Bad Boy
Bad Boy
By: Rachel R.

The early morning sun was filling my bedroom and I was slowly clearing my fog shrouded brain. My body is sore, aches all over and I am naked. The sheets have been pulled from the bed and the top sheet intertwined between my legs and is draped over my left breast. I am lying on top of a moist pillow wedged under my stomach with my butt sticking up in the air and the room reeks with the scent of sex, sweat and stale beer. Squinting, I survey the room taking care not to move my aching head too much as it might shatter and what I see is not a pretty sight. A red, sequin G-string with a busted string lies on the corner of the bed; a fishnet stocking is tied to my right ankle the other stocking is wrapped around my ankle and I am a mess. My skirt and crop top Harley T-shirt laying on the floor adjacent several empty beer cans. These were the clothes I had worn to work yesterday, so I surmised I must have dragged another stray home for a night of decadence and debauchery.

I lay there, rolling off the freshly stained pillow and massaging my very tender mound where a reddish colored spot, a sex wound, is on prominent on my flesh over my pubic bone. I am sure I will have a pussy shiner from getting banged hard, but it is not the first. I could feel the dried cum on my skin and not sure if it was mine or belonged to my lover. Slipping a finger into my pussy I was full of gooey, odoriferous residue from sticky cum, which I am sure is leftovers from a strange cock mingling with my contribution, a testament to my salacious tryst. My ass has its own share of aches and pains and dried cum clinging to my asshole. Sighing deeply, the events of yesterday are replaying in my mind and it is like a cheap porn video and I am the star slut.

My name is Chase; I am aptly named as I chase sex all the time. I have what some would say is an unhealthy, out of control libido; relationships do not work for me. I have no discernable talents except for one, I am great at sex and I thoroughly enjoy sex with a man or a woman; it does not matter just as long as I get my world rocked and that is the main reason I work in a strip club where I tend bar and occasionally take a turn on the pole.

Through the fog of a good screwing I recall the events leading up to my current disheveled state. It was just another slow Wednesday at The Rear End, a strip club located on the edge of the industrial section of town. The place was a dump and during the week the afternoons are incredibly slow. We have a few regulars, unemployed derelicts, guys who got off work early and a few guys that work the second shift at one of the plants and men who want to see some tits and ass with maybe a side order of trim that was not their wife's. Assortments of nefarious characters drift in and out during the afternoon when my stray walked in.

He was a man about six feet tall, 175 pounds with short, unkempt, curly, dirty-blonde hair and a scraggly beard lumbered in taking a seat at the far end of the bar. He wore dirty Levis, torn, well worn; a tight faded Harley T-shirt with the sleeves cutoff and a Levi vest. His arms were covered with tattoos, H-D logos, snakes and daggers with a very interesting tattoo on his left forearm. The tattoo was of a vagina which was done with great detail to include a blob of cum dripping from it. It appeared to be a fresh tat as the colors were still vibrant and it made me tingle a bit. I thought it was somewhat brazen to have a tattoo of a pussy on your arm for the world to see, but who in the hell am I to judge anyone?

He was fixated on watching the red headed stripper who was peeling off her bra and making her tits jiggle with the hope of the audience tossing some cash her way. He was oblivious to my presence and when he did notice, he merely grunted when he ordered a long neck. Red had her thong off now and her hand over bare pussy. Her music was ending along with her revelation. Thong and bra clutched in one hand she bent over scooping up the few dollars that had been tossed her way with the other hand and giving the men a full view of her cunt and swaying tits before her exit.

He looked at me indicating he wanted another beer and I pulled one from the cooler.

I set the bottle in front of him, leaning on the bar and giving him a look down my T-shirt, "Nice tat, but a bit vulgar on the forearm," I said pointing to the vagina.

"It what I like the most and I must say I wouldn't mind making your pussy look like that, sexy," he said looking me over.

I just smiled and rubbing my crotch on the corner of the cooler to alleviate the urge that I was feeling now.

He turned his head to watch the blonde who was wrapping her leg around the chrome pole with her silicone tits about to fall out of her bra.

"Your tits look more natural," he said with a sly smile, I rather see yours, he said with a dirty grin.

"One never knows what will happen, but I am not dancing today," I replied with a mischievous grin and a twinkle in my eye.

I walked away from him and he glanced back at the stripper who had her tits out and was flicking her nipples and he had a nice bulge in his jeans. He looked back and I bent over to pick up a case of beer to restock the coolers. I purposely did not squat and my short skirt rode up quite nicely revealing an expanse of my white thighs encased in fishnet stockings and my red sequin G-string pulling tight over my engorged labia and the twisted string disappearing in the crack of my ass just to reappear at my waist. I stayed bent over long enough for him to get a good view of my goodies. Aroused now, I wanted some dick and his would do nicely today. Watching him in the mirror, he made no attempt to conceal his leering and I stood holding the case of beer just under my breasts and my skirt now covering my ass, barely.

"I like the show behind the bar better than the one on stage; I would love to see more of what you are showing. Maybe you would give me a private showing sometime."

"Maybe so, I get off in fifteen and if you have a mind I have some cold beer at my place and you could tell me the story behind that tattoo on your arm. You might ven get what you want," I laughed playfully, hoping he would say yes.

"Fifteen minutes huh, I can spare that and maybe more if you like what I have for you sweetie."

I headed for the back office to punch out with a quick stop in the restroom. A little dab of perfume between my tits and a dab on my smooth mound, glad I shaved it yesterday. I could feel the warm dampness between my legs, ready to welcome his cock or tongue. Whatever he wanted to stick in me, I wanted, I was ready for a good hard fucking.

There he was sitting on the bar stool, beer in one hand and watching the stripper with her hands and feet on the floor, legs spread wide doing pelvic thrusts with her tits bouncing on her chest. Sitting on the tool next to him I felt the growing bulge in his jeans then I placed my hand on his scruffy cheek and kissed his ear shoving my tongue in it.

I whispered, "I taught her to do that move, it looks better without panties, you'll see."

With that I had my stray in tow and we headed towards the door and then to my place. Scruffy fired up his bike and I hiked my skirt up, swung my leg over the bike plopping my ass on the bitch's seat. I locked my arms around his waist, Scruffy dropped the hog in gear and we were off to my place. Cold air blasting onto my pussy and riding a king size vibrator, now I was ready for the decadence and debauchery.

In my dumpy little apartment I quickly warded off the chill from the exhilarating bike ride to my place by wrapping my arms around Scruffy's neck, and feeding him a bit of my tongue as I pressed my body to his. I could feel his strong hands squeezing my ass, his hands full of my skirt and my bare ass. My hand now between his legs, rubbing on the bulge under his jeans, he was hard and ready to screw me, but I wanted to tease him just a bit more before he took me. I pushed him onto the chair and straddle him as if he were getting a lap dance at The Rear End. My covered tits are in his face and I grind my hips on his wonderful, hard cock just below his jeans, he hikes my skirt up so my fish net stocking and red, sequin G-string are sliding on his jeans as we dry hump.

His hands, under my cropped T-Shirt, his calloused fingers on my tits, he pinches my nipples hard before roughly pulling the T-shirt from me and tossing it on the floor. Areolas are large dark rich coca brown circles that almost encompass the tip my tits. My pink nipples are straining, hard and erect, standing up about a half inch from my areolas are begging for Scruffy suck on them. He is a rough with me, a bad boy, and I love it.

Slipping off his lap I undo his jeans and pull down Scruffy's zipper, which reveals his hard cock poking out of a pair of ragged boxers. The head has a purplish tone to the velvet head; I touch it with my finger as I scoot out of Scruffy's reach.

"You're a prick teaser, you like to play I have something for a prick teaser, I hope you like to play rough," he said making a grab for me.

I backed up, dancing for him now, my hips undulating and my tits swaying all for his pleasure and I unhooked my rumpled skirt, tossing it on my T-shirt in the middle of the floor. Now only in my red G-string and black fishnet stockings on, I sat on the floor and assume a position much like a crab. My legs spread wide to give Scruffy a view of my crotch, the red, sequin G-string barely covering my gash, I am flexing my hips giving Scruffy a preview of coming events. I paused and shoved the G-string to the side revealing my wet pussy to him as I humped the air.

Scruffy was naked now, stroking his erection, his beautiful cock that I wanted. I stood, intending to fan the flames of his desire once more, but Scruffy had other intentions. It was a blur and he had me by the wrist dragging me to the bed where he shoved me down roughly. I landed on the floor, on my ass with a resounding plop. Scruffy had his cock bobbing in my face, his calloused hand, pushing my face to his swollen cock.

"Suck it prick teaser!

I did not have to be told twice; wrapping my fingers around his engorged shaft I pressed the head of his prick to my lips and tasted the pre-cum on his fat dick. Opening my mouth, greeting his cock with my tongue, I slithered my tongue down his erection. His vein was like a piece of baler twine that ran the length of his cock. I slobbered all over his cock and took him down to his balls and I caressed them for a bit. He was pulling my by the hair, freeing his cock from my hungry mouth and the he made me stand.

He pulled my fishnets down and made me step out of them, handing to him. His rough hand was on my mound scraping the soft flesh and with the G-string in his hand he ripped it from my waist leaving a red burn on my waist from the string burning me as it snapped. Using the G-String he tied my wrists together and flopping me over on my belly and he then tied a fishnet stocking to each ankle, then he tied the stocking to each corner of the foot posts of my bed. Next he stuffed a pillow under my tummy and my ass was in the air and I was his.

He began to spank me making my ass burn a little. I could feel the heat in my cheeks from his rough hand.

"This is what prick teasers deserve," he snarled, and standing between my legs he spanked me for five more swats.

I was tingling with desire, I was wet and dripping and I could feel his cock brush my pussy as he whaled on my tender ass.

He stood at the edge of the bed, the head of his cock he was rubbing on my very wet slit, up and down and then he would rub it on my clit. I shook with anticipation and dripped with free flowing nectar. Begging now for him to fuck me, I thrust my ass to him, I wanted him to take me, to bury his joy stick in me and make me com for him. He peeled my pussy open, the swollen, velvet head spreading me and he began a slow deep penetration and I shrieked. His hand on top of my ass the other one on my hip he began to fuck me hard, hard as he could. He was slamming his pubic bone savagely against my tender labia, I knew I would be battered and bruised he fucked me like an animal. His calloused fuck finger was rubbing my clit raw and I came to soothe the soreness.

My creamy cum coated his dick, leaked from my slit and splattered as he filled me with his cum. Short strokes, long strokes and all delivered with a vengeance, all intended to make me cum which I did. He fucked me hard for twenty minutes before he slowed down, we were both drenched in sweat, his cock half hard and he was fingering my pussy. His paw rubbing my tender lips, his fingers pulling on my pussy lips and my body was on fire from his touches. I lay there on my wet pillow, exhausted, satisfied.

"Ready, Scruffy asked?

Without waiting for a reply he dipped a finger deep into my cunt and pulled it out with a huge dollop of our cum hanging from his fuck finger. The warm cum perilously clung to his finger before falling and landing on my brown eye.

"NO," I screeched long and drawn out!

Another dollop of cream and I had a pool on my wrinkly, brown anal ring. His finger working my asshole, pushing on it, letting the cum run inside of my ass. I could feel my backdoor puckering, relaxing and desiring to be taken, but I was not so sure I wanted my ass fucked. Now he had a finger in my ass all the way to the third knuckle. I could hear his finger squishing in my wet ass and then he added another with more cum. My tight little asshole was now loose, pucker and clinching his fingers as he finger banged my ass.

"Jesus," I mutter and now I could feel his prick was hard again as the head was rubbing on my ass cheeks. Scruffy pulled his finger from my ass and offered them to me to suck on. I did with a passion. Then he was probing my ass with the silky head of his cock, pushing and then backing off for another assault. I moaned and this time he pushed the head of his cock in and my ass clinched around his head, he pulled back. He thrust hard this time, and his cock stretching my tight hole. With a searing flash of pain Scruffy was fucking my ass as hard as he did my cunt. I matched his thrusts with mine. His balls are slapping my perineum with each vicious stroke and his hands gripping my hips pulling me onto his cock. My ass impaled on his fuck stick, he stiffens and he is cumming in my ass. This is another treat for a prick teaser. His hot seed is in my ass, trickling out as he resumes stroking my ass as he empties his cum in me. Scruffy is spent and pulls from my ass.

Scruffy having just fucked my ass sits on the bed at my head with his legs spread. He lifts my head and lays it on his thigh next to his cummy cock and instinctively I open my mouth to lick his cock clean. Once I have him clean and my pussy is still throbbing and squeezing the last bit of cum from my body he unties me leaving me humped over my soggy pillow, giving me a kiss, he gets dressed and leaves.

I hear the roar of his bike fading into the distance and I fall into a well-earned slumber after my bad boy fuck.

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