Beautiful, Sexy, Hot
Fucking your pussy......two pillows under your head so you can see our sex, two pillows under your lower back raising your ass for me, your legs spread and knees up so you can watch my fucking cock.

Every time I pull my ass back and the shaft comes sliding out you have a perfect view of my big hard wet cock. And you watch my ass thrusting forward again and again and again, driving my thick rod up in you.
Fucking god you feel it gliding deep into your smooth warm pussy over and over, and every time it does you feel my balls slapping against you. Babe you feel every inch of my cock's hard length as it rushes into your body, its thickness sliding against your inner walls. My cock repeatedly filling your hot fuck hole.

God we love fucking.
A man and a woman screwing, it feels so damn good. And it's so hot for you as you watch my prick working in and out of you. Seeing my stabbing cock makes the whole experience so much hotter, makes your pussy wetter and more sensitive.
You stare at my naked body raised above you--my cock drilling your pussy, my ass jerking forward and back, stomach clenched and chest tight with my strong hands grabbing, lifting, and spreading your soft beautiful thighs. You stare at me--naked for you, taking you, giving you gasping, moaning, breathtaking sexual pleasure. You feel me ramming into your cunt, jerking you around and messing up your hair the way only sex can mess it up. Your naked breasts rocking and sliding on your chest, all of it making you feel so damn sexy.
In your mind it's so sexually thrilling letting a man you hardly know fly halfway across the country just to fuck you like this. So wild and exciting being in bed together, naked together after years of sharing sexual fantasies, after hearing each other's voice on the phone talking sex to each other. Hearing each other's voice and cumming for each other, cumming together.

After fucking your delicious pussy for what seemed like hours with you laying out naked before me, I pull my slippery hard cock all the way out, grab it with my fist and begin jerking it for you as you stare, one of your elegant hands on your gorgeous full breasts lightly scratching and pulling your nipples, the other on your mound with your sexy nails and fingertips reaching for your sensitive clit.
You can tell I'm close to my climax when I start grunting loud and begin pounding my big prick super hard, as fast as I can, steadily slamming my fist into the base of my cock.
Seeing me banging my hard cock right over you like that ignites your desires, and your beautiful naked body is filled with intense sexual pleasure as you rub yourself, driving yourself faster and faster toward your own butt-clenching, back-arching, squirting orgasm.

Staring at me jerking off makes you want really bad to see me cumming. You want to see my fat cock head spurting my creamy white shit, a fountain of cum spewing out in a flying arc that will hit your chest and splatter all over your breasts.
You want to see my cum firing out and feel it hit your face. Catch it in your hands, stick your tongue out and taste it, then spread it on your naked breasts, rubbing it in like sex cream, your hands cupping your tits and smearing my cum all over them.

Fuck with me. Buck your hot ass every time my hard cock drives deep into you.
Then watch me jerking off over you. Raise up and sit right in front of me, lifting your tits as i climb to my feet, pumping my thick hard-on the whole time.
Suddenly you see it, my cum shooting out of my big cock, splattering your full sexy breasts and covering your hot nipples. Your intense voice quietly moans "SHIT" and "FUCK" when you see spots and blobs and stripes of my creamy white stuff all over your tits.

Then you look deeply into my eyes as you erotically slide your hands over, across, under and all around your naked breasts. Your beautiful face, your incredibly sexy eyes and lips melt me inside and stretch my hardening cock as your cum-covered hands slide down over your stomach and onto your smooth mound.

My god you are the hottest creature I could possibly imagine...hotter, making my cock stand out so fucking big and hard while I watch you press your thighs together and force your fingers and my cum down into your smooth pink crotch. God you're making me want to push your knees apart, get my head between your silky thighs, licking you and sucking you to a moaning, butt-lifting orgasm.
You complete the sexy picture by pushing your chest out, showing off your full breasts, and grinding your ass into the sheets under you, while your fingers and nails press and slide all over your sensitive firm clit.
The fabulous sexy look on your face....your head tilted just so, tongue showing a little between your parted teeth, with a look in your narrowed eyes that unmistakably says, "I fucking own you, sweetheart. Fucking cock bastard, you love it all. Watch me cum. Oh god shit yes it's cumming!"
And I hear your quiet breathy voice intensely groaning SHIT as your body tightens and your orgasm rushes through your gorgeous naked body from your breasts to your smooth stomach, through your pussy and squirming ass, down your legs and into your toes.

You're so beautiful, sexy, and hot, watching you and hearing you cum makes my cock stretch out to its full hardness again. I push your legs apart and sink down to my knees again between your twitching thighs.
You reach up and take my hard dick, pulling it down and pressing the soft wet head into your sensitive sexual pleasure spot. Slowly rubbing yourself with it, sliding it around in the combined wetness of your cum and mine, our opening mouths meet, sucking your pussy-wet fingers and sharing them between our soft sex kissing lips.
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