Becoming her
I woke and the bedroom was empty as i scan the room my eyes become transfixed on her top draw as i see my fave red thong hanging out i wonder to myself was she in a rush or just testing me. Well if it was the latter i was going to fail this test miserably but hey i thought i get to wear them so i jump out of bed and drop my pants as i walk to the draw my cock already getting hard at the thought of the lacy thong sliding up my legs and sliding between my ass and the material hunging my cock in against its will i the ly on the bed to start pleasuring myself.

Suddenly the door bursts open and in she walks shout at me calling me a dirty little perv and how she os going to tell all my friends. I beg for her not to and i will do anything so she says get the matching bra on and those black stockings while ill pick u out a dress so i started putting the bra and stockings on i realised that i liked it more and my cock was hard again and all i wanted to do is grab it and start stroking it but she caught me and made me put the figure hugging red dress on i admired i slipped it on and it felt good my cock was clearly visable against the dress and my women knew i wanted to be treated like a woman so she pulls door her jeans when a big black fat strap-on springs out and she tells me to get on my knees and to start sucking it so i did i greedily start sucking on the big fat cock then i feel her hands on the back of my head and she tells me to open my mouth and she starts pulling my head in as she thrusts her hips forward and i fell the tip of the cock pounding against the back of my throat i notice drips of cum sliding door my womans leg and she pushes my head back and i fall against the bed she then says you perv u have ruined my good thomg and fave dress as i look down there it is a big cum stain against the dress and i was still very wet she said they were now my clothes and in my head i was overjoyed.

She then told me to get up so i did and she bent me over the bed and pulled MY dress up and hitched MY thong to oneside she then slowly started rubbing the tip of the big black cock round my ass and with one big thrust shoves the hole cock in my ass i let out a murmer and she tell me ive been a naughty girl i shouldnt be messing with other peoples clothes and she start thrust hard my cock is ready to explode and its still trapped in the sexy thong im there with my skirt hitched around my hips and my woman fucking my ass hard and fast when she reaches around and starts jerking my cock and after only a couple of strokes i squirt all in my new panties and with that she pulls the cock out my ass and starts licking her fingers as my cum is all over them. We lie there kissing when she stands up and tells me to get changed as we are going shopping as she didnt want me in the same outfit tomorrow so i quickly show and get change but i kept the thong on and when them walked out of the room to go and find me sexy clothes for our new sex i was so excited i almost came in my pants again.
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