Awaken in a strange bed
You drift into consciousness from a deep restful sleep and realize you are in a strange place. Your heart starts to beat as you realize you are not alone in the bed; you feel the warmth of naked skin next to yours. In the timeframe of seconds, it all comes rushing back to you. You replay in your mind the plane trip.... your nervous stomach....... the first glimpse of me in the airport......the laughing and smiling in my car as we rode to my apartment....... the passionate sex we had as the two of us almost ripped each others clothes off that day It all came back to you in a flash.

After getting up to make coffee, I slipped back into the bed while you were still asleep but you recognize the bedroom and you remember my smell. You are fully awake now and you feel my muscular arms around you as you lay on your side. I am rubbing your breasts and you feel my semi erect manhood against the crack of your ass. You feel your nipples harden beneath my fingers.

I kiss the back of your neck and wish you a "good-morning, sweetheart". You push your ass against me and close your eyes ....... this must be paradise. I turn you to face me and we kiss passionately. Our tongues intertwine with each other and your hands roam up and down my body. I reach over and grab a handful of your ass-cheeks..... I squeeze and a low moan escapes my mouth. I leave your lips and plant kisses down your neck to your upper chest. I move my hand around and cup one of your breasts and pinch a nipple. My mouth moves lower.....lower......lower....... You arch your back to present me the object of my desire to my warm, waiting mouth. I engulf your tit and suck hard on the nipple drawing it into my mouth...... stretching it from the flesh of its large breast. The sensation sends shock waves through your groin and you feel your pussy start wetting. I move my hand down your belly and move you so you are flat on your back. I rub your pubic patch and dip a finger between the lips of your pussy. You immediately spread your legs wide apart to allow....... no, encourage my fingers into your now wet cunt. I probe you with one, then two fingers and run your wetness up to your clit. You are humping my hand and I am fucking you with my fingers. You reach down and grab my hard, throbbing cock, and squeeze it tightly. You start to pump it slowly and you hear me moan again.

"Oh, baby suck me", you say with short breaths.

I get on top of you and slowly work my mouth from your tits to your belly to you pubes. Once between your legs, I gently push them wider apart. I kiss your hair and clit and your muscles are starting to quiver. Your lips part and the wetness glistens and drips down the crack of your ass. I put my mouth on your pussy and push my tongue deep into the cavity of your cunt. I swirl my tongue around and move my hands and fingers between clit, pussy and asshole. I am in every orifice, every knob, every crack and crevice. I am inside you, and outside you, and touching places that have never been touch. You start to cum........... deep inside your belly your feel it grow.

"Oh, baby, I'm cumming" you gasp.

I rub my mouth around and in your pussy and drink your juices. You are thrashing on the bed and my mouth is drenched with your wetness. Your orgasm makes you shake and spasm and you are whimpering. I keep up the steady pressure on your clit and my fingers are inside of you. You are on fire.

I sit up and kneel between your legs and insert my cock in your wet hole. It reaches the back of your cunt in one stroke. I pump you in and out for several minutes but neither of us will last very long. You continue the orgasm that I gave you orally and my orgasm isn't far behind. I feel it in my toes and its working its way up my legs to my balls. It would be impossible to stop now. I moan with guttural, animal noises and soon I am pumping you hard and fast and I shoot my load of hot man juice into your pussy. You feel the warmth of the liquid and the pulsation of my cock and that makes you cum harder. Juice is dripping down your pussy and soaking my dick and balls. The bed is soaked.

You know it was a good orgasm for me. I collapse on top of you and lay my full weight on your body. You hold me tightly.
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