Barry sissy slut
Barry had been dating Gina for just a week when they starting kissing and things got really hot. Barry and Gina were both in bed and Barry was laying on top of Gina as they kissed passionately. Gina suddenly reached over into the nightstand next to the bed and pulled out a large black life-like penis dildo and held it up to Barry's lips. Barry's eyes widened with surprise and crossed as he watched the dildo be applied to his lips. "This needs to be lubricated really well and we are gonna use your mouth to do it", said Gina through a smile. Barry started to speak, "um...wha....".

In that moment, Gina shoved the large penis dildo into Barry's mouth. Barry blinked with surprise and embarrassment. "Mmmmfffpptttt", mumbled Barry as the dildo slide through his pouty lips and to the back of his throat. Barry's face blushed bright red as Gina giggled. Gina worked the dildo back and forth in Barry's mouth. "Suck it baby, you have cock slurpy lips!", Gina giggled. Barry's eyes narrowed into a glare at Gina as his mouth worked the dildo. This continued for several minutes with Barry blushing and grunting and Gina giggling at him.

Gina shoved the dildo deep in Barry's throat and began laughing. Again, Barry blushed bright red with embarrassment then grunted and glared at Gina. "You hollow your cheeks on the dildo while keeping you lips tight on are a natural cock-whore!", Gina laughed. Barry just shook his head and grunted in embarrassment. "That's it! Shake that head back and forth so I can get this dildo deeper in your throat", teased Gina. As she pushed the dildo deeper, Barry's face grew red and his throat bucked against the dildo a few times as his eyes began to water.

Gina pulled the dildo out a little to allow Barry to gain a quick breath and then she would plunge it deep again. "Imagine Barry that this is a real cock and this guy is using you as his slutty sissy", giggled Gina. She continued to tease him, "you can feel his cock so deep, you are so embarrassed at the depth of his hard cock in your can barely believe this is happening to are so so embarrassed Barry!"

Barry blushed and took the dildo like a submissive slut. Gina just giggled hysterically as Barry coughed against the dildo and slurped on it. For several minutes, Gina repeated the process of pulling the dildo out to allow Barry to catch his breath and then plunge the dildo deep in his throat.

"I know you wish this was a real cock and that it was getting set to fill your mouth with a huge load of cum, you are such a cum-guzzling slut!", Gina teased. Barry nodded as he slurped and sucked like a professional.

Gina pulled the dildo out of Barry's pouty lips slowly and the dildo popped out with a loud POP! Barry leaned forward and licked the tip of the dildo and then applied a gentle kiss to it. "Oh my!", remarked Gina. "You really want to suck a cock?", she posed. Barry blushes and nodded while admitting, "I really really want a big throbbing cock in my mouth!" "I know you do, you cock whore!", giggled Gina, "but I have big plans for this wet dildo...get that ass in the air!" As Barry pooched his ass high in the air, Gina inserted the dildo into Barry's ass and shoved it deep.

"Ohhhhh myyy...oohhhh!", whimpered Barry. "All the way in...feel that cock make you a sissy slut!", teased Gina. Barry blushed and slightly wiggles his ass so the dildo can slide in deeper. As it slides in deeper, he groans and whimpers and blushes so much. As the dildo slides in up to the balls, Barry swallows hard because the dildo feels like a bowling ball deep in his ass.

Gina works the dildo deep and twists in so it stretches Barry's rectum walls and glided across his prostrate. Gina notices that Barry's teeny tiny cock is erect. "HAHAHA!", she laughs, "look who likes a big cock way up their ass! I guess that makes you a sissy faggot!" Gina begins to work the dildo back and forth faster and faster.

Barry begins to moan loudly, despite the fact that he is trying to be quiet. He can't help himself. Barry was born to be throat fucked and ass fucked. "You poor blushing sissy!", Gina laughs. Barry pounds the bed sheets and mumbles, "ohhh god...I am so very embarrassed!" "Yes you are!", laughs Gina. "I can't believe this is happening, I am so embarrassed", whimpers Barry.

"You are such sissy faggot!", demands Gina. "Oh. My. God. That is soooo deep!", Barry blushed. "Ha ha ha ha ha!", Gina laughed. Barry rolled his eyes and moaned in ecstasy, "Ohhhh, fuck my tushie like the sissy boy I am!" "I will fuck your ass until you cannot sit down for a week!", Gina growled. She worked the dildo so deep and hard for so long that Barry nearly fainted from humiliation.

As Gina slid the dildo out, the suction produced a little POP! as she pulled it out. Barry froze with his legs and lower lip trembling. All he could do is hold perfectly still with his mouth open in complete shock. His ass burned and ached. Gina smacked Barry's ass cheeks firmly with her hand several times. Barry stayed frozen in total bewilderment and dumb-founded shock.

His brain had been reduced to oatmeal and he could barely move. The total embarrassment was so intense that he could only whimper noises that sounded like a wounded dolphin. Gina called three of her guy friends as she continued to spank Barry's ass. She picked up the dildo, still covered in anal matter and shoved it into Barry's mouth. He started sucking the dildo clean.

It was only minutes later that the three guys showed up and each guy taught Barry a lesson in cock-feeding as they fucked his throat hard. Barry dutifully accepted each throat-fucking because he understood that he was a cock-whore. It was obvious that Barry was enjoying each cock as he moaned and slurped with intense passion. While Barry was expertly servicing big black cock, Gina re-entered his ass with the dildo so deep and hard that little squeaky sounds came from Barry's cock-filled throat. Barry was thoroughly mortified by the mind-blowing ass-pounding that Gina and her big mean dildo gave him.

Each guy exploded a huge load of cum in sissy Barry's slutty mouth. He smiled and swallowed every drop. After he sucked off each cock, he would kiss the tip of the cock and thank the guy for the experience. Gina just laughed and laughed at him.

Barry could not keep himself from asking, even though he suffered so much embarrassment for it, "can I please suck more cocks?" "You mean today or tomorrow?", asked Gina. "Both please!", Barry blushed. Gina started laughing as Barry rolled his eyes and blushed with total embarrassment.

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