Bare Haven Nudist Resort part 1
Bare Haven Nudist Resort part 1

It's 7:00AM as I get out of bed I look out the window. Today looks great...sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. It's going to be another great at Bare Haven Nudist Resort. I pour myself and go and sit on the patio. There is nothing like being nude early in the morning. No one is up and around yet. So it's just me and my coffee.

My wife and I joined Bare Haven almost 20 years ago. She passed away about 4 years so it's just me. Yes, I miss her but have been trying to find a good women. I even tried online luck. So I'll sit here and enjoy the quiet and wait for the snack shack to open for breakfast at 8:00.

After a nice breakfast and chatting with friends I head over to the gate house. I usually work a few hours on the Welcome Wagon. I'll carry a radio and if anyone new comes in I'll show them around the resort. I walk into the gate house and head for my radio and a cup of coffee. Right around 9:00 the door opens and in walks a very attractive, dark haired lady with a great smile. She looks a little nervous so I guess this is her first time at a nudist resort. Ginny calls me to the desk to meet our new guest. She is wearing a blue T shirt and white shorts. She looks great.

Ginny tells me that we have a newbie and that she would like a tour to camp. I say I'll be glad to show you around. I walk outside to stand near her. She keeps looking my way. Just innocent little peeps. I hope she likes what sees. She follows me to a parking space. When she parks I approach the car. She opens the door and gets out. I suggest that she get nude now and then we will start the tour. She looks a little surprised but agrees. I start to go back to my cart to give her privacy. In a minute I hear her say "I'm ready" I get off the cart, turn to face her. WOW! She looks great, no not great but excellent. Pretty face, great smile, her boobs are perfect with nice tasty looking nipples, flat belly tapering to a neatly trimmed pussy, nice legs. God! I do love her looks.

After the tour I ask if she would like to have a cup of coffee with me. She smiles and accepts my invitation. We sit on the patio facing each other and chat a little about everything. I'm really taken with her. She great to talk with, easy to smile and looks great. She shifts her position a little and casually let her legs open a little. She's being casual but knowing what she's showing. Her lips look so good, black trimmed hair frames her lips. Perfect! Nice sized lips that seem so to be smiling. I shift a little in my chair so that she can see my dick. I have to be careful not to get a hardon in public. As we try to carry on a casual conservation we know that we are both enjoying the views and she seems to enjoy showing pussy and I enjoy looking.

Damn radio comes to life and says "Welcome wagon, your need at the gate" Sadly I tell her I have to go but will be back in a few minutes. She tells me that she will be laying in the sun near her car. I'll see you there. I'm anxious to finish this tour to get back to her.

After the tour I hurry to where her car is parked. There she is. Laying on her back, facing me. As I walk to her spread her legs slightly in a very casual way. She knows what she is showing and smiles. After the dance so that she doesn't have to drive home late at night I suggest that she stay the night in my trailer. She can have the bed and I'll sleep on the couch. I hope she stays and invites me to share the bed.

The time drags so slowly this afternoon. I'm looking forward to holding her and dancing with her. Finally it's time for the dance. Ginny let her borrow a wrap, a little makeup and she's ready to go. She thinks it is so be at a dance wearing. only a wrap.

As we enter the clubhouse there are only a few people there...some dancing, some chatting. We chat a little, just enough to be polite. When they play a nice ballad I put my arm around her waist and ask her to dance. Finally, I get to hold her close. I've wanted to hold her all afternoon but there was always people around. We start dancing, not saying anything just enjoying her close to me. As the second ballad starts she takes off the wrap...throw it aside, now she's nude and feeling her nude body next to mine is turning me on...I feel like Im starting to get hard. She looks into my eyes and says "we really don't have to stay if you don't want to. Before I get completely hard I say "let's go"

When we get into the trailer I put my arm around her waist, pull me tight and kiss her. At first it's just a nice romantic kiss. Then our mouths open and my tongue goes into her mouth. My dick is rock hard and I want to make love to her. We head into the bedroom. Lay her down with me beside her. I pull her close, she puts one hand around me as the other grabs my dick. She moans a little as she strokes my dick. While she's stroking my dick I start sucking her boobs. Her nipples spring erect and feel so good as my tongue flicks up and down, makes little circles, and nibble on them, My hand soon starts to glide down her belly. When it gets close to her pussy she opens her legs to welcome my fingers. Oh God! She is so wet as I start to rub her lips, slide a finger between her lips and open them. As slide one finger in her pussy she moans. I play with her lips as my finger goes in and out...around in circles, then up to her clit. I stop sucking her boobs and starts to kiss down her chest and belly. As my tongue gets close to her pussy I move my hand under her butt and my tongue takes the place of my hand. Gently licking her lips, fucking her with my tongue I tell her "you taste so good I love eating you" I feel she is starting to cum. She says I'm taking her places she has never been before, to new heights. Higher and higher I take her. I hope this never ends. Her breathing changes and I hear her say "I'm cumming, don't stop, don't ever stop" she lifts her hips pushing her pussy as far as she can into my mouth. When she is at the highest place she has ever been before her body shudders as a volcano of pleasure erupts. her whole body screams as she cums, not once but twice. As she slowly return to Earth I'm still licking her juices. I hear her self say "fuck me now" As I start to climb up to her, her hand grabs my dick and pulls it into her pussy. I start in, slowly at first, inch by inch I fill her pussy with my dick. Deeper and deeper I go, She says that I'm deeper than anyone has ever before. Finally I'm in all the way. I start stroking in and out of her. She lifts her knees to give me full access. Slowly at first then faster and harder. The sound of our bellies slapping together, the wet sound of my dick slamming into her pussy starts me on my way to an orgasm. She says " Cum in my pussy" I want your cum to fill my pussy" I feel I'm getting close to an orgasm. I try to hold back to give her more pleasure. Finally I can't hold back any longer. I shoot load after load of hot cum into her. It seems like the more cum I shoot the closer she gets to another orgasm. The warm cum inside her takes her over the edge and she cums again.

I stay on top of her...feeling my dick gradually go soft and start to slide out of her cum filled pussy. She says she doesn't want me out of her. She tries to hold me in by wrapping her legs around mine. Nature finally takes it's course and my dick slides out. She giggles a little as her pussy gives up some cum and it dripples down the crack of her ass. As the cum hits her ass she moans and says that "it feels so good and warm on my asshole.

Soon I roll off, keeping my arms tightly around her. We talk about what just happened and agree that this is only the beginning of what my become a great romance. Soon sleep over takes us. I feel so good holding her in my arms. I hope this feeling last forever.
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