Begging Becomes Her...
Note: To be clear, this is very much fiction/fantasy... Not condoning this behavior out of any Dom/Alpha, let alone any to which I could submit. SSC and mutual respect aren't optional.
<3, Java.

When he returned from a long, unplanned trip, she was right where he expected her to be... sitting cross-legged at the front of the bed, her blindfold and restraints laid out on their bed behind her head. Her hands folded at her ankles, with her head bowed so her hair softly fell in front of her eyes.

She'd been in this position three times a day for an hour each time while he was gone, per his instructions. He never told her when he was coming home, but she knew he was being punished. She had a lot of time to think about her every word and action over the past two weeks. She thought about leaving, but knew that her submission meant more to her (and him) than a couple weeks of heartache.

Her heart had jumped through her throat at hearing the determined clicks of his shoes on the hardwood floors in the hallway. She desperately tried to control the sobs and keep her submissive composure knowing he wouldn't be pleased with her crying. The tears of relief fell down her cheeks anyway.

He walked in the bedroom tossed his sport coat across the side ottoman and she jumped as the strap of his overnight bag clattered on the the floor. That startling gasp broke her perfect pose and she jerked her head up to see if his mood would be favorable, or if she was in for a long night. He was standing right in front of her staring into her eyes with his jaw firm as he exhaled and decided what to say.

"Why are you crying? Because you were selfish?" She nodded and bowed her head again. "You are a disgrace to the name 'Submissive' and I should've dismissed you immediately. You need to beg me to keep you. What do you say to that?"

Timidly, she began...."I am so very sorry, Sir. I've done a lot of remorseful thinking since you left."

"And?" His dry rebuke returned the lump in her throat. She wasn't sure how to continue...

"It..It was wrong for me to expect you to want to play only when I was available. Please forgive me..."

"Why should I do that? This will happen again and you'll let your desires get ahead of your sensibility. You put me in a bad position and I had to leave."

"Sir.... please"... Her confidence waned and her "please" was followed by quiet sobs. "Please don't dismiss me. I beg you ... Please, please let me stay with you and earn your trust again."

He scoffed and walked away from her to the opposite side of the bed. "I'm tired, draw a bath for me and I'll be there in a moment." She slowly, nervously rose to draw the bath. Setting a fresh towel and washcloth on the marble next to the faucet, she took another washcloth and ran it under the warming water. She wiped her eyes and got her breath under control. Kneeling by the side of the tub, she sighed a breath of relief that he had returned.

As he came in, shedding his traveling clothes and tossing them to the laundry basket, she lowered her eyes and moved toward the door. "Where are you going?" "I.... I didn't think you'd..." "Come here, my slut. Just because I'm upset doesn't mean I don't take care of my girl." She was scared to let her guard down, because he could break her heart in seconds with just a few words... but damn, he could swell her heart to ten times its size with just a few words, too.

He stepped into the tub and as he settled, he guided her into the tub. She was tense, not nearly the flippant, sassy girl he left. "Good," he thought... "She's nervous so she'll be compliant tonight." He pulled her back into his arms as he ran the soapy washcloth over her body. up her side, across her breasts, down her arm and back down to her stomach. A few more gentle touches and she was cautiously optimistic that he was less upset with her now.

She started with the washcloth on his legs, moving up to his hips then sliding out of his arms to wash his chest, his face, and his arms. Then, sitting back back on her heels, she took a long time to gently caress his balls and to wash every part of his cock. Almost painfully slowly, she stroked him and squeezed him hard. His arousal evident, she avoided eye contact so she could continue. He would make her stop if she looked at him directly, and this was the one way she could repent for her bad behavior.

He twisted her ponytail around his wrist and ran his fingers across the sensitive spot on her neck. He tugged on her hair and said "Stop. You'll do more later in bed." She reached for the towels and they stepped out of the tub. He took her towel and gently dried her off then roughly pulled her to him, growling in her ear, "Pull down the sheets and wait for me in bed."

She pulled the crisp white sheets down the bed and slipped her feet under the fold, leaned back, then closed her eyes. In a couple moments he was sliding his arm over her stomach and sucking on one of her nipples. She begged him to take her hard... and the look in his eyes left no doubt that would happen. Slipping between her legs, he spread her puss and rammed two fingers in her. He pressed them to the roof of her g-spot and unrelentingly brought her almost to orgasm then pulled out and removed all contact. He waited a few moments which allowed her to catch her breath, then the next touch she felt was her clit being sucked hard in his mouth. He shoved his hands under her ass and pulled her to him. She begged him to let her come. Again, he denied her. He held back her orgasm three more times before he finally let her come apart around his thrusting, stiff cock. Her orgasm was so intense that she squirted hard, to both of their surprise. She needed the release, and he needed to punish her for disobeying him. They both got what they needed that night...

As she snuggled to his side in his favorite position, he thought... "Hmm... begging becomes her... maybe she should do this more often...." He kissed her forehead as a first sign of reconciliation.

She quietly begged him not to leave again....
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