Back in Knoxille - part 4 (Peggy)
God, if these women don't stop contacting me for some rememberance fun I'll never get anything accomplished! The one person that I had looked forward to seeing at our reunion was Peggy but she didn't show. I asked if anyone had heard anything about her but they said No and the only thing they knew for sure was that her husband had been killed in Vietnam.

Peggy and I became good friends along with the others. We used to go to parties together and have so much fun especially slow-dancing! She would press her curvy figure hard against my body and lay her head on my shoulder as we danced.

Peggy was not the cutest girl I knew but she did have the figure that would make any guy drool for. Like the old expression "built like a brick shit-house!" After she was married she didn't hang around with the rest of us that much. It appeared that her parents didn't want her to hang around a bunch of single teens.

But one autumn night she did show up at the hang-out and man was she looking good in her miniskirt and sheer top! She noticed me and came over and hugged me and kissed me very passionately. "Scott, I've really missed you and had wondered what might have happened to you" she said. I told her that everything had pretty much remained the same with me. I asked "how's married life treating you? You seemed to have blossemed quite nicely?

She told me that her husband had been sent to Vietnam and they had only had a very short honeymoon. She told me that had moved into the garage building next door to her parent's house but never had any real company and she was so lonely. I told her that must be tough since she had such a great outgoing personality. "Would you mind coming over tonight and talking with me?" she stated.
I said sure I would since we'd been close friends for so long. She added "don't come to the front of the building. Come to the window and knock and I'll let you in. I don't want my parents to freak out with having a male visitor!"

I arrived that night and being very careful parked my car down the street from her home so that no one would know that I was there. I tapped on the window and she opened it to let me slip in undetected. My God, she was wearing nothing but a white nightie and totally naked underneath! She saw me staring and gawking at her and asked "Do you like what you see? I wore this same nightie on my first night of my marriage and he loved it!!" I told her that I did indeed like it and she looked so sexy in it that I knew her husband was excited.

She went over to the stereo and turned a soft romantic song and asked me to dance with her again. "I haven't been in anyone's arms in a long time and I need some affection" she said.
We danced wrapped in each others arms just like in the past with her head on my shoulders and kissing my neck. She kept her gorgeous body pressed so hard against mine and slowly moved her hips into my crotch area. I was starting to get a very large erection by this action and she knew it!

The song finally ended so we broke our embrace and sit down on her sofa and started to talk.
"You don't know much I have missed that with someone. It's hard to be married and your spouse is gone!" she said matter-of-factly.
"Now I'm going to ask a big favor and you can say No and I'll understand why, but could you make love to me tonight?" she enquired. I stammered "sure I'll help you out with that since I always wanted to have sex with you!"
"Me too" is all she said.

She led me to her bed and we got undressed and she laid down and told me "it's been so long that I need your cock to fuck me hard. Don't worry about being gentle. I need to be fucked and I want your cum to drown my pussy."
I nibbled and licked on her fine tits and she responded by sucking and licking on my cock as I slid down to taste and tongue her wet pussy.
She suddenly stopped and said "I need your cock inside me now. I need that sweet cum that I've wanted for so long to fill me up, please Scott fuck me!" "Fuck me now!"

She told me that she had always wanted it the doggie style so I entered her pussy from behind and held and massaged those big tits as we rocked together in unison. She made such sounds of pleaure that she finally took a pillow to drown out the noise to keep her parents from hearing her getting fucked. She moaned "Oh baby, I'm cummmming. I'm cummming! Give me your cum now, I want to feel it now."
I finally exploded inside her and she had to press the pillow even harder against her mouth and she screamed with pleasure.

I told her later that night that if she every needed someone to "talk" to just let me know. She giggled and said "You'll be the first one I call after tonight!" I stayed a little while and we fucked a few more times until she was totally satisifed. I crawled back out the window and left in my car for home. Our tibit of fun lasted for almost 6 months until I hooked up with another girl and I didn't see Peggy again.
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