As She is Told
Her phone vibrates. She looks down. Its a text from him. The butterflies fill her stomach almost instantly. She knows what she must do. She showers and gets ready. She puts on stockings and her favorite heels. Then she finds the trench coat he has given her. The one with no buttons and no belt to keep it closed.

She walks out to her car holding the coat closed. Her mind is racing as she wonders what is in store for her. Another text rolls in. This one says bring something to drink. She begins to get nervous. Now she will have to stop in the liquor store and pick something up. The coat has already fallen open and is leaving her precariously exposed in the car as she drives.

She pulls into a liquor store and gets out. Clasping her coat tight she walks in and straight to the wine section. She takes two bottles off the rack and hugs them to herself to keep the coat closed. Now she gets to the counter. she places the bottles on the counter and reaches into the pocket for the cash he has left in there and her coat betrays her. as she tugs it back together quickly she looks up at the cashier who has a smile that can not hide what he has just seen. She quickly pays and runs out of the store.

She is now back in her car. The next text rolls in just in time. Its the address of a hotel. She hurries to the hotel wondering how many men in trucks she passed on the highway got a peek of her in her uncooperative coat.

She pulls in the parking lot. As she gets out there are people in the parking lot. She wonders if any of them will take notice. She braces herself and starts across the lot. Each click of her heels on the pavement seems to call out " I am a naughty girl who is going to do naughty things.

as she enters the Hotel her first step in sends the sound of heels on marble throughout the lobby. With that first step all eyes turn on here. She can feel them looking at her, looking through her coat. Each step sounds like the impact of a jackhammer on rock. Every eye in the place is on her as she crosses what seems to be an ungodly long lobby.

She pushes the up button to get to the third floor. She waits. It seems an eternity. She can feel the sweat on her brow and the dampness in her loins growing. She wonders how many know what is about to go on. She wonders how many know that she is wearing just the coat and stockings. The doors mercifully open and she jumps in pushing the # 3 button as she does.
The initial start quivers her tummy. As the elevator makes her way up she readies for what she knows she must do next. As the doors open she looks up and down the hall both ways. it is empty. She knows what she must do, but every nerve in her is on fire. She removes her coat and steps into the hall as beautiful and naked as the good lord intended her to be.
She walks down the hall to the room number. The door is slightly open. She breathes deep and with all her will power focused, she opens the door and steps into the dark room.

At this point I think I would like to have someone else write the next aspect of the story. Let me know what you think will happen next.
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