Art Class
The temperature was just right for those big snowflakes that covered the trees, which sagged from their weight. I looked outside, and it seemed like one of those Christmas cards showing a snowy evening. I was bored with the whole thing. The most excitement for the week was the significant snowfall. My phone vibrated.



"My name is Alice Evans, and teach art at the Global Center. I teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced Oil Painting. Our advanced class needs a model, and you were recommended as a potential person who might model for us."

"OK Alice, who recommended me?"

"I don't know exactly, as a note was left in my mail slot at the center with your name and cell number as a potential model."

"Well Alice, I never have modeled before, and I am not sure I would be good at it."

"If you are concerned, there are only four people in the class. One older gentleman, and three women. Two of them in their 50's and one younger Afro-American woman somewhere in her 30's. We only pose for 20 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes. During the break time, you would put on a robe or something of a covering."

"Whoa Alice, why would I need a covering.?"

"I am sorry, I should have told you that this is a nude figure class. I hope you are not worried about that, I had posed for the class when I was a student, and it becomes second nature. We do pay $40 per hour."

"When are these classes?"

"Wednesday and Friday afternoon."

"Alice, can I think about it?"

"Sure Carol, but I hope you give it a try;"

Alice gave me her cell number and said goodbye and the cell when silent. The thought of doing it intrigued me. Standing or sitting in front of a group of people nude didn't bother me because of my nude beach experiences in the Caribbean. A beach and classroom were entirely different. The class would be more intimate, but I thought what the hell, I am doing nothing else. Sarah was busy with something, probably some guy. I decided to give it a try. I called Alice immediately back told her yes and asked where and what time. She seemed pretty happy with that call. She told me to bring a robe or some covering because in the winter it can get chilly in the study room.

The first Wednesday class was canceled because of the snowstorm, but Friday came, and the roads were clear, and off I went to show my body to some strangers. I was welcomed by Alice and was introduced to the others. The gentleman was quite old and probably painted to get a look at some nude bodies. Edna was the most senior woman. I guessed she was in her 60's, and one of those severe nuts about painting. Tina was the young one and quite attractive with light brown skin and well put together. Roxanne was in her 50's; a beautiful woman still held her figure well. All seemed very nice.

Alice showed me the common restroom to change. She stayed with me as I shed my wardrobe piece by piece. She kept thanking me, which was fine but watching her eyes was fascinating. Every time I removed an article of clothing that exposed intimate parts of my body, she would stare at the new exposure as she talked. I began to think Alice was more than an art teacher. Her only comment before I put on a short robe was, "Perfect!" I took off the robe as I entered the room. The students who were busy setting up their easels and paints only glanced at me. Alice explained to them that I was new at this and the pose would be sitting in a chair to keep the fatigue down. A chair was put on a platform, and I sat down. I was facing the black gal, and the others had more of a side view of me. Alice told me to cross my legs, which I did, and I am sure that Tina got a good view of my pussy.

The first 20 minutes went fast. Alice then took a picture of me to duplicate the same pose for the next session. I put on the robe I had brought. It was open and short and probably looked a hell of a lot more sexy than being naked on that platform. I asked Alice where I could take the smoke. She directed me to an area that had a sign that read ‘Smoking Area'. After the third session, Alice invited me to walk around and see what the students created. The old guy should have saved his money and just went to a strip club. Roxanne and Edna were only in the stage of what they called blocking, but Tina was the applying skin tones and her work was quite good. Standing there talking to her with an open robe, which didn't seem to bother her as much as it did me. Just the casual conversation like that in a classroom, had me thinking those thoughts of fun. Two more sessions and I needed another smoke. I went to the smoking area, but Tina was already there. She offered to light my cigarette and that act the way she did it was sexy. I liked talking to her, standing next to her dragging on a cigarette with a lot of me exposed. I found her charming. She casually said, "Maybe sometime we could go for coffee." My answer was a simple, "That would be nice." We went back to work. One more time, crossing my legs, but now I observed a smile from the painter of my body.

I will say one thing that modeling is very tiring. You have to hold a position for so long your muscles ache. The only good thing was a smoking break with Tina. I left the robe more open, and she observed more closely. Now, this was hard to understand because 5 minutes ago I was completely nude in front of her. I will admit I started crossing my legs more slowly and her smile was wider than ever. On our last smoke break, she asked me if I wanted to go for coffee after the class. I was game and told her so. I wished I had worn something different than I did, but winter weather was not conducive to showing flesh. My yoga pants and sweatshirt would have to do.

We chatted for two cups of coffee, and everything was fine until she said, "Carol, I want you to stop fucking my husband."


"You heard me, stop letting my husband use your pussy!"

"Who is your fucking husband?"

"Oh come on, you have been fucking my Jesse for months!"

"Let's get something straight. Yes, I fucked your Jesse, but only once when you and he decided on an open marriage."

"Is that what he told you? Well, that is bullshit! Did you know he has a video of you in that hot tub? You do like it in the ass as well as every other hole you got. There are plenty of pictures of you on his cell."

"Wait a minute; you set this whole thing up. You made the recommendation for me to model!"

"Now you know, Sugar. I just wanted to see this glorious pussy that has him so mesmerized. Ain't no different than mine except mine is a little darker, but honey we are both pink on the inside."

"Tina, I am telling you the truth I only went out with your husband once. We did go to my home and fucked in my bed for the sake of my husband, who watched and jerked off, but that was it. Alright, I tried to get him to go out with me again, and you can understand that. You know how good he is. He turned me down, Tina!"

"Well Sugar that is hard to believe when he calls out your name in the middle of the night. He even called me Carol one time when I was blowing him. Hard to believe sweetie, it is hard to believe."

Now that portion I did like to hear. He still wanted me and to be honest I had thought about him more than once. That 'fill me up feeling' was hard not to like. The more we bantered back and forth, the more we started believing each other. I loved she was that fiery, and she was a very sexy woman. After telling me she was not fucking anybody else like he was saying, she said, "You know he has treated us both pretty bad. He lied to both of us. I would like to get even with him. Would you?"

"Would love it. What do you have in mind?"

"Do you still have that dress you wore when he took you to dinner. The backless number with the side panels?"

"Yes, I do."

"Would you be willing to wear it and come over here. I would put something sexy on, and when he comes home catches us making out."

"Sounds like a plan!" Of course, I would. It would be great to get my hands on those big things, she flaunts.

"Good! Friday late afternoon it is. You are going to have to call in sick to Alice, but she probably will not mind and jump at the chance to let them see her nude for quick sketches."

We said our goodbyes and I certainly looked forward to Friday. On Friday I called Alice, telling her I had some virus bug and her only comment was ‘Oh dear.' I wanted to tell Sarah all about it, but she told me she was busy. I think Sarah has a boyfriend. Putting on that dress, brought back a lot of good memories. It especially brought back the memory of Jesse's big cock. I didn't want to get back at him, but maybe he deserved it. The task complete, looking in the mirror, the hair was a little different, but I hung out in all the right places. I didn't bother with the tape, because if a nipple popped out with Tina, so what!

I arrived at Tina's and let me in she was dressed like no painter. A lot of cleavage in a short white dress. I could feel the tingle in all the right places. When I took off my coat, she exclaimed, "DAMN! No wonder he wanted to fuck you with that always in front of his eyeballs!" Looking down, sure enough, a nipple peeking out.

"OK Sugar we are going to our bedroom and wait for his lord and master to get home."

"What a beautiful bedroom!" Looking around the bedroom, the place was mirrored, even the ceiling over the bed. From every angle, you could see yourself being fucked or sucked. Somebody in this pair liked to see themselves worked on.

"Honey, you are nice to do this, you need a hug." She hugged me, and the softness of her was nice. She brought her head forward and we were nose to nose. She cocked her head to one side and kissed me. The warmness of her lips on mine sent shivers down me. "Just practice Sugar, remember we got to be making out when he comes through that door. "It can't be just kissing. It has to be more intimate than that," she said. Her hand slipped in the side panel and put her hand on my breast. She looked in the mirror and decided that was not good enough. When I felt her hand parting the wrap around skirt, I knew where she was headed. Her hand on my bare mound felt so erotic. "Oh, no panties! Did he know that during dinner?" she asked.. "I like that you are bare. I am too!" she added. She moved us that if you walked in the door, you could easily see her hand covering my mound. I did not want that to stop. She kissed me again saying, "Practice makes perfect." I don't know if it makes perfection, but it does make me wet as hell.

We heard him drive into the garage. After doing things that regularly get done on arrival at home, he started up the steps. Tina began to kiss me. I was very emotional and pulled her dress down, exposing those gorgeous tits with the dark nipples. I started caressing one rubbing the nipple. He walked in the bedroom door. He saw his wife kissing a woman. His wife had her hand on her pussy, as the woman grouped his wife's breasts. His response was immediate.


We stopped and turned towards him. The recognition was instantaneous. The face and dress gave it all away. He looked at me and shouted, "YOU FUCKING BITCH!" He turned around and stomped down the steps and went to the garage and drove off like a madman. Tina's only comment was, "How does it feel asshole!" She turned to me and started very heavy kissing. She pulled my dress right over my head and slipped out of hers. To the bed, we went, and she laid me down and got on top of me. She lowered her pussy to my face, and then bent over to bury her face in my pussy. We 69'd like two eager and hungry cunts. The funny part, the last person I 69'd was her husband in front of my jacking off husband. I was so worked up I orgasm-ed quite quickly. She followed with her wetness pouring on my face. We cuddled awhile, kissing each other in all the right places. We took a selfie for future use. Both of us got worked up again and she crossed leg to make clit on clit. She pumped on me. This beautiful black woman was no amateur at this. I thought a playmate for a long time.

She got up and picked up my dress and threw it to me. She said, "Time to go Sugar. You got want you wanted, but that is the first and last time. Now get dressed and be on your way." I was astounded. I didn't know what to say. She watched me dress and said, "Oh don't be so down. If you need more of that, your friendly art instructor knows her way around the block. Bisexual, maybe more. Don't let that baggy swear shirt and pants fool you; there is a lot of woman beneath them." I finished putting on the dress and then my coat, and as I trudged out the door, her last words were. "Remember Sugar, no fucking my husband." I walked to my car which I parked a few blocks away. I drove home.

My next class with Alice who I looked at in a new light, seemed empty without Tina. She dropped out of the class, and I only have seen her once in the grocery store, and she ignored me. Didn't take me long to find out that Alice and Roxanne have a thing going. Strike Two. Strike three occurred when I went to visit Sarah unannounced and found her in bed with my husband. I guess I bragged too much about Jim's long tongue. It is time for me to do something different.

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