stroke, and to taste it. Going to my knees in reverence, I looked up at Reynolds to thank him with my eyes as I was going to claim my present. Slowly with care, I pushed and pulled the finely made silk boxers down over his hips and cock down his muscular thighs to pool at his feet. Then I say back and look at his sex admiringly, before reaching up to stroke the thick promenaded vein that ran along the back of it from his balls to the mushroom head of his cock with the tip of my finger. Reaching its bulbous head, I rubbed my fingers in Reynolds's precum dripping cock coating them with his warm thick musky scented essence as I did so. Then it came over me, and as I looked up at him, now so horny and so hot, I said what I had wanted to say to him since I saw him," beside take off your clothes"...

"Reynolds stand still and don't move, "I said as I went up and slide the head of his cock into my mouth. He didn't move but that man let out a loud moan, and a curse that I am sure could be heard next door. Like with his nipples I held the head of his cock in my mouth swirling my tongue around it, dipping into the split as my hands stroked the staff and fondled his balls. Having a small mouth, there was no way I was going to get much of him in but what I could set my mind to driving Reynolds nets. Somehow we ended up on the floor of the suite in front of the floor to ceiling window with the moonlight and the ambient light of the room highlighting us. I figure at this point anyone that want to could see us, so I decided to give them a great show. After reminding Reynolds to keep his hands to himself, I went after him with everything that I had. Fueled by my rage, I sucked him until he came spraying with his hot cum as I jerked him off and tried to catch the droplet with my mouth. He was still semi-hard enough for me to impale myself on him and I rode Reynolds like I was at the races. I was fucking him so hard and fast that my breasts rose up to my face blocking my view of his. At that moment I looked out the window, and I could see a few someone looking watching the show. At this point, it was like added excitement and released Reynolds from my no touching rule and let him have his way. Lord why did I do that??
What the Fuck! Alice sucked my cock like it was a pacifier until I come spraying her face and breasts as she tried to catch it with her mouth! Unable to believe the next then she does is get on my semi-hard cock and starts riding me taking me to the edge when she screams touch her, fuck her, make her come! I never refuse such a request, and I wasn't planning on starting now. It seemed that Alice like it a little rough and so do I, so I decided to please us both. Pushing her off me, I got up and grabbed her by a fist full of her hair and using her right arm I pulled her up off the floor and threw her over my shoulder and headed for the bedroom. My plan was simple to fuck this woman stupid and convincing her that impaled on my cock is the only place she needed to be. Grabbing my tie and belt as I went to the closet knowing that I would have to tie Alice in place to do a fraction of what I wanted to do to and with her. Once having the woman secured I stood back for a few seconds to admire my handing work. Alice arms tied to the bed frame and legs free her pussy glistening with her wetness, and I am sure a mixture of my own. Then moving up her body to those big pillow tits of mind kind of went blank at the moment, and then lust took over. I buried my face better her legs sucking and licking at the fold of her pussy until her clit revealed itself to me. I would return the favor, I sucked and licked her pussy until Alice was screaming for me to fuck her, so I did. Sliding two fingers into her ass as she withered convulsed on the bed. My girl took like a champion as my finger pistol-whipped in and out of her ass. I just knew that my dick had to get in there next but not before fucking that pussy that she teased me with earlier. It felt like a fist grip on me, and somehow she massaged my cock as she drove her pussy up and down my cock. I was about ready to come through all the pores of my body when she changed up. Not that I mind since now it was my turned and I wasn't changing a damn thing back.
"Alice baby, I am going to fuck you to the point that when you ever think of another man, you will see my face, smell my scent and taste me on your lips. I will always be the one you dream of at night and whenever you want to get fucked," smiling I said this watching the acknowledgment grow in her eyes and the acceptance of it as a fact. I spent the next few hours until she passed out from exhaustion keeping my word. I picked Alice off the floor where she had slid down to the floor where we had started and ended in front of the floor to ceiling window. As the sun rose, I thought I saw a few splatter patterns on the windows across from us. Putting the knock out Alice to bed I left her suite and went back to mine not bothering to dress. My body was sore and stiff in some area and bruised in others. I was also sporting a fair amount of hickies; some of them were in the most interesting of places. On the bed in the suite was the suitcase and a large thick black trash bag. I use the trash bag for other than want it was intended. After taking a quick shower, I dress in the clothes that had been provided and left the suite taking everything with me including the towels. Stopping at the desk I check out.

Mr. Clarkson would like to extend your resignation for another night; the attractive desk clerk asked I paid my bill. No thank you, I have finished my business, and I will return home today.

"Oh, where is that?," she asked as she checked out my name Mr. Allen Clarkson from Ft. Worth Texas. I thank her for help while there and left to meet my appointment. After taking care of that business, I broad my private jet for Europe. Later as I sat there drinking very expensive scotch, I thought about Keslar Anderson and wondered what she would think when she awoke and found me gone. Then maybe that was what she wanted. After all, it is one thing to imagine some naked, and it is another thing to get them naked. I pushed thought of her into a private corner of my mind as I received notice of another job. But before I closed and locked that door, I wondered how she would feel to know that she didn't have to divorce her husband after all? I am sure that in a year or two his body might be found in the hazards dump site the same place that he had instructed her body to dispose of.

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