Beauty and the Beast
What a night, we came, we saw, devided and conquered a perfect lads night out.
I was on the dance floor grinding with a world class girl, nibbled her ear, all I had left to do was bring her back to my place so I could fuck her brains out, but ol no she had a friend who was like a bad rash, big girl with ginger hair. I could not shake her, next thing I know Im the ham in there sandwich, Ginger is attached to my arse and Beauty was necking on.

The cab home was interesting, I was sat in the middle getting attention doing my best to keep my cock in my pants. In the flat I was quickly stripped and 2 mouths were on my cock. I lay on the bed and both girls got naked, Beauty was perfect, small boobs but they looked so good on her, Ginger had massive boobs and a belly to match but she gave a wickid blow job. I had Ginger sucking my cock and Beauty was sitting on my face. My tongue ached as I stretched it up her juicy smooth pussy but then I had no control as Ginger was mouth fucking me, I really did not want to cum yet, I told to slow it down, she squeezed my balls and I shot cum in her mouth all over her face.

We lay on the bed together, 3 way kiss and a bit of touching up until my cock was ready for round 2.
Both girls waited on all fours wriggling there bums for some doggy, Beauty was gonna get it, Ginger was wasting her time. My cock was tracing the lips of Beauty's pussy, dancing in the door way, nudging in and then nudging a bit more until it was time to pick up the rythm, her mouth released her whimpers as I started to really let go and bang her.

Ginger watched as I gave every bit of me to Beauty - Banging her like I was in a hurry, fucking her so hard it was dangerous, next thing I know have a wet bush spooning my rather busy bum, Ginger was along for the ride.

With all this power fucking it was not to last long, I totally pounded Beauty and filled her perfect hole leaving her laying in goo and shatttered.

Ginger thou Oh Ginger she had been waiting and she was not gonna until she had got some cock!!!

Ginger rolled me on my back and pinned me down, her floppy boobs swaying over me.
I told her I was tired she told me to sort my cock out or she rip it off and feed it to me.
She then sat her hairy pussy on my face, I sucked her good, too good her hair getting stuck in my throat.
My cock switched back on.

Ginger stayed on top stayed in control and lowered her pussy on. Wow! She felt good and she was working me, her pussy was tight, sensual I was the one whimpering, she was shouting at me to go deep but she had all the control, I asked if she on the pill but she said no I want your baby!
I wanted to stop but I could'nt.

Ginger was giving me a great fuck, bouncing on me, at one point I came out her pussy and found her arse, she did'nt stop she wriggled and eased it in and for a while I was fucking her bum, my skin felt stretched she was gonna ruin me.

Then back in her pussy for a final run, I tried to get her to let me cum in her mouth but no, Ginger bounced until I filled her pussy and then collapsed with Beauty in the goo club.

When I woke up they were both still there and they wanted more cock! Ol no!

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