Ashley & Tina Go Sailing
Ashley was very excited about going on her trip with Hubby, Allen, and her best friend in the whole world, Tina. Tina and Ashley grew up together but were separated when Ashley married Allen and moved away to North Carolina. But Recently Tina married Ronnie and Ronnie took a job in the neighboring town in North Carolina, so the best friends would be together again. To celebrate this reunion, the couples decided to take a vacation to Key West Florida together. Ashley had been very excited and impatient to get started since the trip was planned, and bright and early in the morning, the trip would begin.

Ashley was so excited about the trip that she had forgotten what was going on, but the burning in her bottom and Allen's stern voice had soon brought her back to reality. Ashley began to rub her bottom as she stood in the corner of their bedroom. She looked over her shoulder at Allen, a pout on her lips, as she asked her husband what he had said. "Ashley, I asked if you would be able to control yourself on this trip? I will not hesitate to carry out our agreement while on this trip so you had better behave." Ever since they had married, Ashley and Allen had a very special agreement.

They used Domestic Discipline in their relationship. They had drawn up some rules and guidelines for both to follow, and also what the consequences would be if the rules were broken. Ashley had just suffered a bare bottom spanking for what she had done when Allen first came home that afternoon. She was so excited and impatient to get the trip started, that when Allen came home late from work, and shopping for the trip, she lost her temper with him and yelled and cursed him, which is NOT tolerated in their home. She had begged him not to spank her until after the trip as she didn't want to have marks or bruises that would show through her bikini, but Allen would not postpone the spanking, he would only promise to keep his swats to the middle of the bottom where they wouldn't show. Tina promised to be on her best behavior. Allen came to her and kissed her ever so passionately, then carried her from the corner to their bed where they made love, then fell asleep in each other's arms.

Bright and early the next morning, Ronnie and Tina arrived in their huge Customized Conversion Van and while Ronnie and Allen loaded luggage and ice chests, the girls hugged and began coaxing the boys to hurry and load the van so they could get started, both were Very Excited. The boys got everything loaded and secured and the trip was begun.

They arrived in Key West around 6 pm and after checking in with the front office, they proceeded to their private bungalows on the private beach. The two bungalows were separated by a parking lot and a rather large sand dune, but basically they were within 30 yards of each other and no other bungalows were in their area. They would have this whole private beach to themselves for two weeks.

They instantly fell in love with the place, and for the first week, they did everything together. It didn't take long for the girls to get reacquainted with each other, and then for their mischievous nature to be rekindled. For the most part the guys became the butt of the girls pranks and jokes but it was all in good fun, Everyone was enjoying the vacation.

Towards the end though, an incident would occur that would change the girls lives forever. On Thursday, at breakfast, the girls began nagging the guys to take them sailing on one of the small rental boats. The guys agreed but told the girls that they would have to wait until later in the afternoon as the guys had reservation to play golf that morning. The girls insisted that they could go sailing on their own but the guys wouldn't hear of it.

"No, it is too dangerous for the two of you to go out alone. You will just have to wait till we get back." With that said, the guys cleared the breakfast dishes, kissed their wives goodbye, and headed out for the golf course. Ashley spoke up, "Hmph, I love that man to death, but he can be such a pain sometimes. He always treats me like a baby, like someone that needs to be watched over constantly." Tina chimed in, "Yeah, Ronnie treats me the same way all the time. Let's show them, lets go sailing by ourselves anyway." "I don't know Tina, Allen would get very mad if I disobeyed him." "DISOBEYED!?" Tina shouted. "What is he, your father or your husband?" "Come on girl, lets go." And with that the two headed out for the rental shack.

Everything went well for the girls, and for about two hours they had a ball sailing around the area just in front of the rental shack. But soon, they started drifting further out to deep water, the wind began shifting faster than they could compensate for it, and suddenly they were caught up in a current that was taking them out to sea, and they couldn't stop it.

They panicked and in a rush to grab the hand-held radio to call for help, they dropped it over board. Now they were in real trouble. Meanwhile, back at the bungalows, the guys returned back from their golf game. "Allen, you know they are going to upset with us for being gone so long." Ronnie said. "Yes, I know, but when we take them sailing, they will forget all about being mad at us. Come on, lets go get them." Allen replied.

After looking for the girls in both bungalows, then at the beach, then at the pool and lobby area, the boys began to get worried. Where could the girls be they pondered to themselves. Then Ronnie spoke up, "Allen, you don't think they went sailing alone, do you?" "They wouldn't do that after we explained how dangerous it would be. I'm sure they didn't do that." Allen said. Then they both thought for a minute, looked at each other, and made a bee line for the boat rental shack.

Their fears were confirmed when the guy renting boats said he did rent a sailboat to them about 5 hours earlier, but they had not returned yet. The guys scanned the horizon but neither could see any sailboats as far as they could see. And just as they were really getting worried, the marine radio in the rental shack crackled and the guys heard a Coast Guard Helicopter call for a recovery boat for two people in trouble, in a small sail boat, frantically waving their hands at the helicopter. The replay came,"Relay Coordinates, we are enroute."

The guys were really scared now. They just knew it was the girls that the Coast Guard was talking about. They waited by the docks and about 2 hours later, the rescue boat arrived with the girls. They were scared, soaked, and worried about what their husbands would say, And DO.

The guys ran up to their wives, hugged them up into their arms, and just squeezed with all their might. The were so happy to have the girls back safe and sound. The Coast Guard Captain explained to the men that they would have to go back to the rental shack and let the owner know that the boat was lost. Despite their directions, the girls started jumping around in the boat as the rescue boat approached, and they ended up turning it over.

It sank and the girls had to be fished out of the water. Well, needless to say the guys went from scared, worried, and happy, grateful, and thankful...right into mad, upset, and disappointed with their wives. Not a word was said as they went back to the Rental Shack, made arrangements to pay for the boat, and then headed back to their bungalows.

Upon reaching the parking lot, Ashley told Tina that she and Allen would only be about a half hour getting ready, and then they could all go out for the last night dinner that the girls had been planning. Suddenly both men spoke up and said the same thing to their respective wife.."There will be no dinner tonight, say goodnight now, and lets go to our bungalow." The girls hugged each other goodnight, gave each other a look like they were trying to comfort each other, then turned and headed off to their respective bungalows.

As they arrived to their bungalow, Ashley knew she was really in for it, but she had hoped he would wait until they got back to the privacy of their own home. She spoke up softly, "honey, I am sorry I didn't listen to you." " I am sorry we had to pay for the boat." Allen said nothing, didn't even look up at her. She became very scared, he never acted like this before, she thought to herself, she would much rather have him fussing her than not speaking at all.

He sat down on the sofa, and she came up to him and knelt down on the floor between his legs, looking up into his eyes. She could still see the worry in his eyes, and she began to feel really bad that she had hurt him and made him worry so. "Baby, Please talk to me." she pleaded. Allen took her hands gently in his, and looked into her eyes. He began to speak softly yet sternly. "Ashley, in all the time we have been together, never...NEVER have you ever gone against me in such a manner. And in doing so you have never put your very life at risk as you have this day. I can't even begin to tell you how very disappointed I am in you right now."

She sank at his words, she would rather have had him spank her in public at the dock, than say the words that just left his lips. She was so hurt and upset that she began to cry softly. " I know baby, I am so sorry. I never wanted to disappoint you like that." "please don't be mad at me." "Ashley, I'm not mad, I'm terrified at what could have happened to you, I'm ashamed of how irresponsibly you have acted, and I'm mortified of being embarrassed in front of our friends, the rental shack owner, and of all things the U.S. Coast Guard!!"

She cried a bit more at hearing this. "I'll tell you this, you have earned the most severe spanking you have ever been given, and it is not going to wait until we get home!" With that said, he stood her up, pulled down her bikini bottoms, then he took her by the arm, and spanked her butt hard all the way to the bedroom and in a corner. Once there he put her on her knees saying, "your behavior was childish, irresponsible and dangerous so your punishment will be the same. You stay in that corner on your knees, and think about what you did, and the price you are about to pay for it, until I come back!" And then he left the room.

She knelt in the corner, her bare bottom on display, and thought about what he said. She became so embarrassed and ashamed of her behavior that she began to cry again in her corner, her own little world. He let her contemplate things for a while, then he came back in. He walked up to her, grabbed her by the arm jerking her up and walking her over to the bed. She remembered thinking he had never been so rough with her before. He sat on the bed, pulled her over his knee, and began spanking her bare bottom with vigor, all the while lecturing her on her behavior.

She instantly began full out crying, no warm up this time, just hard, fast spanking, the sting was more than she had ever felt before. He spoke of how upset he was with her, how hurt he felt at her out right disregard for her safety and as he saw it, his love for her. His words hurt more than his hard swats which now had her entire bottom a bright red. After about 12 straight minutes of hard heavy spanking, her stood her up and walked her back to the corner, back on her knees, hands on her head, and left the room again. She knew she deserved everything she was getting. She hoped she had not damaged his trust of her beyond repair. And she really hoped that Tina and Ronnie could not hear what was going on.

After about 30 minutes, her bottom was still on fire but her tears had begun to subside. Suddenly Allen came back into the room, grabbed her by the arm again, and marched her back over to the bed where he had placed the pillows atop each other. He laid her over the pillows with her already well spanked bottom high in the air and she hoped to herself that this didn't mean what she thought it meant. But the next thing she heard confirmed her fears, and that was the unmistakable sound of belt ripping through belt loops.

Allen knew how much she hated the belt, but she knew how much she deserved it this time and did not complain or plead with him not to use it on her. She just resigned herself to the fact that she was getting exactly what she deserved. He spoke to her first, saying that she had earned this, and it would not be easy for her, but just like every other time he has had to punish her, after it was done, all would be forgiven. This made her heart rejoice, she would be forgiven and all would be right again, after. He then went silent, rubbed her bottom with his hand gently. He then doubled the belt up, wrapped the buckle end around his hand with about a foot of doubled up belt hanging, stood over her, and began the worst whipping with a belt she had ever gotten.

No pauses, no rests, just a steady flow of stinging swats with the belt covering every inch of her bottom. He spared her thighs as he expected she would be wearing shorts the next day. She cried harder and longer than she ever had before and got more swats of the belt than she ever had before she lost count but believes it must have been around 50 or more. However, when it was all done, and she was back in the corner, although she had just received the most severe spanking of her life, she felt good. All the feelings of shame, regret and fear had been removed. And she waited in the corner for her husband to come and forgive her and comfort her.

Sure enough, about 30 minutes later, he came to her, lifted her into his arms and hugged her tightly, whispering to her that all was forgiven, and he loved her very, very much. After holding her for hours, and soothing her sore bottom, they made love together all night long. Getting only about two hours of sleep before time to get up and begin preparing to head back home.

After breakfast, Ronnie and Tina showed up at the door, ready to start packing the van and head back home. As the girls packed stuff up, the guys loaded the van. Very little was said about what had happened the previous day, except for Ashley apologizing to Ronnie, and Tina to Allen. When everything was just about done, Ashley and Tina were at the van loading boxes in the back, Ashley was watching as Tina bent over to pick up a box, and she saw the unmistakable signs of a hand spanking on Tina's upper thigh. She was amazed and astonished. "Could they be just like us?" she pondered to herself. As embarrassed as she was to ask, she had to know.

She told Allen and Ronnie to check out her bungalow to make sure nothing was left behind and she grabbed Tina by the arm and said we will go check out yours, and they headed off to the other bungalow. Once there she spoke up...."Tina, I have to ask you something but I don't want you to be embarrassed about it, OK?" "When have you ever known me to be embarrassed?" was Tina's reply. I saw your bottom and thigh when you bent over out by the van and I have to ask, Did Ronnie spank you?" Tina looked at her and smiled...."Well of course he did!" "Don't you think we deserved a spanking after what we pulled yesterday" Tina said as she pulled down her shorts and panties to show Ashley her still very red bottom.

"Yes I do" Ashley replied and she lowered her own jeans and showed Tina the hand prints and belt marks on her own bottom. They both laughed and hugged each other saying we are so lucky to have husbands who love us so much. Ashley replied, "Yes we are, but lets not let them know we know...or next time we will be getting it together, and I don't know if I could handle that embarrassment." They laughed, and hugged each other, then headed back to the van.

As they all headed home, the girls looked at each other, not only had their childhood friendship been rekindled, they had become even closer than ever before. Now there share even more things in common, and both are happy to do so.


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