The heat had been building for weeks.

Breathless desire intensified exponentially each time they arranged to be in one another's presence, however briefly, no matter who else was around.

Every word that passed between them was overheard by others as casual conversation, un-notable, unnoticeable.
The intensely exciting subtexts were theirs alone to treasure, to replay over and again.

Only they two were aware of the powerful grip that held them, tightening their throats, magnetizing their bodies and their minds.

Every secret instance of fleeting eye contact fed their unspecific hopes. They weren't sure yet what they wanted, but they wanted desperately not to stop.

No plans were made or even imagined.
Because of their significant others they were prisoners of circumstance, yet the attraction was fierce, animal, urgent.
The urge wasn't to have an affair, the urge was to fuck.
And it needed only opportunity.

When opportunity came, they both hesitated, they were good people.

But when their faces were inches apart, when he was close enough to sense the rising and falling of her clothed breasts, when she reached out one fair hand and lightly hooked her thumb in his belt loop---when they got that close they couldn't have stopped themselves if their fortunes had depended on it.

Primal instincts rushed upward from forgotten places deep within, dominating and driving their bodies, searing their minds white-hot.

Naked, skin touching smooth warm skin, their fingers stroked then grasped then clawed, and they abandoned themselves completely, wildly.

The heat was far more intense than either of them had dared to fantasize. Their sex was demanding and mutually selfish with hot open mouths and licking tongues. She pulled at the soft skin of his chest with her teeth.

They sucked each other's nipples to arouse and to punish. He took her ass with his large hands, squeezing her and pulling her open so he could work his fingers into her tight brown hole.
Her groaning caused him to twist his hand and push deeper. Her sharp intake of breath suddenly left him dying to remove his fingers and lick her.

She wrapped an arm around his neck, fucking his wet mouth with her little tongue, pressing, rolling, and sliding her breasts hard against his chest.

When he caught the aroma floating upward from the wetness between her baby-soft thighs, his adrenaline surged, his erection hardened, and his hunger for her consumed him.
He would hurt her to have her if necessary.

Their slippery wetness covered large portions of their naked bodies.
With his arms under her thighs and his hands spread across her ass he lifted her.

With one arm locked around his neck and the other clamped over his muscular shoulder she climbed him, spreading her legs in a wide V.

They found a reclining position by sitting on a large soft footrest and leaning back against its chair. He was largely upright with his legs extended and his feet on the floor. His prick was sticking straight up and was as thick and hard as the handle of a carpenter's hammer.

As her legs, soft and smooth as those of a fifteen-year-old, slid along both sides of his waist, he lowered her, impaling her on his pre-cum leaking cock.

Gasping quietly, they began their movement together.
She dug her heels into the upholstery of the chair and raised herself. He lifted her with his hands and forearms and followed her swollen pussy with his hips, pushing up into her, feeling her muscles squeezing his cock as he slid in and out of her.

His cock was what she had wanted. What she had imagined while fingering herself in the shower, sometimes whispering "give me your cock" as she sucked her fingers afterward.

To have his hard cock, to feel it deep inside her. To feel him using his body strength to drive it in and pull it out.

She was rising, then plunging down onto him faster now. Whimpering, then holding her breath. Somewhere in the distance she heard him groaning loudly.

He came first, crushing her with his arms around her, his rapid pelvic thrusts almost out of control.

And she began to shudder. Tingling from the waist down, goose bumps washing over her ass. Nipples hardening. She bucked involuntarily and whined until her voice broke and she yelled once, "OOOHhhh!" as her lower body muscles clenched and released.


Later, lying on a sheet spread over the carpet, her head was on his shoulder, his upper chest, and he was gently stroking her back with two fingers.

Their breathing slowed and deepened.

She carefully made light circles on his nipple with her middle finger, and absently, delicately, played with the hair on his chest.

Neither spoke.

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