Around Mid-Night
Normally at mid-night, I am in bed, but tonight I decided to stay up a bit and enjoy the warm weather and the mid-night sky. The stars were bright out to night and a gentle breeze carried the scent of the Jasmine and lavender that I planted early this summer. Wearing just a thin nightgown and my flip-flops, I felt the breeze against my skin as I walked out across the back yard to stand in the moonlight. The moon was full and its' light seemed to bath everything in a soft luminescent glow. I wanted to become part of the night with its warm breeze, exotic scents, and all that it promised. Standing there in the moonlight, I let my defenses down and opened myself to the night....and him.

I have stood in the shadows watching her at night and day, as I would drive by her home a few times a day to check on her. Since the day that I saw her and smelt her warm sensual spicy scent, I found myself seeking her out. Yes, I know she is not ready ... not yet to receive me or even to know who and what I am. It will come, but for now I will be satisfied that I can see her and sometimes even be close to her. Tonight she baths in the light of the Luna as I watched her in her naked state. Her body is mature with the grace of age and life. All that should be full and round from her full breast to her heart shaped round behind.

To me she is all that I desire in a woman and as she releases her long curly hair from the ponytail that she had it to let it float and flow around her upper body my desire for her grows. She starts to dance slowly to music that only she can hear as I watch almost in a trance as she unknowingly pulls me closer. I am able to hide in the shadow, as my coloring is that of the night with no stars. Creeping up closer to her I a line myself with the ground and more shadows, closing my eye so that she may not see their brightness as turns in her dance.

I am now close enough to smell her scent and it makes my mouth water want to taste her, but it my cock that shows my intent. It has grown long and hard from my body and I feel the pressure of need building in my balls. I know that this is not the right time but I am unable to stop myself as the scent of her sex comes to me on a breeze and I lost all of my control.

Lost in my dance I never saw who knocked me to the ground pushing my face into the grass. At first, I was too shocked to fight back but then I found my strength and my nerve. I tried to lift my face out of the grass only to find that whoever it was on me had more strength then I do. I felt him pick me up and drag me from the light of the full moon into the shadow of my backyard. It was then in the throes of fear and fighting for my life that I smelled his scent. It hit me like a bomb going off at a distance but with full force.

I immediately stopped fighting him and even embraced him... his naked body. In no time, we were rolling round in shadows in each other arms. Touching,kissing, and caressing each other's body as if we were not strangers. His lips found mine for the first time and the kiss was amazing. At first, it was light and search with his tongue tracing the edges of my lips, but then the kiss became demanding. As his mouth claimed mine, his hands laid siege to the rest of my body. With one hand, he held my wrist together on the ground over my head as the fingers of his other hand was busily dancing around in my now sloppy wet pussy. Between the fold of the baby fine short hairs he entered my thick pussy lips and stroked by my clit.

Teasing the nub with light touches then long intense ones in between and I was all but climbing up his body wanting him to do more. It had been so long... so long since I had felt the strength of a man inside me. I wanted it now and if was as if he could read my mind he flipped me over on to my stomach, again faced down but this time my butt was up in the air. It was in this position that he started to lick and suck my pussy from behind. I knew that I should make a run for it but oh, My God... his tongue... oh it was amazing!

His thick rough tongue stroked and licked me until my juice was flowing down my thighs. My large breasts hung low rubbing against the grass, which only made me hotter..., hornier and more demanding of my shadow lover. Especially when he grabbed my hips and buried his face in my pussy all I can say it felt like his tongue had grown to a size not fitting a human. What he was doing with it push all of my concern into the air as I felt the stir of an orgasm rising from deep inside me. Covered in sweat, grass, leaves and my hair in a wild mess my shadow lover rode me in what could almost be called an animalist fashion.

It was like we were two wild animals fucking under the full moon in the dead of night, and I loved it. Then I felt his tongue go and his cock took its place. I could not see anything for the darkness but I could feel that is cock was thick and I knew that he was more in size than any man I had ever been with as it slide deep into my wet center. I was scared for a brief second as his balls and hairy legs rubbed against my behind and thighs.

I again tried to look behind me behind me, but he force my head down keep my behind up. Once he had got all the way in, my shadow lover stopped moving as if to give my body time to adjust to his presences in me. I could hear him breathing heavily as he started to move slowly in and out of my body. Again, Oh My God was all that I could think as the pleasure of his presence in my pussy radiated throughout my body. The orgasm that had started it is slow burned through my body picked up speed as my lover did the same. I melted into fleshy mass of desire and lust as he fucked me almost into the ground.

Then his large hands started to finger my clit and squeeze my tits from behind. By then I was his to do what he would with and he did. I came hard squirting my release as I felt his cum firing into me with such force that I felt like I was going to shake a part as my orgasm reduced me to a scream moan mass of sexual release. I collapsed on to the ground as his cum came rushing out of me and dripping on to the ground beneath me. I think I may have passed out for when I came to I was on my back looking up at the stars...or rather wait two stars.

As my mind tried to make sense of it all,I found that I was being pulled by my arms to seat up position and then to my knees. Still staring at the two bright stars above me with wonder I was surprised when I felt something warm and wet rubbing across my lips. The scent of it was heavy and intoxicating, I wanted to taste it, which I did. It was a cock wet from the mixing of our cum and as it slid between my lips past my teeth into my warm wet mouth I reached up and grabbed his hips. Tone and warm under my hands I caressed them lovingly as I sucked his cock hoping to taste his essence.

He put his hands in to my hair and held my head as he fucked my mouth. His precum coated my tongue with its rich salty warmth as the heavy scent of him filled my nose... my being. He came with groans, growls emanating from deep in his throat as his cum filled my mouth, and ran thick, sweet, and salty down my throat. Strangely enough,I came with him as I tried to swallow as much of his cum as I could. As this was going on,I was still staring at those two bright stars... like eyes in the night... eyes in the night. I felt back on to the ground still looking up at those two stars and then he stepped into the what moon light was left and I saw him for the first time ... Oh My God...I screamed as my mind shut down from sexual overload and fright.

I awoke the next morning in my bed wearing one of the nightshirts that I always wore to bed. After sitting in bed for a while, I assumed that what I had was a dream and nothing more. As I got out of bed I felt a little sore and stiff more that I normally would feel in the morning and just chalked it up to getting older, after all I would be 55 at the end of the year. Looking at myself in the mirror, I frowned when I saw my hair and decided that the best thing to do was to cut it shorter. I was so into deciding what to do about my hair that I failed to notice the large bite mark on my right butt cheek.

That I would see weeks later when thing really started to get strange, but that is another story. After my shower and getting ready to spend the day in my garden, I had convinced myself that it was all a dream and let it drift to the back of mind. It would have stayed there until I found the place where we had been under the trees and in the shadows. The grass was more than disturbed and as I bend down to look closely I could see where the grass looked burned like when a male dog urinate on it. The day was warm but I became chilled and as I walked back into my house I looked over into the laundry basket and saw a towel from a set of towels that I keep in the downstairs bathroom. It was cover in dirt grass, bit of leave and had the strong heady but intoxicating scent ... I went cold.

I spent the rest of the day in bed to afraid to move or to call anyone for help. My friend called and came by all left message as I refuse to answer the door or the phone. It was late in the evening when I finally said enough to my fears and got up out of bed. I was in the kitchen when the doorbell rung I decided that I needed to get to my life. Therefore, I answer the door to find that my boss from some years back was standing on my doorstep. I invited her in with a smile and curiosity a bound as we were on good terms, but she had never visited me or me her.

Clair, some years my junior, was a very striking woman almost 6ft. tall with cold black hair and deep green eyes. Her figurer covered in a simple to the knee black cotton dress was athletic and graceful as she took a seat as my dining room table. I busied myself in the kitchen getting something for us to nibble on as we talked about friends at work and her vacation. Once seated with her I was again struck at how attractive she was to the point I found myself staring. I guess would have continued admiring her if she had not looked at me with those incredible green eyes of hers. I quickly broke out of my stare and made some excuse about needing to get something out of the kitchen to cover my embarrassment. Now I am not attracted to women that way... beside I have a bit of a cock fetish, but around Clair... I just seem to go to pieces at times.

"Melissa it all right", Clair said as she came up behind me as I stood in front of my sink.

I did not say anything, as I did not know what to say, so I just stood there looking out into the back yard. It was dark now and the moon was full again flooding the yard with it light. I could feel her moving behind me and leaning her body into mine. I should have panic but then I smell the heavy intoxicating spicy scent form last night... from the dream? I closed my eyes and felt the heat of her body coming through my clothes and I knew. As I turn to look up at her as I am only 5ft 6 in I knew what I would see, the two bright stars were back and they were in shine in Clair face. I would have jumped into my sink and out the closed window if Clair had not laid her hands gently but firmly on my shoulders.

"Melissa," she said as she lean into kiss me, my world slid sideways as the kiss, which was very recognizable, and more demand. I moaned into her mouth as my panties flooded and my knees buckled, but she held me up against her. I could feel her breasts warms and soft against me as I wrapped my arms around her neck pulling her closer. It was then that I felt something else and I broke off the kiss and leaned back to look up at her.

"Come with me Mel and I will explain it all, but let us do it outside under Luna and her blessed light," Clair said as she reaches out for my hand.

I gave it to her and followed her out into my back yard into the light of the moon. Once there she turned toward me and took off her dress letting it fall to the ground next to her feet. The moon light flowed over her body lighting caressing her valleys and plains. Highlighting her treasure, the other thing, yes the other thing, as I looked up into her face and back down at her cock yes...cock and balls, I felt my mouth from into an O. Then I watched as she slid into the form of very large dog... wait wolves... A very large black wolf!

The wolf's eyes glowed like stars at night in its black face. I continued to watch as the wolf stood on all fours and walked toward me with it head hanging low. Once it reached me, the black wolf put it large head under my right hand and rubbed it head against it. I stood there letting it all sink in as the night breeze caressed my skin. I closed my eyes and breathe in deeply of the nighttime scents and the essence of Clair, then I opened my eyes and looked up into her eyes now were back to their beautiful green in a face full of concern.

"Ok, can you tell me about what you are beside the obvious?" I asked willing to except what was in front of me and more.

It was late into the night when we had finished our conversation and in that time I had gone from shock to wonderment and back again with a spot of disbelief throw in. In the end, it all came to point of acceptance and still the wonder was there.

"I know there is a lot that you want to know but the obvious is want it is. I am what am called a shemale... I have female breasts and a male penis with balls. I was born this way. Now as to being a werewolf... that is something that I was born to as well."

"Ok," I said, as I looked her over trying not to stare at her maleness, which was very impressive. I blushed as I remembered how impressive I had found it the last night and how I had even begged for more. Then I remembered what more got me a mouth full of sweet salty cum. At that memory, I turned even redder and started looking at everything but her.

"Melissa it already to look at me, I can smell you desire and feel you wanting of me. Please know that I want you as well," Clair said as she moved closer to me touching my face softly with her fingers. Tracing the side of my face with her fingers, she looked deep into my eye as her turned to stars again. This time I kissed her and we came together and melted into each other. This time we made love as humans face to face, breasts to breasts and cock in pussy. I being smaller sat on Clair lap with her cock in me facing her looking into her eyes as I watch the star light rise in them again. I came as she sucked hard on my right breast moaning my pleasure into the air. My body hummed with pleasure and the want of more.

I looked up at Clair and all I said was please. Lowering me to the ground and placing me on all fours, she changed back into the large black wolf with relative ease. Clair cock in wolf form was even more impressive and it made wonder got into me in the first time. Again, Clair's talent tongue send me over the edge, but it was not until she slide her cock into me in wolf form that I join her in animalist love making .It was primal and sensual as she rammed her cock deep into me. The strength of her ramming, the furriness of her body rubbing against me all added to the fire that was roaring in me as my orgasm came to the surface.

I would almost swear that my skin was glowing as it rode me. I came screaming as Clair came howling into the night. Later in wolf form Clair wrapper herself around my body as we fell asleep with the moon Luna watching our sleep from above. Later I woke to find myself in my bed but this time I was not alone. Clair was lying with herself still wrapped round me as she had done in her wolf form. I realized that I was feeling something that I had not felt in a long time, safe and wanted. Yes,love had found me not in the form that I would have thought but in a form that loved me.

All had to do was to open my heart and mind to the possibilities. Now every night when the weather permits and the moon is full around mid-night,Clair and I make love under the night time sky adding our voices to the night as we blended into to shadows and the moonlight.

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