Banged up and down! part 2
Yes she felt his bulge in his pants it was not as big as she remembered Adams being but hey not everyone can be cheating man whores she would take less in the bulge for faithful if he would prove to be that!

Tim said something about letting her rest and she was so over it, she said look if it hurts let's stop but for now it hurts you not touching me and just stopping what we started. He laughed and said something like he knew the blue ball theory all too well that kind of went over her head but she was feeling rampant sexual desire for him.

This man who rescued her from her ordeal. He held a hand out to her and said I am sure it will be more comfortable when we are in bed rather than try to keep shifting on your couch. She followed him to her room, the virginal mattress that was never used for any man as she got rid of any trace of Adam. The thought of sleeping on a bed he could have bedded the neighbor was too much.

He slid her robe off her and her erect nipples were showing and he didn't wait for her gown to slide all the way down before he bowed his head and gave each due attention having her gasp and her half exposed.

She slipped out of the nightie and laid down and then the nerves hit her she started shaking and wanted him close but yet, the fear came too if she gave herself over, would she too be hurt yet again? Tim climbed in beside her. You are trembling so hard come here he did nothing with nerves of steel but just held her close.

When she started to breath normally and stop shaking, he ran his hands all over her as the snow continued to fall heavy and wet outside. In a matter of moments she was a moaning and begging woman and so wet, he felt her slit and thought he was in heaven the proof she wanted him was there and he would not disappoint her. He got up on his hands and knees and came between her waiting thighs and pushed them apart as she settled back on her down pillows so comfortable.

He gave her the attention she had been craving as wave after wave of orgasms crashed in on her. He finally could not take it any more his own need becoming way too apparent. His penis throbbed and was showing every little vein and he wanted to plant it deep within her. She went to reach for him and mentally winced at the pain so put her one arm down and kept one arm up he took that as invitation and as he came up to kiss her he entered her fully and felt her gasp with surprise at his need.

He stopped kissing her and reached for her hips and started to slowly enter and ebb at the rhythm he was building. Damn she felt tight and hot and he was not sure he could keep this up looking into her blue green eyes he was getting lost and he felt her tighten and was shocked at the magnitude of her orgasm. She started to moan and it became a full blown scream as she had another orgasm before that one finally stopped. God how would he hold out to give her the loving she needed when he felt his balls so tight and wanted to just spill his cum into her tight sweet pussy.

"Oh baby you needed some attention" he said somewhere between thrust and to that all she said was "harder oh my god harder now", and he did he banged her hard like she wanted he did and thought for sure he would loose it and no he kept going his balls were painfully tight with the need to let go but her demands and the shock and surprise at her passion as she started to burn out of control kept him in check.

Tossing her hair back and forth and moaning" MORE and whimpering oh please harder more now"...he was only human and couldn't take much more...
He banged into her sweet tight pussy feeling it clamp onto his dick like something he never had, he felt the juices flowing out of her on his dick making banging into her a sweet joy and he said "Joy I will bang you as hard as you like but I am going to cum soon", with a pained look on his face Joy felt her orgasm shudder so hard she said" YES NOW hard though please so hard"... He was in shock why did she want it hard after all this time, but he did what the lady wanted and as he slammed into her and tried to back out she gathered her legs about him and pulled him onto her as he fell on her and it had to hurt but she just screamed "OH GOD YES....YES..."and he felt his full load being pumped into this amazing woman and was shocked at how much and how tired he felt..he was completely drained.

He laid next to her after and was going to ask her but she was fast asleep and all he could do was cover them both and fall into bliss with her.
He awoke the next day and Joy was moaning out of her head, she was in so much pain and then he felt she was burning up. He called his friend Eddie again, Eddie was out on a call with the ambulance service so he talked to dispatch and explained the situation. dispatch told him to get her fever down and try to but not with alcohol baths but cool water, tepid not hot and monitor her where she was located it would take a helicopter in this weather as most roads were closed and though they could land the life support was only for the most dire cases.

He got a pan of warm water knowing on her burning skin it would feel like ice, he was going to do this in stages and glad she was naked he took the covers off her and saw her once pale skin was pink all over with fever. He went to his ministrations and tried to keep her calm. She was saying stuff to her dead mother and yes Adam...and the girl was out of it! Her bruised shoulder was worse today and swollen but how to get her to take medicine in this state was a mystery. He was bathing her and noticed her bruising slightly between the thighs OMG did I do that he thought! I had this woman already banged up from her car wreck and then I banged her last night she surely was banged up and down.

Oh she was hot both in looks but her fever did rage. He was getting worried but kept up his ministrations and bathing her naked body in water to cool her off somewhere a few hours later she started to have her fever come down and she was feeling slightly cold and she wanted to just cover up and sleep. He tried to get some tea in her and she took about half a cup he went to make her some soup and hopefully get her to swallow the broth and then let her sleep whatever caused that fever. By the time he had the soup ready he took it in to her and she was sound asleep he put it on the bedside table hoping she could wake up soon and eat something.

Tim waited all night and into the next day she slept so deeply he was terrified. He called his friend Eddie and caught him in and told him, also mentioned the bruises between the legs. Eddie said "You Dog you! Gettin it on a bit rough ruff ruff" and he laughed but this time Tim was not laughing. "What do I do Eddie is she dying in a coma what?" And then Eddie said "relax she just had a major car accident and is in pain and her body is just coping. Give her some time if she has not stayed awake a full 8 hours by tomorrow then call me, the roads will be clear and we can get to you. Keep me informed bro!"

So Tim was left to pace and check on her and worry. He fixed a sandwich for himself that tasted like sand he was so not hungry worried about her. She got to him this wonderful woman who had more pain in life than anyone can bear. He checked on her once more before a shower and she was not fevered yet not able to be awake for more than a minute. He worried about her kidneys but she did not take much in and she certainly had expelled enough fluids in lovemaking.

Tim went up to the attic and the green trunk and then hurried to the shower and back to Joy. Thankfully she was stirring and to his surprise she called his name, he was on the bed with her in a flash and said "what a wonderful night we had last night." "He said well it was wonderful but it was the night before last hon you have been out and scaring the fuck out of me." "I can't have been unconscious that long! I can't but I am so hungry and I have to pee"... Tim helped her up and was so relieved she wanted to eat. He got her to the bathroom where even she was shocked about her bruised thighs but she said "I needed it hard to know if you left you were real not a figment of my imagination.' "Where would I go Joy? I found you in the middle of no where and I do not want to loose you either, my scars may not show and be as fresh but I have them, and I have been hurt...we both have, let's trust we found the perfect love together."

After a snack that Joy ate more than he could, they went back to bed and made love until the morning light shown through the windows some things should never be rushed, and the life they plan to have would never be rushed...they would take time to smell the roses and enjoy the snow, they both called off and stayed in bed another full day.

Tim moved in the next month and they have had bliss ever since. All due to Joy being banged up and down and the rest of the times she was banged up and down always had Tim doing the banging and always had her screaming for more!

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