Back in Knoxville - part 5 (time to go home)
After I left Becky, I thought I should stop by Norma's place and tell her what had happened.
I arrived and as I told my story she waved her arms and said "I already know, Scott after all we are best friends. She called me just a few minutes ago to report in!"

"She said she had drained your cock dry so there wouldn't be any cum left over for awhile and hoped Linda would understand." Norma told me. "I need you to cum in my pussy as much as possible so we can also make a baby but I also need to be fucked whether you can cum or not!" she added. Naturally I agreed and we struck out for her bedroom to ingage in a lot of pre-cumming sex for me but not her.

I love to hear her sounds of pleasure as I ram my cock inside her wet pussy. The oohs and aahs and I'm cummmming makes me even hornier!
After she had her umpteemth orgasm I slid off her and watched her for a few minutes. I kept thinking to myself "This could have been happening for years now, and we could already had many babies." Apparently I was very fertile!

I got up and took a shower before returning to see Linda and of course Norma had to join me. As usual we fucked in the shower too. I wondered that when I got home to Linda how I would explain that I couldn't make love to her tonight. I asked Norma for some insight since she was a woman and might know what I could come up with. She simply said "tell her you have had a busy day and that you will make it up to her in the morning!" Sounded simple and good to me!

Norma asked me if I could stop by tomorrow but I told her that I had promised Linda my last day in Knoxville would be spent with her alone. I felt Linda had suspected something else was going on with all the late night working but she never said a thing!

When I arrived at Linda's I followed Norma's advice and surprisingly she accepted it. Damn, women do know women! So after a good nights rest I gave Linda what she wanted. We fucked our brains out the next morning and I left her to return home to see my wife and kids. I had really missed my kids but not so much my wife. Hell, I had so much sex the past week, who needs wives! I can hardly wait for my next trip to Knoxville!!
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