After breakfast we went out for a walk around the neighborhood like we used to. I took him down to the docks past the woods i sat down and padded the spot next to me. "Derek, I do not want complications with us. I just want us to be us."
"I know, but who said it was complicated?"
I wasn't sure how to respond or what exactly either of us wanted. If we felt the same then should we be together? Should we risk our friendship again and try to have something more? I will never know what is right for us.
"It could get complicated, because we are so close. I couldn't stand to lose you in any way. Maybe us having sex was a mistake but when it comes to us I usually just let it all flow."
"Then let it all flow Lyss. No complications just us. Like always" he said as he leaned down to kiss me.

It was what I wanted, for us to just be us. We didn't need a label. We just wanted to be us.

I leaned into the kiss as I thought that he was right. Just let it flow. I pulled him down on top of me. Wrapped my legs around him and rolled ontop of hin. I sat up and stripped off my sun dress then pulled at his shirt. I moved doen and unzipped his pants and slid them off. I pulled his boxers off eith them leaving him completely exposed. I moved back up him and leaned down to kiss him. I had his dick flat against my pussy as I grinded against him. I wanted him inside of me but I wanted him to beg for it.

I slowly rubbed my pussy up and down his dick. He grabbed my hips and moved me faster. I knew what he wanted. I reached back to my dress and grabbed a condom. I leaned back down to him kissed him and asjed "is this what you want Hunny?" I leaned back up and he just nodded. I moved down to his dick and slid the condom on the tip, then slowly rolled it down his shaft with my mouth. I moved back up and hovered over his dick teasing him by just sliding the tip of his dick in to me. I could tell I was driving him crazy and he was growing impatient.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way down on his dick. He rolled back on top of me, and started moving in and out of my pussy. Faster and faster. He leaned down to kiss me and for the first time in my life I knew this was all I wanted, to be with him in every way. I pulled him down to me and kissed him. I rand my hands down hiss back and he started moving faster. Going harder. I dug my nails into him back I had started really screaming and he slowed down kissed me then whispered " be quiet or we will get caught." I pulled his face back to mine and he started going faster again. I was about to cum I coukd feel my pussy really tightening around his dick. I coukd feel uis dick start throbbing inside of me. I was about to start screaming again. I pulled him closer and startded moaning into his neck. As I felt my orgasm coming I bit his shoulder and dug my nails into his back. He came right after I did and just laid on top of me for a minute. I was in heaven. I didn't want him to move.

He rolled next to me and I took the condom off. We laid there on the dock next to each other just looking up at the sky watching the clouds go by. I laid my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me. We knew we had to get our clothes on. I sat up and gave him his pants back and grabbed my dress. Then I decided a swim woukd be more fun, dropped my dress and jumped in.
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