Barb...the beginning
I grew up on my family's farm in rural Iowa. I went to a Catholic school, even during the summertime. I was one of six kids, my younger sister and I, and four brothers, two older, two younger. My uncle also lived on the property with his two sons, both older then me. All of the boys worked on the farm. As you can imagine with so many kids around, I craved any kind attention I could get.

I was an early bloomer and had C cups by the time I was 11. One summer, the youngest of my cousins started hanging around me quite a bit. He was five years older then me, and it made me feel special being around one of the older kids. It started out innocent enough, hugging, a pat or a pinch here and there. At some point it went on to kissing and petting. I felt so grown up.

When we could sneak away, we would go out behind the barn and made out, touching each other over, and eventually under our clothes. He would run his hands up under my skirt and touch my panties. After doing this for several days, he started taking off my clothes as we kissed and touched. He liked looking at my big boobs and I felt wanted being with him. We progressed to getting completely naked. He then started having me stroke his dick with my hand while I touched myself. I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew it felt pretty good.

This became our regular routine almost everyday when I got home from school. We would sneak behind the barn, get naked, he would stand while I squatted down and jerked him off, while rubbing my pussy. He would shoot his cum wherever it was pointed, but I liked to direct it toward my chest and rub it all over when he finished.

One day he showed up with another older boy. My cousin started kissing me, and pulling my shirt off. I was nervous having the new boy there. My cousin told me it was fine and not to worry. He wanted to show off to the other boy. I trusted him, so I went along with it. Before long he had my clothes off, and both boys disrobed as well. He told me to stroke both of them the same way I did with him. I got down on my knees and put one hand on each boys cock and started to pump. I was getting really excited doing this and really wanted to touch myself, but I had a cock in each hand. At some point I decided the only thing I could do was put my mouth on one of the boys so I could free up a hand. So I started bobbing my head on the cock in my mouth just like I would with my hand. This felt so natural to me, so I put my mouth down as far as I could on each stroke. Both boys thought this was great, and before long I was switching off between the two of them, while rubbing and fingering my pussy.

I don't remember which boy came first, but I do remember having my first orgasm when the cum hit the back of my mouth. It tasted pretty good, so I sucked and swallowed it all down. I then put my mouth back on the other boy's cock and did the same thing, sucking and bobbing until he too came in my mouth and I had another orgasm. I didn't know what was happening at the time, but I knew it felt really, really good, and I wanted more of it.

The other boy showed up a few more times and I would suck them both off, cumming every time they shot in my mouth. My cousin and I still met almost every day. One day I decided I wanted to try something different. I had my cousin lie down in the grass and I started to suck his cock. After a few minutes, and he was good and hard, I moved up and positioned my pussy onto the tip of his cock, sliding myself down in one stroke. He was so surprised that this Catholic school girl was now riding his cock that he came almost immediately. I didn't mind. I didn't cum that first time, but we practiced for the rest of the summer.

We stopped having sex when I got my first period, a few months after I turned twelve. I didn't have access to birth control back then, so I just masturbated or he would finger me. I continued to suck his cock for a couple years after that.

I didn't have my first real boyfriend until I was 16. We dated for several months before really doing anything. He was a virgin and pretty shy. I never told him that I wasn't a virgin. The first time we did anything sexually was out in the middle of a cornfield. We laid out a blanket and started making out. After about an hour of this I decided I better make the first move since he wasn't taking my hints. I stood up and stripped off all of my cloths. I told him it was his turn, but he just sat there grinning. I knelt down, undid his pants and slid them and his boxers down to his ankles. I could see he was already very hard and his cock was bigger then my cousin's. His face turned bright red. I guess he was embarrassed being his first time naked with a girl. I just smiled and gave his cock a lick. It was so hard I thought it was going to split open. I slipped the head between my lips and sucked a little, before sliding my mouth down as far as I could. I came back up and went down again just as he started to cum. I sucked him hard until he finished and swallowed every drop.

To my surprise he stayed erect. I moved up, straddling him and slid my pussy onto his cock in one stroke. I rode him for a good twenty minutes, cumming at least three times before he shot his load again, deep inside me. We laid there for about an hour before he was ready to go again. I got on all fours and told him I wanted him to do me doggy style. He was a bit awkward at first, poking at my asshole, until I grabbed his cock and directed him into my pussy. He finally got a good rhythm going and pounded me for another twenty or thirty minutes, again cumming inside me. I licked his cock clean and tasted a cock that had cum inside me for the first time. I liked it, but not as well as a straight cumshot.

We spent the whole day there, fucking.

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