Bare Haven Nudist Resort part 2
Bare Haven Nudist Resort part 2

It's 7:00AM. As I get out of bed I start thinking about the BIG adventure I'm having today. For the first time in my live I'm going to a nudist resort. As I step into the shower I start thinking that this is something I've thought about doing for a long time. After Jack, my husband passes away several years ago I decided to start to live my own life and do as I want. Jack was a good man but a little too straight laced sometimes. As I get out of the shower I look at my nude body in the mirror. For 48 I still look pretty good. My boobs sagged a little but still look perky. My belly is flat and my pubic hair is neatly trimmed. I don't know why but I trimmed a little closer around my lips. Why I did that...I don't know. It's not like I'm trying to find a man or get laid tonight.
I've tried to find someone to date. No luck. Even tried online dating services...nothing but jerks and that only want to get in my pants. It's been several years since I've had any sex. Jack was pretty sick for a few years then passed away two years ago.

After breakfast I check my swim bag again. Towels, sunscreen, sandals, I'm set and ready to go.

As I pull up to the gate I see that it's 9:03 and the gate is open for me to drive in. I pull up to the gate house and think O' I really sure I want to do this. Might as well, I've done all the research I could, read all the blogs from nudist. I thought I was ready but now I'm starting to feel a little apprehensive. I'll tell my self "Let's go!" I drove all the way here I go. I open the door and see an elderly couple at the desk. They are both nude and welcome me with a big smile. As I approach the desk I notice a man standing in the back drinking coffee. He is standing, facing me. This guy looks pretty nice. He must go to the gym because he looks very toned. Then I look at his dick. I'm glad I'm wearing dark glasses so the no one can see where my eyes are looking I introduce myself and they introduce them selves. Charlie and Ginny, they seem like a nice friendly couple. When they find out that this is my first time at Bare Haven Ginny turns and calls the man to the desk. He walks toward the desk his dick bounces from side to side with each step. "Welcome to Bare Haven. My name is Ken" I smile back and tell him "I'm Maria".

As I finish the registration he comes outside and stands just a few feet from me. I get the feeling that he's looking at me. I hope he likes what he sees.

As we drive to find a parking space I can't help notice how casual everyone is with their nudity. I see a young man walking toward a family group. Mom, Dad and a toddler. Everyone looks so casual with their nudity. I think I'm going to like it here.

When I park Ken comes over to the car as I get out. He suggests that I undress now and we'll start the tour. I'm a little surprised that he asks me to get naked...but say OK. He says that he will give me a little privacy and will wait for me on his golf cart. As he turns to walk away I take off my t-shirt. The sun hitting my boobs for the first time feels so nice. I take off my shorts and when I reach to take down my panties...I find myself hesitating a little. Why? I don't know. I'm anxious to be naked with him. I push them down around my ankles and step out of them. The sun and slight hitting me all over feels good. I start to walk toward Ken, he has his back to me giving me the privacy like he said he would. He seems like a gentleman and I'll be comfortable showing him my nude body.

I'm ready I say. He turn and sees me, a little smile of approval crosses his face. He likes me.

As he gets out of his cart and walks to me I like what I see too. I'm a little nervous being nude with other people seeing me. He starts to talk and I forget all the others. After a brief tour of him pointing out the points of interest I really don't remember too much of what he said. I was just enjoying walking nude with a guy that I just met. I feel much more relaxed and am enjoying being with him. He says that the "official" tour is finished and he ask me if I'd like to have a cup of coffee with him. Yes! That sounds good. We sit at a table on the patio and chat about various subjects. Facing each other, as we chat I enjoy looking at his nude body, especially his dick. I want him to look at me the same way I'm looking at him. I shift position and let my legs open to give him a look at my pussy. As much as I want him to see me I want to show my pussy. He's wearing dark glasses but I can see that his eyes are gazing at my lips...I'm glad I trimmed the hair around them. Now he can see me. I wonder if he see that I'm getting wet showing him my pussy. He shifts a little so that I can see him better too. He looks a little bigger than before. He must like seeing me. We both know what we are doing but no one else is aware of the pleasure we are giving each other. His radio comes to life and says "Welcome wagon, we need you at the gate." He replies and tells them he will be there in a few minutes. As he leaves he ask where I'll be in a few minutes. I say I'll be laying on the grass near my car reading a book and that I hope he comes back after the tour. He smiles and says he will.

As he drives away Ginny stops near by to tell me that there is a dance tonight and that she hopes that I will stay for the dance.

I walk to my car get, out a blanket and lay on the grass. Soon I see Ken coming back as he starts to walk to me I try to be as casual as possible as I spread my legs a little for him. I've never been an exhibitionist before but I really enjoy showing him my pussy.

She tells me that Ginny told there was a dance in the clubhouse tonight and that she hopes she will stay for it. " I was going to ask you to stay but she beat me to it." Adding that I hope she does too.

He suggests that after the dance so that I don't have to drive home late at night that I can stay with him. He offers the bed to me and says that he will sleep on the couch. I'll stay for the dance. I want to stay and with some good luck I'll share his bed.

The time drags so slowly this afternoon. I'm looking forward to holding him and dancing with him. Finally it's time for the dance. Ginny let me borrow a wrap, a little makeup and I'm ready to go. This sounds so be at a dance wearing. only a wrap.

As we enter the clubhouse there are only a few people there...some dancing, some chatting. We chat a little, just enough to be polite. When they play a nice ballad he puts his arm around my waist and asks me to dance. Finally, I get to hold him close. I've wanted to hold him all afternoon but there was always people around. We start dancing, not saying anything just enjoying him close to me. As the second ballad starts I take off the wrap...throw it aside, now I'm nude and feeling his nude body next to mine is turning me on...I feel my pussy getting wet. I look into his eyes and says "we really don't have to stay if you don't want to. Before he gets completely hard he says "let's go"

When we get into his trailer he puts his arm around my, pulls me tight and kisses me. At first it's just a nice romantic kiss. The our mouths open and his tongue comes into my mouth. My pussy is soaking wet and I want him to make love to me. We head into the bedroom. I lay down with him beside me. He pulls me close, I put one hand around him and the other grabs his dick. I'm surprised how big he is...bigger than my husband. I hope I can take it all in. It feels so good. I moan a little as I stroke his dick. While I'm stroking his dick he starts sucking my boobs. My nipples spring erect and feel so good as his tongue flicks up and down, makes little circles, and nibble on them, His hand soon starts to glide down my belly. When it gets close to my pussy I open my legs to welcome his fingers. Oh God! I am so wet as he starts to rub my lips, He slides a finger between my lips and opens them. he slides one finger in my pussy I moan. He plays with my lips as his finger goes in and out...around in circles, then up to my clit. He is driving me crazy with desire. He stops sucking my boobs and starts to kiss down my chest and belly. As his tongue gets close to my pussy he moves his hands under my butt and his tongue takes the place of his hand. Gently licking my lips, fucking me with his tongue I hear him say. "you taste so good I love eating you" I feel an orgasm starting, he is taking me to new heights. Higher and higher he takes me. I hope this never ends. My breathing changes and all I can say is "I'm cumming, don't stop, don't ever stop" I lift my hips to push my pussy as far as I can into his mouth. When I'm at the highest place I've ever been in my life my body shudders as a volcano erupts. My whole body screams as I cum, not once but twice. As I slowly return to Earth he is still licking my juices. I hear my self say "fuck me now" He starts to climb on me, my hand grabs his dick and pulls it into my pussy. He starts in, slowly at first. Little by little he fills me with his dick. Deeper and deeper he goes....deeper than anyone has ever before. Finally he is in all the way. He starts stroking in and out of me...I lift my knees to give him full access. Slowly at first then faster and harder. The sound of our bellies slapping together, the wet sound of his dick slamming in to my pussy starts me on my way to another orgasm. " Cum in my pussy" I want your cum to fill my pussy" I feel him getting close to an orgasm I'm cumming when her shoots his load in me. Cum and more cum fills me up. The warm cum inside me takes me over the edge and I cum with him.

He stays on top of me...feeling his dick gradually goes soft and start to slide out of my cum filled pussy. I tell him I don't him out of my pussy. I try to hold him in by wrapping my legs around his. Nature finally takes it's course and his dick slides out. I giggle a little as my pussy gives up some cum and it dripples down the crack of my ass. As the warm cum hits my ass I moan and say that "it feels so good and warm on my asshole.

He rolls off, keeping his arms tightly around me. We talk about what just happened and agree that this is only the beginning of what my become a great romance. Soon sleep over takes us. I feel so safe and secure in his arms I hope this feeling lasts forever.

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