The next morning I woke up to a knock on my door. It was Derek and I couldn't help but smile. He came in, grabbed me in a hug and kissed me. When he let go I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't know where this all left our relationship. "Uhm...want some breakfast Hon?" I asked walking to the kitchen. " He follows behind me "what do you have in mind?" he asks coming up and wrapping his arms around me. " Anything you want dear."I say as I pull away and walk to the fridge. He pulls out a stool fromt he island and replies "How bout some of that cinnamon french toast you told me about." I smile and get the ingredients. I can feel his eyes on me moving with me. I start mixing the ingredients, he comes up back behind me , wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my neck. I shiver with chills of excitement. I squirm out of his grasp and start frying the toast. "So uhm, about last night" He is standing next to me now, facing me, he grins. "Yea, thats part of why I came over. We need to talk about what happened."He pauses. My heart speeds up nervously, terrified of what he is going to say. I calm myslef and flip the bread. " Yea, I guess it could get pretty awkward in school and what not if we don't discuss it."I say as my nerves level out.

The french toast is done and I have to reach around him to get plates and sugar. As I reach around him he grabs me, pulls me close and kisses me. "Lyss, you're my best friend and we had sex. Be honest now. Do you feel more between us?"I look away and he turns my face back with a nudge. "Derek I've always felt more between us" I break away from him and put finish putting breakfast together. As soon as I put the plates on the island he pulls me back to him and turns me so Im against the counter.

I look up at him biting my lip wieghing my options kiss him, don't kiss him? I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down to me, I kiss him without anymore hesitation. He lifts me onto the counter and starts roaming my body with his hands. His lips trail down my neck and chills ripple through my body. I pull hiss face back to mine and kiss him again. I move my hands to his belt and undo it as well as his pants. I start pulling his boxers down and he reaches up and nightie to pull down my boy shorts. I lift my ass up as he slides them down. They drop to the floor. He pulls my hips to his and thrusts his dick into me. I gasp anddig my nails into his back. He starts thrusting faster and harder. I start moaning his and screaming "Yes". He speeds up. Moving in and out of me as fast as he can. I scratch at his back and my moaning gets louder as he goes faster and I come closer to orgasm. I can feel my pussy tightening around his dick. I start to orgasm and he keeps going thrusting harder into me. I can feel myselfabout to cum again and His dick start throbbing inside of me. My walls tighten again as I cum harder than the first time. He cums and moans a little as he does. He slows and gradually stops and puts his head on my shoulder still inside of me.

I move his head level with mine and kiss him. I pull back and can't help but smile. He pulls away and pulls his pants back on. I hop off the counter. "Now, Derek before our lovely breakfast gets too cold shall we eat?" He sits next to me takes a bite, looks at me " best breakfast ever" I laugh and kiss him once more.
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