Back to the river cont'd
We leave the car and get inside the house from the garage. We start to warm quickly. I pour both of us some Captain M and coke and fill a pitcher. Then we settle on the couch covered with a beautiful quilt to get our warmth back. I remote start a romantic film on the TV. We nibble on some sweet dark chocolate.

I suggest we let some pieces melt in our mouths. After a few moments I gently grab your neck and pull you to my lips. My tongue enters your mouth and our tongues fence in each others chocolate. My hands slide down your now warmed skin and I hold your breasts. My thumb and fore finger catch your nipple and as I gently roll it between I feel it grow in concert with my penis. Your hand slides down and finds my hardness. You take hold.

As my hands slide down my mouth takes the place of my hand. My mouth suckles on your nipples while my hands finds your pubis. My fingers travel into your moist slit. Traveling up and down I sample your taste.

I am caught now in a tense explosive horney episode. I adjust my position and get between your legs. A heavy sex drive momentive is taking over me. Passing the desire mode, I quickly release my dick and your hand meets mine and we both guild my pulsing and expanding dick into your moist hot love cave. I look at your eyes and see the desire of yours to receive me and my look of desparation to be in you. I ram you hot and heavy to the hilt. Your moan of acceptance whispers in my ear. I grab your buttocks and ram you again as deep as can be. You lock your legs about me and I feel you milking me inside of you. I feel the tremple of your loins and listen to your grunting as you cum. I thrusted two more times and my cum starts filling you and my grunting joins your song. My tongue dashes into your mouth and you suck on it making me more horney as I empty every drop of my nectar deep within you.

We embrace tightly and begin to feel the affects of our commitment to each other and gently feel the sleep taking us over.

"Let me slide a pillow under your hips. You ask what is this for? I want to savor your juices if I awake before you do. For the moment I'm spent. But, if I can restore myself may I fuck you while you sleeping or cum between your legs while spooning if you wish not to be completely awaken?" If I start to finger you and play let me know if you want to stop. I'll continue the play time unless told not too. Maybe I'll just eat you into a climax and after you cum just rest my head on your theigh falling asleep kissing your clit. Or if you awaken early before me, and if your horney and want to play with me, then "go ahead". Nothing like waking up to an orgasm!

Sweet love, I say, "we do our hearts pleasure when we share our loving with and for each other."

Morning may come quicky, or will it?

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