Derek and I spent every moment we could together even though I was in relationship wit another boy. There was one time when I found out my boyfriend cheated on me. We were at a club and I found him in the corner hooking up with a girl. Needless to say we broke up and I didn't waste any time. A few days after I had a few friends come over.Amanda, Derek,and his brother Dorian. We decided to just watch a movie. My rents weren't home and I was feeling frisky.

Amanda knew I wanted Derek and she made it clear that she would occupy Dorian for me. She sat with Dorian on one couch and Derek and I sat on another. We decided to watch a scary movie,it would give me an excuse to cuddle with Derek. We started to watch the movie and I sat a few feet from him but as soon as I started to "get scared" he pulled me towards him. I pulled a blanket over us and the next time I jumped I grabbed his leg, which made him tense up a bit. I slide a bit closer to him and started running my hand up and down his leg moving higher up and closer to his crotch every time I moved up his leg. I ran my hand across his crotch and could feel him start to get hard. So I started rubbing him through his pants. He grabbed my hand and stopped me, I looked at him bit my lip and moved his hand under my skirt so he could feel how wet I was. I moved my hand back up and slid my hand down his shorts. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft. He was rubbing my clit and I wanted him inside of me. I needed to get him to my room ASAP.

I took my hand out of his pants and moved his hand from my pussy. I lean up and kissed him, then whispered in his ear. "im going to go upstairs and change. When I start up the stairs say you need to go to the bathroom and folow me." Then I kissed him again and got up. I told Dorian and Amanda I'd be right back and headed upstairs. Derek was right behind me.

He got to the top of the steps, I grabbed him and kissed him. started walking back to my room and pulled him with me. Halfway down the hallway he picked me up and pushed my back against the wall. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him harder. Our tongues swirling around exploring every part of eachothers mouths. His hands were all over my body. One of his hands was grabbing my ass, the other was movinf from my head to my breasts down to my ass. I broke the kiss and told him to go to my room.I expected him to put me down, instead he carried me into my room and laid me on the bed. He moved his hand up my skirt and slid two fingers inside of my wet pussy. I moaned and kissed him harder. I pulled his hand back up and slid his pants off of him with my legs. I started rubbing his dick again and he laid on top of me and started kissing me again. I wrapped my legs around him to pull him in closer.

He pulled back, looked at me. "Lyss, not without a condom." he said. I smiled, leaned over to my nightstand and pulled one out. then said " do you think Im that stupid?" He laughed. I ripped it open with my teeth and rolled the condom down his cock. A soon as I moved my arms from between us he slid his dick into me. I gasped and he kissed me. "Baby be quiet" he whispered as he slid out of me and back in slowly. I wrapped my legs back around him and told him I wanted him to stop teasing and go faster. He did gradually speeding up, then slowing down again but everytime he slowed down he made sure he slid all the way inside of me and hard. My pussy was starting to clench his dick and I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me. We were both about to orgasm. I couldn't hold it in anymore I was about to scream. He could see that and kept telling me I had to be quiet. I was about to cum feeling him throbbing inside of me and him kissing my neck was putting me over the edge. He started thrusting harder. I bit his shoulder to keep from screaming and . came as soon as I came so did he. He started to slow down a little after he came and gradually came to a stop and just laid on top of me.

Im not sure either one of knew what to do after that. We had just made love to eachother for the first time. He was my best friend but I still didn't know how he felt. and He didn't know how I felt. He rolled next to me and I slid the condom off of him. I got up to throw it out and started to grab my clothes. He pulled me back into bed on top of him he was smiling "Lyss, do you really think that after that I would let you just get up and not hold you?" I smiled, I was terrified of what all of this meant. I knew I was moving soon, but I wanted to be with him so bad. I kissed him and let him hold me for a few moments. and for those few moments everything was perfect. His phone went off then. His mom wanted him and his brother home. We got up and got dressed. We got downstairs and Dorian was heading out the door. Amanda and I walked them out. Before they left Derek kissed me again "I'll be over in the Morning Lyss. Just text me when you get up" I just nodded and he left.
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