Being Unfaitful
I was married a little more than two years and mainly had been faithful to my husband. Oh, not that I didn't flirt with some handsome guys and even some cute woman. I never took it that far with anybody.

Now I have never been curious about being with a man of color, but soon I found myself being observed by a very handsome young man of color. It seemed everywhere I went, he was there. From the grocery store to the mall, he was there.

It began with a simple "Hi"! When we met in the local pharmacy, he said, "We got to stop meeting like this." I thought it was cute and laughed as did he. He had seen me in a variety of clothes, a few of which I wished he hadn't seen me wear.

I had on a pair of yoga pants that I was just too lazy to change my top for some coverage, and he got to see more than I intended. I did catch him staring, and I could just imagine what was running through his mind. Although a few of those thoughts about him had been lingering in my mind lately.

In the grocery store, I swooped my shopping cart around the corner and ran straight into his shopping basket he was carrying. The edge of my cart, caught the basket just right and sent it smashing into his man zone. He went to his knees with me, trying to help him up as he curled upholding that sacred spot. I kept apologizing, and I had to catch myself wanting to touch his hurt.

Everything settled down eventually, and I offered to buy him a cup of coffee at the grocery store coffee bar. I usually do not go there with the bolted swing chairs at the tables. When you were short skirts, it is challenging to maneuver your behind into them without showing the world all your sought after treasures. I tried but watching his eyes they were glued in the right place for his enjoyment.

I started talking a mile a minute apologizing again for running into him that way. He listened to me but would turn away then back to me but always down towards the table. Then it dawned on me that in the scuffle my blouse had come open and I was showing more than usual, and my push up bra was not helping.

I could do nothing but sit there and button up my blouse while he watched. When he said, "I was hoping that was on purpose." I knew that this beautiful thing was more than being friendly with coincidental bumping into each other. He was more than interested, but he was being a gentleman about it.

The thing that bothered me was I was thinking of him while my husband was pumping me as his life depended on it. I definitely was overthinking about this young good looking man. It bothered me so much, I made the mistake of telling my old girlfriend from college. It was a big mistake!

She wanted to go with me and see him, and I reluctantly agreed. I knew sooner or later we would bump into each other, and it sure did take long.

Her reaction led her to say, "Sweet Pea. If I were you, I would be getting in that hunk's pants." She has called me Sweet Pea since college and came from me taking a drug test after a party at a fraternity. I did not pass, and how she did, I will never know.

I told her, "We are not in college. We are both married. And now you are recommending I sleep with this guy."

"If you do it right, nobody will ever know."

"I have heard that one before, but seldom works," I shot back. I will admit, I have thought about how I would go about that. Of course, I would never tell my lovely ex-roommate. I did decide not to avoid my purser and see how far he pushed it. I told myself I was asking for trouble, but the thought was just too exciting
I was at the mall which has a theater. They had a movie I wanted to see, and I knew I could never get my husband out of the house during baseball season. I bought myself a ticket and went in and found myself a seat. After the fifth advertisement, which was two coming attractions, goodies to buy in the lobby and finally some local bank pushing credit cards, the movie started.

The movie started with a dark screen, and when somebody sat next to me, I initially could not tell who it was. I did recognize the voice that said, "Mind if I sit here with you?" With it being dark and just hearing that soothing voice, I felt a tingle where I should not have one if I wanted to remain faithful.

I told him, "No, I don't mind." I felt his leg press against mine. More tingles. We were shoulder to shoulder, and leg to leg when he rested his hand on my thigh. The temptation became greater and higher, and I was losing control of myself, the more he felt comfortable touching me.

When the popcorn was offered to me, he did it with his right hand, which put his wrist on my left breast. He jiggled the tub in a silent offering, which seductively moved my breast. I had not worn a bra to the mall as the heat was unbearable, and this jiggling made my nipple move against the fabric of my blouse. The response was immediate as my nipple pushed the material forward. He was not looking at the movie, even though the star was topless in that scene. His concentration was on my protruding nipple.

When he moved his hand from my lap and quietly moved his hand to the bottom of my skirt. His warm hand moved up my skirt and rested on my bare thigh. I knew it was a matter of time he would try for further up my leg. I made a decision because my panties were soaked from his pursuit of me. I asked him, "Do you want me to go to the ladies restroom and take them off?"

He certainly knew what I was talking about and permission to do what he wanted. He quietly and softly said, "Only if I can go with you and help you."

"You can't go in there!"

"Nobody will bother us, the usher has been paid to seal it off once I slip into it," he countered. We both got up at the same time as we were both anxious to complete what we had been wanting for a long time.

I went in first and with nobody in there, I started unbuttoning my blouse. I let it hang open showing enough to keep him interested. Like he needed that. How dumb was I? I did not take off my panties because I wanted him to have the privilege.

He slipped in the door, and I heard some rumblings outside. I assumed that was the usher closing it down for cleaning. He looked at my open blouse and walked up to me and kissed me. The jolts of pleasure shot up me. His hand moved to my breasts, and I welcomed them. I felt his tongue lap my nipple. My nipples ached from the attention.

My skirt was to my waist as she sat me on the wash counter with the large mirror. My soaked panties were pulled down, and warm hands touched me tenderly. I open his pants, which he help pull down. The brief boxer was next, and there it was. I wasn't sure I could get that much in my mouth but decided I would worry about another time because in this position on the counter it was going elsewhere.

I have heard a lot of things about men of color, but to see it in person was making me so wet. I was never this wet from anybody.

I did not want to wait any longer, so I spread my legs for him. He took his hand and gathered my moisture and rub it onto that beautiful thing pointing at me. He leaned down and kissed me. I felt him moving it around until it parted my lips, and then it slowly penetrated my body. I was on fire.

Without a word, he moved it slowly, then fast, then slow again. I had never been this full in my life. It touched everywhere inside of me. I thought I was going nuts from pleasure. Then it happened, the surge made me a jerk, and I banged my head against the mirror. He pumped me like crazy, and I almost could not stand it. He made the surges keep coming and coming. Almost like when you use pot.

"Oh, baby! Move it for me!" he begged, and I did. He must have liked what I did because he called me a cunt.

He pulled out of me, and the juices of him spilled out of me. I grabbed paper towels because if I didn't, it would be all over. He kissed me and said, "We got to get out of here."

I asked him, "How much did you pay him to do this for you."

"Not a thing, I told him you would take care of him after I was done."

"What the hell do you mean?"

"Baby, it is just a little blowjob. You can handle that. I got to go." He slipped back out the door. The usher came in already
He said, "Not to worry, honey, the cleaning signs are still up. Take your time."

So there I was, from faithful to unfaithful, twice in one day. Hubby never found out, but it started a long journey of multiple pleasures.
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