Julie and I have this blow up over something stupid, I think it was a song she heard recently.

She stormed off to her apartment and usually I follow right behind her and beg her forgiveness.

This time I play it cool. I go to my place and start reading some hot sex stories on the net. John, a friend of mine and he just happens to be going steady with Julie's room mate Patricia.

He asked me what was up and why was Julie so pissed? I told him, and he said don't worry you two will be heating up your section of the apartment soon.

I was reading this story and half listening to John. He said what is so interesting? It was a story about a guy who broke up with his girl and then later had second thoughts. While the guy was waiting for her to come back, he didn't know that her best girlfriend had set her up with another guy. By the time he found out, what was once his, was now the object of a romantic triangle.

I told John, do you and Pat know some single guys. He said sure. I then told him that he should mention to Pat that this break seems deeper than normal between us, and maybe they should fix Julie up with another guy.

John said that don't worry, we know a few that would like to date her a couple times, maybe do some necking and that would be it.

I told him that I think it would be a turn on if they would find someone who is looking for a serious relationship and set her up with him.

I said that I would wait for either Pat or him to let me know when I should call and apologize. He asked me how long should they wait? I said I will leave it up to Pat, I am sure her feminine mind will decide when it would hardest for me to get her back.

After a day or so, I see Julie and this guy, I have never see around. They are holding hands and chatting, laughing.

A couple of weeks later, I am in a theater watching a movie and Julie walks in with this guy. The theater is dark, so she doesn't see me but I see them. They are five rows infront of me.

During the movie they are necking most of the time. As they leave, he puts his arm around her back and his hand works its way into the top of his jeans, as if to say, she is mine.

I wonder when Pat will give me the go ahead. Then nearly a month later, she tells me to come to her apartment. I run there and she gives me an envelope. She said that this has flight information on when Julie and her boyfriend are leaving for Europe.

He is from Sweden and they are going back for the wedding. I look at her and she says; "You wanted it to be the hardest challenge, right?" "The wedding is in two weeks, all the paper work is done and they are going to just relax before they marry.

She says; you have one last shot, stop her before she gets to the airport. She tells me the flight takes off around 9 PM.

I go to the mall and walk around wondering if I should try to salvage our love. I think about her married and having kids and I get super hard.

I find a trash can that is nearly full and stuff the envelope in. I drive back to my place and then have second thoughts and run back to the mall. I get to the area with the trash can and its empty, the envelope is gone for good.

I go on with my life and even date a couple of girls but nothing serious. One afternoon I get a call from John, he says, Julie is coming for a visit and Pat wanted to know if I wanted to see her. I said. damn yes. I start thinking that she probably broke up with this guy and got tired of Europe, it was nearly two years.

I buy some flowers, and get her favorite candy. I am sitting with John in his place and she finally arrives, Pat opens the door and I nearly came in my pants, Julie looked stunning for 7 months pregnant and her husband Peter was holding their year old daughter.

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