Banging in Boston
The bar was crowded. Pretty typical for a Saturday night in Boston. Unlike bars in Hollywood that are huge and open, bars out here are deep and narrow.

It was the summer of 95, and I was 26 years old, and the father of three children by three different women. Yeah, I have always been a player.

I nudged my way through the sweaty crowd and saw an empty perch at the bar. I claimed it quickly since I noticed a husky guy in a form fitting black t-shirt reaching for it.

"Sorry pal."

The dude answered, "I was sitting there," then attempted to push my hand from the barstool.

Well, I supposed it was possible and if it weren't for the stunning woman that sat in the next seat, I might have relented. I grinned at the silver haired maiden, probably late 40s or early 50 and asked, "Is that right? Is this seat taken?"

My instincts told me she was on her way to a good stiff hangover. They also told me she didn't care to be bothered. I was about to step away and let muscles have the stool when she shook her head and replied, "No. Sit." never turning her head.

Mr. Muscles frowned and backed away. I sat.

The woman stared dead ahead sipping her Jack Daniels. I knew then this was going to be interesting. I glanced at her ring finger and grinned again. At my age, I had already learned that married women made the best lovers. I also knew they fucked strange men much differently than their husbands. To their husbands and fathers of their children, they tended to be more reserve and lady like.

But, with a stranger, anything goes.

I fucked Marla, a fifty something in the mens room at Penn Station. Mrs. Addison in the back of a shared cab in Manhattan. Vanessa, another fifty something that looked like she stepped off the pages of Cosmo in a rainy alley in Italy. These women had three things in common. They were all older, married, and smartly dressed. Those were my head liners, but there had been many more. One would never suspect just how hot and horny they really were. And nasty. Vanessa wasn't happy unless I pee'd on her legs after fucking her senseless. I think she was the wife of an Ambassador or something.

I turned to the my target for tonight. The rose lipped silver haired maiden.

"I'm Garrett...and you are?"

She turned her head and glared at me, "Not interested," then turned her head away resuming her previous position staring at the mirror behind the bar. It was then I noticed how spectacular she really was.

Blessed with high cheekbones, sparkling green eyes, perfectly arched eyebrows hovering over long eyelashes, and dangerously wet red lips that suggested she knew how to suck a cock. My cock twitched in my expensive Hubbard & Brumbley slacks.

My trance was broken by a cute little bartender, "What's your pleasure honey?"

I grinned and tilted my head.

"Besides that," the perky brown eyed bartender quipped.

"I suppose you've heard that a million times!" I shot back.

", your drink?"

I glanced at my silver haired beauty and pointed at her glass.

"I'll take two of those."

The bartender tilted her head to the side like a puppy that didn't grasp a command.

"The other one's for her." I figured if she was looking to get drunk, I'd help her get there.There might be a reward at the end of the journey.

The woman smiled at me in the mirror as she held her glass up. I detected a smile, subtle, but a smile.

I winked as I lit a cigarette and closed my gold lighter and started to put it back in my pocket.

"Keep it out."

Things were looking promising as the woman pulled a long slender cigarette from her sequinned Coach' bag. She delicately placed it dead center on her over glossed lower lip as I held the flame under the tip. Her cheeks hollowed, her lips puckered, and I saw the flicker of the flame in those daring green eyes. Twin puffs of smoke raced down the barrel with her first puff, followed by a very sexy open mouth inhale. God, she was sexy.

"Thanks Garrett," she grinned as her eyes surveyed my face, then glanced up and down my body.

My kind of woman. A stiff drink in one hand, a red stained cigarette in the other. And, she remembered my name. I pushed into the next gear.

"My pleasure Miss..." I couldn't help but wink.

Now, she looked annoyed.

"Are you flirting with me?" She exhaled a perfect cone shaped plume over her shoulder, then stared in my eyes. I pushed a bit harder.

"I'd be a fool not to."

She turned her head away and answered, "Don't," then dragged heavily on her cigarette.

"Why not?" I asked as we stared at each other in the mirror.

Smoke billowed from her nostrils as she replied, "I'm a little drunk, and a lot married."

I smiled at her, "Drunk married women make the best lovers."

She smiled in the mirror.

"You don't say." Then she turned and looked directly at me and continued, "There's one more thing Garrett."

I leaned over and rested my elbows on the bar and stared at her wet lips imagining them wrapped snuggly around the head of my dick.

"Yeah...what's that pretty lady?" I remarked with a grin.

She dragged again and replied, "I'm a grown woman and you're a boy."

I sat up straight. I could shoot back something sarcastic, but that wouldn't land the pussy.

"Even better. Just think about what you could teach me!"

I watched her eyes drop as she put out her cigarette speaking softly, " Careful. Your seduction technique is showing, " glancing down at the outline of my cock swelling against my thigh.

" I am sorry. It tends to do that when beautiful women try to undress me with their eyes."

She smiled and said, "Garrett. You're not flirting. You're trying to fuck me."

I lit a fresh cigarette and replied, " You got me there. How am I doing?" then curled my little finger around hers.

I felt her finger tighten around mine as she grinned and said, "Better than average," then took the cigarette from my lips and dragged on it deeply as if she was deep in thought. Should she? Would she? Before she could speak, the perky bartender leaned over and said, " Anything else?"

" Call us a cab. Tell them something nice. A big Lincoln. No yellow cabs though. Tell them it's for Alexis Champion." She dragged again on my cigarette and smiled, "I do enjoy American cigarettes," then snuffed the cigarette out in the little tin ashtray that had a dolphin in the bottom.

My cock was going ape-shit with anticipation. This Alexis dame knew just exactly what she was doing and was way ahead of me. I had been eyeing the back door imagining fucking her against the red brick wall. But, I wanted to know why she made the remark about American cigarettes. She was clearly an American and clearly wealthy.

"Aren't those American cigarettes you've been smoking?" I asked while resting my head in my hand, my elbow on the bar.

She reached over and caressed my face and ran her thumb over my lips. "You have a lovely mouth. How old are you Garrett?"

Uh ohh. I'd seen this movie before. There was a chance I was either too young or too old. I needed to do some some quick thinking. This was a fairly young crowd here in the downtown area. Everything within walking distance was important to college kids with no cars or money to buy them.

"Well, I'm not a college kid. I'm a writer and work for NBC, and have for four years." It was the truth, but I wasn't sure if it would work.

She gasped and held her hand over her mouth, "Dear're 26. Hell, my son's 31. What am I doing?"

Okay, so she was good in math.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Even in a crowded Boston bar. I reached behind her head and slipped my hand under her long silver hair caressing her softly just behind her ear. She twisted her neck back and forth as my thumb pressed the nape of her neck.

"Oh, that feels wonderful."

I pulled her closer. I was dying to kiss her. I saw her eyelashes flutter as I got closer. Our lips grazed each others softly. Her lips were warm and creamy. I moaned. She sighed. I wanted more. I touched her lips with the tip of my tongue...tasting...testing.

"Not here. Wait until we are alone." She whispered to my lips.

Damn. I leaned back, but not because I felt discouraged. I was actually encouraged.

Not here. Wait until we are alone.

I smiled at Alexis Champion and said, " Forgive my impetuous nature, but you're simply stunning, and I should not treat you so commonly."

My dad only raised one idiot. That was my brother.

Tears welled in her eyes. She sighed. Then she caressed my cheek softly and said, " You are such a sweet young man. I'm going to enjoy you thoroughly."

The hot young bartender leaned over, "Your car service is here ma'am."

See? Everything works out as it should. Destiny is not easy to evade.

I stood, slipped a fifty across the bar, and helped Alexis off her stool. I extended an elbow and she slid her hand through and clutched my forearm squeezing it lightly.

We must have made a hell of a sight. Me at well over six feet, her at little more than five. We worked thru the crowd and stepped out the door into the hot August night. Our big Lincoln Towncar was curbside with the black vested driver holding the back door wide open.

" Alexis Champion?"

She glanced at his name tag as she ducked to get in, " Yes. Thank you Franklin. 70 Rowes Wharf, please," then slid across the dove grey leather seat. I grinned at Franklin who gave me a quick wink. I'm sure the gray haired driver knew the score.

I slipped in behind her and sat next to her with our thighs touching. The driver walked around the back and got in and looked in his rear view mirror.

"70 Rowes Wharf. Isn't that the Boston Harbor Hotel?"

Alexis nodded, " Yes. Do you know it?" then lit a fresh cigarette. It was dark in the back of the limo except for the flickering flame of her gold lighter.

The driver answered, "Yes ma'am. I've never stayed there since it's quite expensive, but I have been in the hotel bar a few times. Nice bar," then dropped it in gear and sped away.

I put my arm around her as she laid her head on my shoulder. She dragged once more on her cigarette, filling her mouth with smoke. I raised her chin with my forefinger and looked in her eyes. I whispered, "Is this alone enough?"

She put her hand behind my head drawing my mouth to hers. I felt the warm smoke seeping through her lips as we kissed softly a few times. I then felt the tip of her tongue slipping sideways between my lips. My lips parted quickly as I inhaled the rest of her smoke. Her lips were moist and creamy. Her tongue was warm and very active. The kiss ignited us both.

We kissed feverishly as we helped each other undress. I saw the driver adjust his rear view mirror and smile. Alexis was down to her black lace bra and matching panties. I was down to uh...nothing except my socks. I decided to keep them on for now.

I leaned back as Alexis clearly wanted to take the lead. My cock was thick and heavy as she took it in her hand and laid down on the seat with my cock dancing around her sexy red mouth. Her warm tongue flicked at the tip. My cock twitched which made her smile.

"You like that baby?" There was something about the way she said 'baby' that my instincts told me she was ready to play. Maybe it was the way her puckered lips looked with my big cock pressed against them. I figured that she was living out some sort of fantasy. Cool. I can do that.

"Oh yeah!" I whispered softly.

That did it. My pre-cum had pooled slightly at my slit. She slurped it off and ran the tip of my cock over her lips like she was applying lipstick. Moaning all the way. I held her head with both hands as she slurped on the tip of my cock. I loved watching her wet lips pucker and felt her tongue flicking my rim furiously. Suddenly, she stretched my foreskin tight and went crazy licking under the rim. I moved my hands to the back of her head, wrapping her silver hair around my left fist. I wanted to possess her warm mouth. I wanted to fuck it and watch her reaction to someone younger than her own son pumping a big juicy cock in her mouth. I pulled her head back by her hair and to the side slightly which forced her to raise one leg to keep from falling. I un-clasped her bra and dragged it from her shoulders. Then I ran my hand down her belly and rested it on her pubic mound under her black panties.

" Mmmm." She moaned hard against my shaft sending vibrations up and down. I curled my middle finger and rubbed her warm slit until it became slippery. My finger darted inside and curled up searching for that elusive g-spot. I found it along the roof, and rubbed it slowly.

She gasped when I backed my cock out of her mouth. "Oh My God..."

I used my free hand to grab my cock and rub it over her face. I now had control. I owned her mouth and pussy. With any luck, I'd own her ass soon. I noticed her long eyelashes flutter. I slipped another finger inside her which made her cunt clamp tight. I shoved them in and out a few times before she began gushing on my hand.

She begged, "Cum baby. Cum on my my mouth...let Alexis take care of you!"


My balls tightened simultaneously with my cock swelling. I urged it back deep in her mouth just in time for my first hot load.

"Arggh.." Alexis gagged momentarily before sucking my cock with a vengeance.

I pumped my cock in and out with reckless abandon. Cum shot from her mouth. She gulped. She swallowed. She then begged.

With cum bubbling around her lips and dripping from her chin she asked, "Baby...please fuck me...I need you inside me." I smiled as I let go of her hair and answered, "Anything for you, Alexis."

She quivered and sobbed as I picked her ass off the limo floor dragging her wet panties off. Then I laid her across the wide back seat. I glanced again at Franklin, the limo driver who was smiling big. He gave me a quick wink and I was ready to give Alexis Champion the fuck of her life. I lifted her right leg to the back of the seat as her left leg dropped to the floor. She was now wide eyed and wide open.

I got on my knees between her legs and looked down at her and grinned. She nibbled her bottom lip and said, "You may have anything you long as you love me."

I wet my thumbs and forefingers and went straight to her nipples. I twisted them from their soft puffy state until they firmed up between my fingers. I bent over as she cupped each tit in the palm of her hands as if she was offering them to me. I put my mouth completely over her left tit. I figured she was a 'C' cup. My tongue flicked her nipple as it lay still in my hot mouth. I had her tit nice and wet before I slipped it from my mouth with a big POP!

I then dragged my tongue across her cleavage as she offered her right tit to my anxious lips.

"Here know what I want!"

I clamped my mouth over her tit and repeated the process until she begged me to stop. She gasped, "My pussy baby..slip it in my hot cunt! Please!"

With my weight now on my elbows, her face between my hands, I urged my heavy cock to her warm and slippery slit. I tongue kissed her slowly as she raised her ass to meet my gentle thrust. I felt it stretching her pussy walls as my foreskin rolled down my shaft. I had no idea when she was fucked last, but I sensed it had been a while.

Soon, her legs wrapped my ass and crossed at the ankles. We began moving slowly against one another. Our moans filled the cars cabin. I knew old Franklin was enjoying the show, complete with sound effects. It went something like this:

First the squishing sounds as my thick cock displaced her warm juices. Then Alexis whispered, "Tell momma you love her."

I knew where her head was by then. " I love you momma!" I arched my back and drove my cock to her cervix. She cried out, "Yes. Yes baby...take what's yours! Momma will give you anything!" She bucked hard. Her ass bounced and shivered. I held my cock pressed to her cervix. I felt it spurt over and over. It was convulsing and throbbing. But, I wasn't through. I wanted her ass. It was small, firm, and smooth. It also appeared virginal when I noticed it earlier.

Alexis was spent. Her throbbing pussy had had it. It was now red, swollen, and drenched. Time to move on. But first, I wanted to fuck her tits.

I withdrew my cock from her pussy and slipped it to her tits to deposit some of my cream. Once I had them nice and slippery, I placed my stiff prick between them and mashed her tits together tight.

Alexis smiled, "Good boy. Fuck my tits."

I began pumping slowly at first to get the length of the stroke just right. It needed to be where she could lick the tip as I stroked. Her tongue flicking from her red lips as the tip poked through the valley of her tits was making me crazy. Her, too.

"Like that ?" I asked as I teased her tongue again and again with my cocks tip. I saw her tugging on her clit and noticed it was red and shiny.

"Oh God baby. More than you know." Then she came hard all over the dove gray leather. I glanced in the mirror at Franklin who I knew must have heard it. Liquids splashing on leather seats does have a unique sound.

I knew my body well, and knew I needed to be careful here. I really wanted to cum, but I wanted to finish in her ass. I wasn't quite sure how this matronly rich woman would take something like that, but...

I dropped her tits, then did one of my old wrestling moves where you grab the arm thats balancing the person, in this case, her left arm, and pull it quickly under her, forcing her to her knees with her ass up.

I shoved her by the back of her head so her head was flat on the seat. Next, I leaned over and spit in her ass. Then leaned back and rubbed my juicy cock up and down the narrow crack. I saw the little purple anus that looked about the size of a dime. I grinned as I said firmly, "Help me. Reach back and spread your cheeks."

She quickly obeyed without hesitation. I watched her spread the fingers of both hands wide and clamp them along her crack. She did as instructed. She pulled them tight. I saw my spit dripping from her tiny hole and looked down at my thick cock. I wondered how in the world it would actually get in there. I hesitated.

Alexis shouted as she tried to glance over her shoulder, "Do it baby!"

I looked at Franklin who was enjoying the show since we were at that crazy five point intersection that takes forever to navigate. We were dead stopped. He nodded and winked.

I circled her anus with the tip of my cock so my dripping cum would help with the insertion.

I held my stiff cock in one hand and leaned on my hand in the small of her back and announced, "This is gonna hurt!" then eased it in slowly. Her ass spit it out. I tried again. Once again, her tiny ass spit it out. I had to get her to focus on something else. She was still lying on her face and still had her hands holding her ass apart.

I leaned across her back and whispered, "Mamma..if you really love me, you'll give me this. Now, relax and breathe normally. Don't hold your breath because that tightens things up. Relax. Relax."

Then slipped my hand between her legs and fingered her soaked pussy slowly. I didn't want to excite her. I wanted to calm her.

She sighed and moaned, "Mmmm. I do love you baby. Go ahead. Do it. I surrender completely."

I wasn't quite sure if it was the way I caressed her pussy, or my soft words of encouragement, or maybe her willingness to surrender, but whatever it was worked. I straightened my back and slipped my cock to her wet asshole. One small nudge and in it went.

Alexis groaned, "Agghh....uhhh.....uhhh..," but her ass accepted the intruder.

I pushed deeper, stretching her tight ass inch by inch. I felt the warmth. I was in almost up to my balls when she sobbed, "Oh God...your mammas a slut. Fuck me."

I rammed it in all the way.

"Owww!" She cried. Okay, that might have been too much.

My hand went to her hips and started pulling them back and forth. Soon, she got with the program and began pumping back against me. She dropped her hands from her ass and left them flat on the seat. I watched her fingers curl as she made a fist.

Then screaming, "That's right. Fuck that ass. Own it. FUCK ME BABY!"

I looked to my left and saw Franklin raising his eyebrows and his chauffeurs cap. His finger scratched his eyebrow. It was like he couldn't believe this gorgeous sophisticated woman could or would be so hot and nasty. Lesson learned Franklin.

Soon, she was fucking me harder than I was fucking her. The friction became intense as her virgin ass heated up. Sweat dripped off me landing squarely across her lower back. I was fucking as hard and fast as I possibly could.

Suddenly, I heard the sounds of something liquid splattering on the seat. Alexis Champion was gushing like a fire hydrant. My cock felt huge as it began squirting streams of my cum deep in her ass. Never had I cum so hard, and never had I seen such a mess. Our mix ran out of her and down the leather seat soaking the soft gray carpet.

I collapsed over her back, my cock still engaged. I pulled her long silver hair that was plastered to her face back and kissed her neck softly.

"Mmmm. You're a doll Garrett. Thank you for this."

I was wet with sweat, and had cum all over me. Then I heard Franklin's voice as he turned and put his arm over his seat. Lying across the back of Alexis, I glanced at him bleary eyed as he said, "Garrett. We're with HBO and this is Taxi Cab Confessions. I wonder if you'd sign this release?"

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