Bathing Suits
When I was 18 I had just purchased two new bathing suits for the start of the summer pool and beach scene. I believe I have a good figure and I like to show it off while I'm young. Sometimes I can get a bit mischievous and do things that can be viewed as a bit over the top. That's just me. When I got home with my new suits I again tried them on in the bathroom and that's when I got my idea. Here's what I did.

After dinner I told mom and dad that I bought two new bathing suits and I told them I wanted their opinion as to how they looked on me. My mom said that she and dad would love to see them on me and give me their opinions. I told them I would meet them in the living room and I went to my room to get my suits. I got changed into the first suit and put on a pair of sandals and strutted into the living room. I walked back and forth and turned around for them to get a good overall look. Mom said I looked great and she loved the style and color of my suit. Now, comes the good part. I stood in the middle of the room and removed both the top and the bottom of my suit. I was now naked except for the sandals. Mom and dad just stared. I then walked to a chair where my other new suit was on a hanger. I took my time and put on the second suit for them making sure they got a good look at my tits,ass and trim pubic patch. Mom said it was lovely. dad didn't said anything until I asked him. I then again removed the suit in front of them and put my regular clothes back on. I thanked them for their opinions and I went to my room.

About a half hour later mom came up to my room and said we needed to talk. She sat on the edge of my bed and said, "and just what was that all about?" I played dumb and just said, "what?" Mom then said, "did you really think it was appropriate to stand in front of us naked ? I told mom I didn't think it was any big deal. Then mom started to laugh and she said that dad didn't get up off the couch for awhile. She said she was quite certain that his dick was hard. I then laughed also. Mom then got serious again and said, "please don't pull something like that again, OK. I said OK.and just smiled knowing that things can happen...

A few hours later as I lay in bed thinking about what I did and the thought of my actions giving dad any eye full, I started masturbating and didn't stop until I came.
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