Bathtime Story
"Tell me a story, Jude." She and I are surrounded by hot water, bubbles and smell of chamomile in the big porcelain tub and for the first time in weeks I am calm. From behind me her arms wrap around my waist and she pulls me to lie back on her chest as she rests her head on the marble tile of the bathroom wall.
Putting her lips to my ear she says, "Tell you a story...hmmm..." On the side of the tub is a full glass of sweet red wine. She grasps it, putting the glass rim to her lips and takes a small sip before she slips in front of me and holds it to my lips where follow suit. Setting the wine glass back down she asks, "What type of story do you want to hear?" I close my eyes and feel the half smile playing on my lips as I enjoy the bubbles dancing around us, the heat of water lapping at my nipples.
"Tell me the story of the wolf." I feel her smile on my ear and feel the rumble of laughter in her chest. Her hands start running trails up and down my abdomen, over my breasts, and I am lazy with the comfort of being in her arms, feeling her touch.
From behind me she takes another sip of wine and places her hands back on my breasts, teasing my nipples softly. "Once upon there was a beautiful woman who fell in love with a beast. The beast was neither male nor female but the woman loved anyway." With one hand still on my nipple she moves the other to reach over the lip of the tub to pick up the vibrating egg. Switching it on, she passes it delicately over my nipples, making me shiver.
"Now the townspeople regarded the Beauty and the Beast as wrong, and unnatural. But that didn't stop Beauty from loving, oh no, it made their love stronger. And as their desire built for each other, they learned new ways to please each other." Jude was slowly moving the egg down my torso, letting my arousal rise and as I squirmed she whispered, "Shhhh..." into my ear and I feel my body grow limp, ready to obey her every command.
"The Beast had a very long, strong tongue, and Beauty loved when her wrists constrained, tied to the bedposts in the boudoir with Beasts head buried between her thighs." With gentle pressure she slid the egg over my clit and moaned in pleasure, arching my back into her breasts, my head on her shoulder. She makes lazy circles over my sensitive flesh, letting my orgasm grow slowly. Her mouth moves to the back of my neck and she takes the flesh in between her teeth, biting lightly. "Do you like the story so far?"
"Mmmm...yes, very much." Her fingers are still working my nipples, massaging the heavy flesh of my breasts, all the while massaging my clit with powerful vibrations.
"Good. The beast was a generous lover, adoring being able to give Beauty such sexual pleasure. Together they would spend hours upon hours in their boudoir, The Beast making Beauty moan and beg for more."
The egg was doing its job well, and as I felt my first orgasm shudder through me, the second one had already started to mount. Scooting me closer to her, she moved her other hand down to my wet pussy and slowly thrusted two fingers deep into me. "Jude," I moan into her ear," you're going to make me cum again."
"Mmmm...good." As she continued to work her fingers, she went on with the story. "The Beast and the Beauty loved each other so that when they died, many decades later, their souls merged into each other, and found peace in the body of the wolf. That is how the first werewolf came to be. Not out of anger were they born, but out of love."
An erotic cry escaped my lips as my second orgasm racked my body. Breathing heavily, I move my hand to the egg, my body too sensitive for any more vibrations. She put it back on the edge of the tub and wrapped her arms around me again, pulling me through the water to fit as close to her as I can. Covering my hair with kisses, she asks, "Did you enjoy the story my love?"
I turn my head to kiss her on the mouth long and slow before I answer..."Mmmm, very much so."
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