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This goes on almost every night on the wall next to mine. I know whats going on because loud moans of ecstasy always accompany the banging. I'm surprised they haven't tore down the wall yet. Ah, young love, or hot-fuck-me-senseless-now lust rather.

However, my side of the wall is annoyingly quiet. I lay on my queen size bed, silk sheets cover my aching naked body and sigh in envy. I try to tune out the pleasure emanating from the dorm next to mine, but its hard to do so when the sounds of fucking is an automatic turn on for me. Not that I'm a voyeur or anything, but I do love watching, and finger fucking to what I see. Thank goodness for online porn. Even for us hot women.

I contemplate opening my laptop to my fave site and taking care of myself, but the sounds grow more frantic from next door. How can to go for hours like that and not stop for a break? I give up and scoot over towards the edge of my bed and place my ear to the wall. James is fucking Cassie again. Now I am really jealous. James is hot. Like smoking, "fuck-me-all-night-long-and-then-stay-for-breakfast" hot. I get wet just thinking he's doing me instead of Cassie.

My left hand caresses my breasts. My other hand drifts from the bed up my leg and flicks my clit. I inhale sharply and follow the noise from the other room. James is doing something right I guess, because Cassie has started her keening-which always preludes her big O.

I flip over onto my knees and imagine James grasping my hips as he plunges hard into me doggie style. My pussy gets wetter and my clit starts to throb, I massage my clit hoping to take away some of the tenseness, but that only makes me hotter. I reach toward my bedside table and pull out a long, thick and curvy suction vibrator. I swirl my tongue around in the suction cup and on a 'bang' stick it to the wall-hopefully it stays.

I switch the vibe to 'random madness' and massage my clit some more. Still on my knees I draw the vibrator into my mouth to lube it up. Wowsers, the vibes feel sexy wrong in my mouth. I gently plunge my 2 middle fingers into my now sopping wet slit, oh my god, am I wet and clenching with anticipation. James is fucking faster and Cassie is now keening in shorter gasps-she's close, maybe. Can someone really go that fast, as the thought comes I realize I am now dripping.

I turn around and scoot towards the wall and my blue silicone cock. I am so wet I don't need to push back more then once and I've impaled myself with the beautiful feeling of being filled. I move back and forth every other bang on the wall, which is fast, but I'm too fucking horny and worked up to care about speed. My left arm holds me up and my right hand goes to work swirling hard around my clit. The tension starts building low in my groin and I clench my clit between 2 fingers. Sharp, pleasurable pain, oh my fuckin god.

I can no longer wait for Cassie to bother finishing and want to get the James in my head to cum with me. I double time my thrusts against the wall to match James erotically fast speed. My hips thrust up and down as my arm pushes me back and forth. I hear a loud smack and Cassie moans louder-James just spanked her. Yah, my pussy just clenched in raw, animalistic jealousy.

I start pushing back harder and faster, now bumping against the wall at the same time James is making the bed move. The James in my head grips my hips with enough force to leave fingernail marks and thrusts oh so harder and faster, my fingers keeping time. I forget about the real life James next door and moan my own pleasure as I feel an earth shattering orgasm take me over. I clench the now juicy slick cock inside me and bite my pillow to stifle my orgasmic groan of relief, my hips still thrusting and my pussy still clenching.

A few seconds later I hear a knock at my door. I blush and furiously attempt to put my own room to rights. A minute later I open the door to find the fantasy that just fucked me and his "porn hot" girlfriend standing in front of me-wearing only towels, their sensuous looks aimed at me. Of course I let them in. Dreamland can wait for me.
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