Bathtub Fantasy
It had been a very long first day in my training seminar. I was ready for a long relaxing evening in the jacuzzi tub in my hotel room. I even upgraded the room at my cost so I could enjoy an evening away from the family to the fullest extent.

I had stopped the previous evening and bought a nice bottle of wine, some bubble bath, and scented candles so I wouldn't have to tonight. I walked into the room and immediately went over and turned on the water, playing with the temperature until it was just right, poured in a capful of bubbles, and lit the candles. The room filled up with the smell of vanilla, I breathed in deeply, enjoying the scent.

Walking back towards the bed I kicked off my heels, unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it on the bed, and reaching behind unzipped my skirt. I skimmed it down my hips and it joined the blouse on the bed. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, standing there in just my silky purple bra and panties, I ran my hands up my hips, over my stomach and up to cup my own breasts. I played with my nipples for a moment feeling them get erect. Then I ran my hands up into my hair and removed the clip that was holding my blonde curls on top of my head. I shook out my hair and sighed deeply at how much better that felt as I rubbed my scalp with my fingers.

Noticing the tub was getting close to full, I sauntered over and turned the handles to off. I ran my fingers through the water and bubbles checking to make sure I wasn't going to scald myself when I got in, it was perfect. I started to reach behind to undo my bra and then remembered I was going to need my bottle of wine before I jumped in. I opened the nice bottle of red I had picked out and poured myself a glass and set them on the wide tub edge where I could reach easily. I quickly unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor and slid off my panties to join it.

I stepped over the edge and slowly eased my foot into the water and I moaned, "oooohhhhh." It felt so good, warm and silky from the bubbles, so I hurried and slid completely in to the tub. I had filled it to the perfect level, the water and bubbles came just to the top of my full breasts. I reached over and grabbed a washcloth and got it wet and started running it over my body. I lifted up first one leg and then the other, slowly scrubbing away the stress of the day. Then I concentrated on my arms and shoulders enjoying how the roughness felt against my smooth skin. I then ran the cloth down over my breasts, moving the cloth in circles around their fullness, ending with the nipples which were hard as rocks by this time. I eased the washcloth down my stomach, running over it slowly, then down to my pussy. The feel of the cloth against me under the water was incredibly sensuous. I let my legs fall apart and gently ran the cloth against my clit, up and down my lips, I couldn't hold in the moan that crossed my lips. I dropped the cloth back on the side of the tub and reached for my wine and took a small sip, enjoying the flavor of the wine. I took a few more drinks and refilled the glass. Smiling to myself, I thought I had better not drink too much since we have another day of training tomorrow.

I had set my Ipod next to the tub earlier and now put the earbuds in and pushed play. I had made a playlist just for this evening, some soft, smooth jazz, perfect for relaxing while soaking away my cares in a big tub, even by myself.

I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. It started going over the information from the seminar but then focused in on the very handsome man who had been seated in the row in front of me and over a couple of seats. I had enjoyed letting my eyes wander over to him all day. He was about six foot tall, dark hair, and beautiful brown eyes. He had caught me looking at him a couple of times and had smiled as he held my gaze, so I knew he had one of those beautiful, sensual mouths made just for kissing. I had enjoyed how his suit fit his toned body when he stood and stretched the kinks out at each break. When he would lift his arms over his head and stretched with one of those full body shivers it caused a shiver to run through me.

Now just thinking of him and his smile I could feel my body warm up, imagine how it would feel to be pressed up against him fully, to kiss him deeply. The kiss would start out slowly, just a soft meeting of the lips, brushing against each other as we learned the shape and feel. Slowly reaching out with the tips of our tongues to trace the outlines of the others lips, dipping into the seam and touching them together gently, then sliding them in deeper. The tongues are then wrapping around each other, learning the taste, the texture, our lips locked together in pure pleasure from the kiss. As I imagine this amazing kiss I feel my breasts become firmer and there is a softening deep in my pussy as my desire takes hold. I let my fantasy kiss go further as I bring my hands to my breasts, gently squeezing them, running the tip of my fingers over the nipples. I quickly nip on his full bottom lip and then kiss it softly to say sorry, he groans deep in his throat as his hands leave the sides of my face and smooth down my shoulders and arms. They are large hands, smooth, and strong as he slides them onto my waist, then slides them up my ribcage to the undersides of my breasts. As he cups my large breasts in each hand he pulls back from our kiss to look down at them, he lifts them both up, and reaches down with his beautiful mouth to suck gently on each nipple. I roll my nipples between my fingers to simulate how that would feel and moan out loud at the sensation. I reached up and put my hands in his hair, holding his head to my breasts, urging him to suck harder. He sucks harder and I feel my pussy drench itself with my juices. My hips grind against him as my desire for more reaches a frenzied pitch.

I let my imagination run wild, as I slowly unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his toned chest and stomach to my view, I leisurely run my hands over him enjoying the feel of his skin that is lightly covered with hair. I lean over to him and run my tongue around one of his nipples, then suck on it lightly until it is hard, then I switch over to the other and give it the same treatment. He groans again as I let my hands slip lower to the button of his pants, I can see his cock is straining against the front of his slacks. I look up at him and grin, "I think he needs to be set free." He laughed softly and responded, "you think?" I open his pants and watch in wonder as his beautiful cock springs free of its confines. I wrap my hand around him and slowly move it up and down his length, feeling how smooth and hard he is. In my mind, I see myself dropping to my knees in front of him, looking up into his beautiful eyes as I slowly swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock, tasting him, running my tongue through the slit, enjoying how that brings just a drop of precum out of him. I then run my tongue up and down his cock, making him wet with my saliva, so I can wrap my lips around the tip and slide him slowly into my mouth. I take him into my mouth but realize that he is bigger, longer than I expected, so I move my lips up and down his cock, moving deeper with each stroke, taking him deeper into my throat. I hear him groan as his hands tangle in my hair, I look up as I deep throat his cock and watch him throw his head back, enjoying the pleasure my tongue and mouth are giving him.

My pussy is aching from imagining his beautiful body and cock so I let go of my breasts and slide my hands down my stomach to touch myself. I gently rub my clit with my first finger on my right hand, my hips automatically lift as it sends a wave of pleasure through my body. I push one finger from my left hand into my pussy and it is very slick with my juices, so I slide in another finger. I move them slowly in and out of me, I can feel my orgasm build as I move my fingers in and out faster, rubbing on my clit harder with each stroke. But I decide I don't want to cum yet so I slide my hands back up to my nipples, rubbing them, pinching them lightly while I continue my fantasy fuck.

I could feel his cock swell as I sucked on him, his balls were tightening up as he got closer to cumming. I moved my mouth faster, sucking harder and then heard him yell out, "fuck yeah!" as his cum shot down the back of my throat. I swallowed all I could as he had stream after stream of cum erupt from his cock, but some did drip out of the corner of my mouth and so as I slowly pulled back from him I was licking my lips to get every stray drop. He smiled at me, "that was fucking amazing baby so now what would you like in return?" I respond while lifting one eyebrow, "in return? Mmmmm...would love your tongue and mouth on my pussy." He laughs this deep, sexy sound, "my pleasure."

He slowly backs me up until I reach the bed and I fall back onto it. I crawl backwards until I reach the pillows, watching him stalk me with this beautiful, sexy smile on his face. He slowly crawls across the bed and pushes my legs apart so he can see my wet, dripping pussy. He lowers his head to touch my clit with his tongue, he flicks it slowly, then wraps his tongue around it and sucks gently. I cry out from the pleasure of his tongue and bury my hands in his hair. He runs his tongue up and down my lips, dipping his tongue into my pussy over and over again, then returns to my clit as he slides two fingers into my hole. He lashes at my clit faster and faster with his tongue as his fingers slide in and out, curling them up to hit my sensitive g-spot. I am breathing so hard as I feel my body tighten up to orgasm even though I am not even touching myself this time. I once again decide I need to slow myself down, that I am not quite ready to cum. I reach over and grab another drink of my wine, calming myself as I breathe deeply.

Slowly I let my eyes close again as I picture his handsome face and body, I reach down and draw him up my body. He is laying full length on me, our bodies touching everywhere, allowing our hands to gently run over each other. Me feeling his firm, warm, skin over taut muscles. Him feeling my soft, supple skin, skimming his hands over all of my curves. He kisses me deeply once again, our tongues swirling deep into each others mouth. I taste my pussy juices on his tongue as I suck on it, the taste mixes with his own special flavor and drives me wild. I spread my legs wide so he is laying in between them, I feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He slides it in just a little, barely inside of me, just teasing me. I try to lift my hips up to pull him in deeper but he pulls away enough so that I can't. I beg him, "please...I need to feel you deep in me baby!" He chuckles, "you will darling...very soon you will." He continues his teasing, moving a little further into me with each thrust, until he is buried in my pussy completely. Then he begins long, steady strokes, almost completely pulling out of me and then thrusting back into me as hard and deep as he can. As I imagine this I put my hands back on my pussy again, burying two fingers deep in myself, I slide them in and out, just like it was him. I curl them just a bit and as I thrust them back in I hit my g-spot. I can't stop my orgasm this time as I feel my pussy walls tighten around my fingers, imagining it was his cock. I scream at him, "I am cuuummmminng!" as I feel him explode inside of me, feel his cum filling up my pussy. I feel these waves of pleasure radiate through my body as I push my fingers back in my pussy again and again.

As my orgasm slowly subsides I realize that the water I was laying in had become quite chilly. I laugh at myself as I realize that I had killed most of my evening with a fantasy man who's name I didn't even know, and that the second day of training was going to be pure hell as I sat there trying not to relive my fantasy when I look at him.

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