At long last
I sat in the library reading my assigned section for class when I saw him enter. 6'5'' 225lbs of pure muscle. I have never seen anyone better looking in this state. As i allowed my eyes to wander from my pages, I met his. The deep stare he returned to me resonated deep within me, in THAT spot.

He sat at the cubicle across and slightly up from me, giving me the ability to watch him as long as I wanted. The way his body moved as he walked across the library gave me thoughts I had only dreamed of.

It was close to closing time and the light's flickered, giving us the 30 minute warning sign. As I looked around me, the only 2 people left in the library I could see were him and the old librarian in the very front of the room. At that same time, our eyes locked and there was a fire in his eyes that made me instantly wet.

After what seemed a lifetime of staring at each other he finally approached my cubicle. Without even saying a word his lips met mine with a passion unlike any I had ever experienced. Our hands were instantly exploring one another like there was nothing left in the world but his and my bodies. He lifted my shirt and starting twisting and sucking at my nipples, I thought I was going to bring the librarian back here with how loud my moan was. My hands reached for his pants and found his large hard cock impatiently waiting for me. I dropped out of my chair and greedily took him in my mouth, going as far and as deep as I could, bringing out his greatest pleasures.

He lifted me off the ground and threw me onto the desk while simultaneously ripping my pants off. His tongue knew exactly where to go and he flicked my clit like no other man had ever done. He explored my pussy and went so far deep in me with his tongue I couldn't help but yell out! His teasing fingers kept me wanting more.

He finally gave into my begging, kissed me while at the same time teasing my pussy with the tip of cock. My lips opened wide as I wanted nothing more but for his manliness to fill me like no other had ever done. He slid in and out in a perfect slow rhythm that drove me beyond mad. Our juices mixing to create the perfect lubricant. He glided perfectly in and out of my tight hole until the tension inside me grew to be too much. I exploded all around him as he did the same within me.

We stood up, got our clothes on and books packed away just as the librarian came around to kick us out.

Needless to say I will be going back to that cubicle every finals week from now on in search for my 6'5'' mystery man, the best sex of my life.
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