Best Of Both Worlds
Sequel to For My Friend

Smiling, we both wrinkled our noses, Lori needed a shower, lol, bad. I don't know how long she's been in the woods, but she smelled bad enough for me to put a guess of a few days.

I followed her into the bathroom, anxious to check out my neck. Amazing, not the slightest mark, no puncture holes at all.

My breath froze, Lori's reflection was not in the mirror. I spun around, there she was, taking off her clothes, her beautiful, dirty body right in front of me. I looked back into the mirror, nothing, only me. Wow! This was strange.

I sat on my bed, listening to the water run, thinking about my friend, alive one day, undead the next. She couldn't see herself anymore, couldn't see as she brushed her hair, put makeup on, brush her teeth, floss, did she floss? Her smile was white enough, was it some vampire thing that kept her teeth so white? Her face looked as beautiful as I remember, I had to remind myself, after she had blood. Before she looked like a breath away from death. Her hair, dull, full of color after, looked so nice, straight, down to her shoulders. I was tearing up, feeling bad for my friend, what other changes did she have to endure?

I never heard the water turn off, or Lori come in. I looked up, startled, her hands on my knees, she on her knees, looking at me. "Don't cry, please don't feel sorry for me, I'm still your friend." She was smiling, I smiled back, not wanting to ask, but noticing her beautiful smile, face looking so sweet, hair perfectly combed, soft as my fingers touched her bangs. She smelled a whole lot better too.

Not speculating if she kissed the way she kissed me was enhanced by being a vampire, I melted as her lips touched mine. So very soft, her tongue touching mine heated my body, smiling, my flame burning hot. Laying on our sides, breasts touching, our nipples sharp as razors. Legs entwined, her pussy rubbing mine, my pussy contracted as she kissed my neck, the same spot her teeth pierced not long ago.

Tracing a finger over my cheek, she said "I have to tell you something." Propping herself on one elbow, smiling down at me. "As I become excited, close to cumming," she smiled, blushing just a bit. "I vamp out." Smiling, I asked, "vamp out?" Laughing together, she said "my fangs will grow, I'll look like I'm ready to feed, I didn't want to scare you, you already know I won't bite unless you tell me to." I was curious, asked what other changes might occur, making sure I wasn't being silly, asking if she will change into a bat. Smiling, about to tell me something juicy, she said, "after biting, taking your blood, I retain some of your properties, I already know what they are." Her eyes changed to my color blue, her hair to my blonde. My mouth hanging open, then smiling, her eyes and hair changed back. "That's wild!" I gasped. Laughing, she showed me one more thing

Sitting up, staring, where her mound should be, there was a fully erect cock and balls. Under the balls was Lori's pussy. Smiling, she said, "I have the best of both worlds." Her voice was silky, it gave me goosebumps, my pussy contracted. She kissed me, as I felt myself laying down on the bed, I realized I was going to get the best of both worlds.

Hot. Strange. Freaky. My best undead friend, making love to me, a woman with a cock. "Will it cum?" I was rubbing my pussy over it, kissing Lori after I rolled on top of her. "Oh yes."

"And?" She knew what I meant, kissing, sucking her breasts, taking her sharp nipples in my mouth. "No, one at a time, my choosing," she purred. I felt a little disappointed, my flame burning ultra hot, wondering what it would feel like to have a pussy and cock orgasm at the same time.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM kissing down her body, my hand sliding up and down her cock. I was dripping wet. She moaned, really deep as I took it in my mouth, hot,pulsing with vampire blood as my tongue slithered over its base. I sucked all eight inches, my hand squeezing the balls, then dropping down. Lori was as wet as I felt, I slid a finger in, so very tight. I slid another one in, feeling my pussy contract as her's did on my fingers. Her pussy lifted up, meeting my fingers, her cock, warm in my mouth. She growled, it raised the fine hairs on my neck. Looking up, I saw her fangs were showing, hair bright red, eyes blazing green as they opened, then closed. I fucked her pussy with my fingers, my mouth sucking her cock, slurping as my head went up and down. Growling deeper, louder, her pussy contracting, squeezing my fingers. She grabbed my head, her cum flooding her pussy, gooey, dripping out her lips. I spit her cock out, tasted my fingers, so very sweet, hot, I sucked them like her cock, then went for her pussy. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, so wicked, her cum like thick clear syrup, I cam as I licked her lips. Lori pulled me in, growling like a beast in the night. My sticky hand stroked her cock while eating her delicious pussy, swallowing her cum when she came again.

I was going to suck her cock again, my lips wet with her cum, Lori sat up, kissing me, wrapping her arms around me, my head spun as she spun my body around, her body on mine. Her cock rubbing my wet, very wet lips, my clit tingled, its length rubbing over it. I came from Lori kissing me, came from her sucking my breasts, came, squirting my cum out, her tongue reaching deep inside me, so deep I think she kept that vampire enhancement quiet. OMG! Her cock slid in, spreading my pussy open, cumming as she filled me with her eight inches. Kissing me, my tongue sliding over her fangs, my hands squeezing her breasts. I was fucked like no other, hard fast thrusts, my flame burning, a ball of fire lifting into the air as I came again and again. Looking down on me, her fucking never slowing down, blazing green eyes, fangs bared, hissing in sexual desire, bright red hair hanging down, she looked so fucking hot! Feeling her swell in me, she pulled out, grabbing my hand, I stroked her cock. She groaned, her cum flying out, hitting my cheek, lips, raining thick globs on my tits, my stomach. Groaning the whole time, cumming longer then I ever seen a cock cum.

She kissed her cum off my cheek, lips, my whole body, sharing it with me, my tongue in her mouth, tasting the hottest, thickest, sweetest cum ever.

I was greedy for another orgasm, I offered my neck again. My cum squirting out of my pussy as Lori took my blood one more time.

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