Basic Training
Basic Training
by Miss Anonna

Joel was a regular client of mine at the massage parlor and last month we had a conversation about his physique. He was well chiseled without being overly muscular. He was good to his body and it showed. Our conversation included several sentences about the possibility of having him show me some fundamentals of keeping my body tight and trim as I had absolutely no idea of even where to start. I had taken some yoga classes but all they seemed to have done for me is allow my body to bend and fold in no way an aging female should be bent or folded.

I took a deep breath before I knocked upon his door. I drew my gym bag further up on my shoulder and looked down at my tight sports bra and bike shorts. I wondered if I maybe should have worn underwear underneath as I could clearly see I was sporting quite a camel toe. My nipples were hard as pencil erasers, too. "Oh well." I thought to myself. I've pretty much seen this man in the buff so why was I to worry, except that he had no reason to hide anything on him. I knocked three times and I could hear him walking towards the door inside of his pretty, tan, split level home. A dog was whining in the background and I hear Joel's voice. "Stay there, Spunky," came his booming voice from the other side and then a few clicking sounds later, the door opened up in front of me.

"Hi, Anna!" He said as he opened the door further and signaled for me to come in. He was much taller than I remembered and just before the confusion over took me; I tripped on the step that led into his house.

"Hi! Oh, Shit!" I cried as I fell towards him but caught my balance just before he was about to catch me. My breast was nearly in the palm of his hands and my hand was firmly against his hip and the last bulging muscle in his six pack abs. A friendly golden retriever was very excepting of my visit, too as he waited patiently for me to pet him.

"Are you OK?" He said with a slight chuckle while embracing my shoulder and pushing me into an upright position and placing his other hand on my other shoulder.

"Yes, thank you." I said, attempting to regain my pride. I pointed to the step that had gotten the better of me and blurted. "That would explain..." I hesitated and looked back at Joel. He seemed a bit puzzled and raised his eyebrows as if I were going to finish my sentence but I was wasn't because I had realized just how silly I would have sounded if I were to explain my confusion on his height so I quickly clammed up. "Forget it." I said bluntly. "How are you, Joel?" I said smiling and stepping back a little so I could look at him without straining my neck.

"I'm doing ok." He said smiling and nodding. "Are you ready to work out?" Joel drew his hand out toward the back of his house and down a very quaint hallway. I noticed a counter that looked very much like a kitchen counter just past the end of the hall. I started walking towards it while he and the dog followed behind. "Welcome to my humble abode. You look great today. You should do your massages in workout gear." He said with a hint of some sort of tease as I couldn't imagine he was being serious at all.

"What?" I cried. "Are you kidding me? I deal with enough perverts," I hesitated and thought for a moment. "male AND female. Could you imagine if I were only wearing this?" I said as I held my hands under my breasts. "Honestly, I should wear a smock or scrubs." I said laughing. Joel grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face him. He looked serious and he looked directly into my eyes.

"Anna," He said. "That's probably the first time I have ever heard you compliment your own body. You spend all day long complimenting other people's bodies." He hesitated. "Well, at least mine, anyway and I never hear you say anything good about yourself... Until just now." He smiled as I was dumbstruck for words. "Look at you!" He began running his eyes up and down my body. "You are hot as a firecracker." He spun me around like a suit on a hangar. "You're ass is nearly perfect, you're trim, tan, and just beautiful and yet you have no idea." He spun me back around by my shoulder and rested his large hand on the side of my neck. I was nearly speechless.

"Well....." I said and gathered my thoughts. "You mean that is how I'm going to look when you get through with me, right?" I said, batting my eyelashes. I turned quickly and began to walk forward through the kitchen area and then stopped and looked around. "Where is your workout room?" I said with my face slightly contorted by a curious smirk. He was still standing in the same spot with hand out as if I were still standing there where I left him and then his hand fell and he stood straight.

"Out on the porch." He said pointing through the huge glass windows. He began walking towards me again as I turned toward the porch.

"A little cold, don't you think?" I said confused.

"It's heated and fully enclosed." He assured me and brushed past me as I was gazing at the beautiful view of trees and mountains in the distance. "We'll start by stretching and then I will get you on the Pilates ball." I watched as he passed me and opened the door to his glass porch at the top of the world. His leg muscles were much defined in the shorts he was wearing and his cut up sweat shirt showed hints of his well toned sides and arms. I knew them very well as my hands traversed that body many times in the past, pushing oil over each muscle and joint. He was quite a pleasure to have in my shop and now here was I in his. I wondered briefly if he was going to fantasize taking advantage of his role as I did mine in the past. Joel was definitely one client I would have sexually satisfied if he had ever asked but he never did and was always a perfect gentleman. I felt my lips get pouty and he turned to me. I was shocked into a submissive stare.

"Anna?" He asked. "Are you ok? Are you nervous? This isn't going to hurt, you know." He said as I nodded and headed toward him and into the room. I thought for sure I had been busted glaring at his beautiful body but it seemed he thought otherwise. I passed him at the door and his smell overtook me. I felt an apprehension in my body and wasn't sure if it was from the unexpected outcome of the workout or the ache I felt in my crotch.

I set my bag down on the other side of the door and followed him to the center of the room. He asked me to stand right next to him and follow him in deep breathing. We stood together and upright, took in four deep breaths and let them out slowly and exact. He turned to me and put his hand on my shoulder. "I learned that from you, Anna." He said with such confidence it almost sounded unreal. "Now let's spread our legs apart and stretch against each leg." He said while mocking the move slightly and placing his head against his left knee. I followed him and we pulled ourselves into our left knees four times. "Now the middle." He said quickly. And we stretched to the floor in front of us and placed our palms flat on the floor four times. "Now the right." He blurted. As my head rested on my knee I glaced at him and noticed I could see right into his shorts and I nearly busted out in laughter when it was obvious he wasn't holding his composure as well as I had thought. I could see the outline of his half hardened manhood but I held it together and felt a sense of relief that I wasn't the only one here getting a little turned on. In fact, I started feeling a little better about my looks. We repeated the whole routine four times and he stood up straight. "Now let's put the left leg back, right leg forward and down." He commanded and we went down. He reached over and grabbed the underneath of my leg while explaining the importance of the move. His fingers had snapped across my lip and made me wonder if he had done that on purpose. I was quickly reminded of several opportunistic moments that I had with him when he was on my massage table and realized why we were in similar businesses. A smile came to my face but I didn't mean for it to be a sign of approval which I think he understood it to be because his smirk looked a bit shady when I glanced at him again. We switched legs and did four repetitions.

He stood again, looked at me and smiled. "Excellent. Now straight down in a deep knee bend." He said as he crouched. I followed him four times. "Now legs apart." He bellowed. I flipped my knees outward and heard a rip.

"Shit!" I hollered. "Was that a tendon?" I looked down quickly and poked at my inner thigh. Joel leaned forward and peered into my crotch. I swatted at him and laughed. "Don't look, Silly. I may be flashing you!" I yelled and knocked him off balance. He laughed as he up righted himself.

"Sorry." He said still chuckling. "Is everything OK? You're not in pain are you?"

"No," I said. "No pain so I must have torn my shorts." I laughed again. "Damn it. I told you I needed to lose some weight. I ran my hands up into my crotch and found a small hole right between the holes in my body. My finger slipped through and found a moist hideaway. It wasn't very large so I figured I would just let it slide and made a gesture to him as if I found nothing. A devilish voice in my head thought it could make for a very interesting rest of the afternoon. I smiled. "OK, what's next?

"Next I'm going to have you lay flat on the floor." He said leaning forward onto his knees. I sat down and stretched my legs out in front of me and began to lie back. "On your tummy." He stated.

"Oh," I said as rolled over onto my stomach. "Like this?" He agreed and crawled over towards my feet and put his knees on the insides of my legs and grabbed the back of my calves.

"I want you to pull your butt up in the air like a cat and stretch your arms forward." He bellowed. I pulled my ass up in the air and he grabbed my hips. "That's right, come all the way back." He assured me. I went with his hands until my butt tapped his stomach. His hand s stopped there but I kept going a little further until I felt my undercarriage against his crotch. I lurched forward again and lay flat. He put his hand against my thigh, directing me back up and my ass went up in the air again. This time he rested his hand on my back as I inched my butt toward him. "Excellent." He said slowly. I felt him against my rear and pushed back a little further. This time there was something bumping my muffin and it just happen to be right against that little hole in my shorts. I nearly had an orgasm right then and I know I let my breath out a lot heavier than the time before. Again I lurched forward and I could hear him breathe. I rested momentarily on the floor, highly anticipating the next repetition. I pulled my ass back up into the air and felt a cool sensation against my love nest.

"Oh no!" I thought as I began my descent into the unknown. "I'm wet and I can feel it." I stretched a little harder this time pushing my ass down his abdomen and there my wet lips drew right across what felt like a cucumber under his shorts. I didn't want to make it too obvious I was enjoying this moment so intensely so as I headed back to the floor I spoke up between breaths. "How many of these?" I asked but realized I had asked in a voice so breathy that I was giving myself away.

"Um," He stuttered. "Until you feel fully stretched, I guess." I could tell he was in the same state of pleasure I was so my next descent I drew my ass against him extra slow and extra sensual and pushed my lips against him harder along the full length of his staff which had nearly doubled in size. I drew back up and onto the floor. I reached behind me and put my hands under my ass cheeks and spread them slightly, positioning that hole in my shorts just right so he could see. "I really feel it here." I said. "Is that where you should feel it the most?" I asked as I arched my back again and threw my ass into the air and headed his way. I felt his hands leave my calves and his fingers ran up my back toward my shoulders.

"Yes," He said. "And here, too, along your back and shoulders. My ass hit his stomach and made its way down onto his rock hard tool. This time I could feel the head of his cock as it passed my sweet lips and then I felt him pushing down on my shoulders and his staff was pushing harder into me. I took a very deep breath and slid back up his pipe and stopped momentarily. We both took a very deep breath and I leaned forward once again pausing briefly and leaving my back arched and my ass in the air. I could feel I was dripping wet and it HAD to be noticeable.

"Ok!" I said as I took a deep breath in. "One more and let's make it count!" I slowly and sensually made my way towards him with my ass and heard him shuffling behind me. He had one hand against my thigh pulling me back into him and my ass bumped his stomach once again. I slowly drove my tush down his abdomen and felt warmth through the hole in my shorts. I paused for a moment and swirled my ass around in realization that I could go down no further. I felt the head of his cock swirling against my dripping lips.

I heard a rip as I forced my mid section down and felt Joel's cock forge its way deep into my womanhood. I threw my head back and took a deep breath in. I could feel the blood surging through his erection as I pushed harder into him. I felt his hands wrap around my waist above my hips and push me down harder on to him. "Oh my God! Anna!" He cried. "I think I found that hole." He chuckled slightly and I began to swirl my ass around attempting deeper penetration. I could feel the liquid flowing through me and the feeling was sensational. I pulled up off of his thick tool and pushed myself back down on to it.

"Yeah, I think I know where it is, too." I said between breaths. "How many reps of these should I do?" I asked as I pulled up and off of his slick shaft. I slowly dove forward, outstretching my arms, arching my back and pushing my rear up into the air. I felt him upright himself and then felt him pressing against my butt. His hard cock pushed against my soaked love muffin and then I felt my lips separating slowly. His cock entered me slowly as I tried desperately to keep my ass in the air. He pushed himself all the way in and I felt his testicles tickle the underneath of my thighs. I backed into him and pulled forward as pulled back and began to rhythmically fuck me, pulling on the tops of my thighs every time he wanted me back against him. I didn't know how much of this I could take.

"We'll do about a hundred of these." He said firmly but jokingly and we both chuckled between breaths. "Jeesus, Anna." I heard him moan. "You are so fucking hot! I get hard every time you are massaging me." He slowed his stroke and began to run his hands along my back and sides and then I felt him lean over me. He began to kiss my back while pushing his fingers up into the back of my sports bra.

"I know." I said as I as I pushed my chest off of the floor and pushed him back into an upright position. His lips attacked my neck like a hungry wolf and his hands came around to my stomach and up into my top. His fingers stumbled lightly over my nipples while I wriggled on top of his lap. "Do you know how many times I have wanted to attack you but I just couldn't. I didn't want to lose you as a customer." I said grabbing his stubbly face with my hands while he fondled my breasts. "Oh Shit!" I cried. My body started to tremble and I quickly put my hands on his thighs and lifted myself off of him and his cock slapped back on his stomach. I pushed my lips down onto his shaft and slid back and forth on the length of his erection bringing myself to a breathtaking orgasm. I took in a deep breath, stopped and pushed down onto my clit. I let out my breath. "Oh, God!" I screamed. "Oh God!" He stayed still for a moment and a stream of watery love spit out from my lips.

"Oh my God!" He said in astonishment. Another stream coated his already slippery tool and I took in a quick breath and held it. One more time I could feel it well up in me and all my muscles together became rigid and the liquid was flowing like a beach wave on a rocky pier. "You're going to make ME come with your orgasm!" He belted in amazement and I felt his cock well up and I heard him breath out really slowly and His grip tightened around my waist and for a minute I couldn't move. I felt a rush through his cock like a river that whizzed right past my clitoris and then I felt a warm flow right at my swollen lips. I reached around a set my hand under the head of his cock and pushed him into my lips, squeezing him lightly around the shaft and then felt another surge. The cream pelted my anus and I could feel it dripping down and I could feel it filtering through my fingers. I positioned his cock at the entrance of my love nest and slowly pushed him inside, feeling every twitch with each inch.

We both took a deep breath and I lay back into his chest while he embraces me with his arm across my shoulder blade and neck. I lightly kissed his arm and lay my head on his shoulder. We sat there for at least 5 min just taking in what had happened and realized we were in the middle of a workout. We laughed momentarily and got our things together and I eventually talked him into dinner at my place several days later but it didn't take much convincing.

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