Beth's story
It was a warm summer evening and Don and Paul had made a decision to go out for the night. They had been good friends as long as they could remember, but had never talked about their sex lives.
As they walked into the lounge they both saw her on the dance floor alone and dancing so seductively they thought they were in some kind of strip club. As they sat at the bar in the soft light of the lounge they watched her all alone as she began to swing her hips to and fro. She began to run her hands down her side, to her hips, and around to the front and back up. Across her breasts, around her neck and to her hair. As she looked their way she caught them as they stared at her as if mesmerized. And of course they were. She smiled at them as she continued to dance in her most provocative expression. As they watched her, Don said to Paul that she was about the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was wearing a black dress with spaghetti straps, very low cut and tight fitting. It came down just above the knee with a split up the front, almost to her crotch.
As the music stopped she looked at them and slowly walked over to the bar and asked them if she could join them.
"Now who in their right mind would ever refuse such a lovely lady as you that request?" said Paul.
She introduced herself as Beth. She said her boyfriend had left her there and should have been back over an hour ago. But she said that he had called and told her that he had an accident and could not get back and to just go ahead without him and have a good time.
Don offered to move to a table to be more comfortable for everyone and Beth said that was a good idea.
Don and Beth went to the table and Paul tagged along behind admiring Beth's shapely ass. Don offered to let Beth in first but she told him she wanted to sit between them. Don slid in first and Beth followed. Paul asked if anyone needed another drink. Don and Beth both said to bring them both a drink if he was going after it. Paul brought them all back a drink and they talked awhile and got to know each other. As they all talked Beth kept running her fingers lightly over Paul and Don's thighs. She would bring her fingers to the crotch of each man and then back down. Neither man knew what she was doing to the other. Beth announced that she needed to go home soon and asked if they would be kind enough to give her a ride home.
"Well," said Don, "how can we refuse such a pretty lady as yourself?"
Paul asked if Beth wanted both of them to go with her. Beth replied that of course she did as she lived just a short distance from the lounge and that both were welcome to join her for another drink at her apartment.
Beth was excited just to get these two men alone and have them take her in every way they could think of. She and her boyfriend had dreamed of this event, the only problem was that he would not get to join in. But he had told her to go ahead and have her fun and that's what she was planning to do.
Don asked her to sit in the front seat with him and Paul would be in the back. She asked if he had bucket seats and Don said he didn't. Beth asked Don if there was enough room for all three in the front and he replied there was. Paul held the door open for Beth. As she got in Paul watched her dress ride up her legs. All he wanted to do was climb between those legs and devour her. Don and Paul slid in next to her and breathed in her aroma of sweet perfume. Paul put his arm around Beth's shoulder. She snuggled up to Paul and put her hand on his thigh; she felt him tense up as she began to rub up and down his thigh. She smiled to herself, knowing that she could turn Paul on so easily. Beth gave Don directions to her apartment as she took her hand to Paul's crotch and rubbed his hardening cock through his pants. She looked over at Don and asked him if he was getting excited.
"Well of course I am," replied Don.
"You just wait till we get you home and we will show you just how excited we are," Paul told her as he began feeling her body from her neck to her bottom.
As Don pulled into the parking spot that Beth told him to take Paul had her dress unzipped and down past her breasts and was kissing and sucking on them. Don told them to cool it until they were inside. Beth said not to worry as no one was around that time of night to see anything. As they got out of the car, Paul was caressing her and admiring her gorgeous body. All the way to her door Paul kept up his administrations on her even as she unlocked and opened the door.
After the door was closed Don began to remove the dress that had been down around her waist and found there were no panties to remove. Paul had been busy removing his own clothes and was naked before anyone else. Don asked Paul if he wanted to go first.
Beth said that there was no such thing as who goes first in this game as they would all get off together. Don and Paul looked at each other as if to ask if the other one was comfortable with this. They both shrugged their shoulders and Don began to undress. Paul was on his knees and licking and sucking on Beth's clit in record time as Don came up behind Beth and began to kiss her neck and pinch her nipples. Beth began to sigh as she felt for the first time the sensations that she had been longing for such a long time.
Don asked if there was a place where they would be more comfortable and Beth pointed the way to the bedroom.
As both men followed her in she looked over her shoulder to see two bobbing cocks that she had been waiting to see for such a long time. Beth lay on the bed and motioned for them to come to her. Paul and Don lay on each side of her and each took a breast in their mouths to help themselves to a late night feast of tit flesh. Beth took each of their cocks in her hands and began to stroke them and feel their hardness grow in her hands. Paul worked his way down her belly to her clit and started licking and sucking it until it was a hard little nubbin of excitement.

All this time Beth was moaning asking them to not stop until she was satisfied. Don came off her breast and kissed her hard on the lips. His tongue was exploring her mouth and hers, his mouth.
Paul was getting harder and harder as he drank her juices. Beth was cumming and yelling out her pleasures into Don's mouth as she came.
Paul rose up and said that he couldn't wait any longer and he got between her legs to enter her. She told him she wanted to be on top so she could take care of Don at the same time. Don rolled onto his back and Beth climbed on with her facing Paul's feet. Don went to the foot of the bed and waited until Beth had mounted Paul and had him buried deep inside her. Beth leaned forward to take Don into her mouth. She began riding Paul and sucking Don with all the gusto she could muster.
Beth was cumming as soon as she had both cocks inside her. Paul was trying to find her clit and rub it with his fingers but his arm was just not that long. He rose up enough to find it and when he found her clit she exploded in her hardest orgasm yet.
Don was enjoying himself as he watched her pleasuring the two of them. He knew he would not last as long as he wanted to but was holding back with all his might. Paul exclaimed that she had the tightest pussy he had ever had the pleasure to feel around his cock and that Don had to feel it and how it squeezed around his cock.
Don told Paul that she was doing such a good job on him he didn't want to trade. Paul was in heaven anyway and he really didn't want to either so he continued to pound into Beth.
Beth was screaming on Don's dick as she came over and over. Feeling her vocal cords vibrating on his cock sent Don over the edge and he filled her mouth. Beth drank it all down just as Paul began to spill his seed into her.
They all collapsed on the bed together, breathing hard and trying to find the words to tell the others how great it was.
Just as they were all breathing normally again, they heard the door close and looked up in time to see Beth's boyfriend standing in the doorway. Beth said to him, "Honey you just missed out on the best sex I have ever had. Let me introduce you to Don and Paul- they just made my dream come true. This is William, he is my fiancé."
William stuck out his hand to shake Don's hand and said, "Nice to meet you two guys." William said not to worry about him missing it as he had the video going the whole time and could watch it latter.
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