My name is Beth and my parents were successful business people, so we were pretty well off. We had a big house in the country on 10 acres, a big swimming pool, with a privacy fence around it. I had a brother who was two years younger then me (I'm 20). Our parents said we were old enough and didn't need a sitter any more. One sunny afternoon, I was in my upstairs bedroom watching TV, my brother and 3 of his friends were loudly rough housing in the pool. I noticed things had gotten strangely quiet, so I went to the window, which overlooked the pool only to discover all the guys had been skinny dipping, had climbed out of the pool, and were standing naked together rubbing their penises. I had seen penises before on baby boys and my brothers on many occasions. Once, by accident I had seen my fathers about a year before. I had awakened late at night to hear some music playing. I started down stairs and stopped when I saw my parents,naked on the living room couch. My mother had my fathers penis in her mouth and was bobbing up and down on it. As I watched in stunned silence, my father pulled it out of her mouth, and she layed down on the couch, spread her legs. He took that enormous rigid organ,inserted into my mothers vagina, layed on top of her and start thrusting it in her. They were moaning and suddenly I saw my father begin pumping faster and faster. Mom was saying over and over, yes, yes, yes. They stopped, lay there for a minute, then my father pulled it out of her, lay back while my mother took his penis back in her mouth and licked all over it.

Dads hand was between her legs, and he kept taking it out and putting his fingers in to his mouth. They arose and went into their bedroom, while I sneaked back to my room. I didn't sleep much that night, scared at what I'd seen and not knowing what to think about what I had witnessed. I wondered about it for several months but didn't say anything. The boys put their swim trunks back on, and headed out the back gate. I wondered what they were up to, so I followed at a safe distance. They were heading to an old abandoned gravel pit, nearby. I hid behind an old big machine to watch them. they removed their swim suits and began to stroke their penises. while facing each other, One by one I saw something squirt out as they pumped faster and faster, They were laughing and all went and jumped into the water to swim. When they emerged. they were talking about sex.and what they would like to do. They all had hard ons again. With this came strange feelings and curiosity. My mother explained a few things to me,about what I was going through, and warned me not to let any boy touch me in any private place. I started talking to the girls at school, getting all kinds of different information, but they were basically as uninformed as me. One neighborhood girl, who was about 6 months older then me, became my best friend. On the first night I had her stay at my house, the talk got around to sex. She asked me if I had ever masturbated, and I said I didn't know what she meant. She said her older sister had taught he how and that it would make you cum. I told her I didn't know what that meant either.

She asked me if I would like for her to show me how to do it, I nervously said yes. She said we would have to remove our night gowns and our panties, which we did. We both had small breasts and some pubic hair. She lay back on the bed, spread her legs apart and began rubbing her pussy with one hand and playing with her breasts with the other. Slowly her hips began to move, keeping time with the increasing speed of her hand, she was beginning to arch her back a little and her butt was lifting up of the bed. She was breathing heavily and pumping hard against her hand. She begin to whimper and make little noises. suddenly her finger began to fly, she arched he back and butt off the bed and stiffened letting out a low moan. She began to shudder an her hand was flying on her pussy, Then she fell back on to the bed, gasping for breath. I had all of these strange feelings building up inside me, which I didn't understand, I felt like I was on fire. She looked up at me and announced she had just cum. Now it's your turn she said. I lay down on the bed shaking, scared and with weird tingling running through my body. My hand covering my pussy, moved, but didn't seem, to produce the same result. She ask if I would like her to help and I nodded. It was like an electric shock when her fingers touched my pussy. She began slowly massaging my clitoris with her fingers. My pelvis was involuntarily moving on its own. Soon I felt something rising from my pussy, and flooding like a torrent through my body. My eyes were closed, low moaning sounds emerged from my throat. My hips were pumping madly, my butt rose to push harder against those dancing fingers, both of my hands were squeezing my breasts. Then I exploded and wave after wave of intense pleasure pulsed through me.

I grabbed her hand and pushed it hard against my pussy. and just tried to push it into my hole. I fell back on the bed gasping for breath, rolling my head from side to side, letting the spasms slowly subside. Afterwards, we got under the covers naked and clung to each other. We spent a lot of time that night, not speaking, but letting our fingers explore every inch of each others bodies, we were on fire and our fingers caressed and probed and stroked, seeking to understand the event that had just taken place. Thus began my sex education. We talked about all of our curiosities, what we like to explore and boys. we shared our secrets and fantasies. The next thing we tried was to suck each others breasts while masturbating each other, Then she wanted to learn how to finger, so our pussies were soon wanting to feel a finger, next we fingered each other, opening our holes a little at a time until we could each take a whole finger, then we stretched them a little more by gradually working two fingers in. We could feel our hymens but did not force them to rupture. After a while we search out and found small smooth objects to slip into our eager vagina's. One day she asked me if I would like to try something new. I readily agreed. We striped naked, had me lay on the bed with my legs spread. Then she lay on top of me rubbing her pussy on mine and grinding our mounds together. We progressed to the next step, by opening our legs and sliding up to each other until our pussy lips were kissing, then rubbed them together producing an intense orgasm in each of us.Each of us seemed to be avoiding the subject of oral sex,until one day as I lay on the bed naked after a mutual rub session, she asked if she could study my pussy. I opened my legs wide and she got down real close,opening my lips with her fingers, I had and uneasy feeling about the way she was acting and sure enough I felt her tongue licking my clitoris. Her mouth pressed full against my vagina, while she inserted her tongue. It didn't take to long before she had my clit sucked into her mouth, tonguing it like crazy. It felt fantastic, I came with a loud moan. Still pulsating from the orgasm, I rolled off the bed, pushed her back on the bed, jerked her legs apart, and returned the favor.

I was pretty well developed with long blond hair, and a knock out figure. We were talking about boys one day, she said she wanted to get screwed by a guy. My brother was growing into a cute blond headed heart throb.and she said she would just love to have him screw her. I just laughed it off until one evening The three of us were down in our rec room, shooting pool. We all had shorts on and she was stretched out while shooting making sure he got an eye full. We sat around afterwards joking and teasing each other. She was sitting on the couch with him talking. I was in an easy chair across from them. I nodded off. A while later I awoke up to find all the lights out except a small light that was always left on. I saw they were make out on the couch. my brother had her shorts pulled down and was massaging her pussy. she had her hands in his shorts which were open. They were whispering to each other . I heard him say that I was sound asleep. My brother carefully got up and pulled her short and panties off. He lowered his and I saw him roll a condom on to his hard on. she spread her legs and helped guide him into her hole. She whispered to him to take it easy. He was slowly pushing into her and she said it was hurting. He got most of the way in but she said it was really hurting her. with a final push he must have gotten all in as she let out a small cry. H e started pump but it was hurting her so he stopped and just lay there with it in her. Making small movements, he came. H e looked over to see if I was still sleeping, with drew his penis and they pulled on their clothes, he headed for the bathroom. When he came out, he woke me up to tell me it was late. When we got to our rooms, I saw some blood on her shorts and mentioned it. She said that she had let my brother screw her and that he had gotten her cherry. Something made me start to resent her and we slowly stopped being best friends. She developed a reputation as an easy lay, while I wouldn"t allow any of my dates to touch me. When one hot summer day, I decided to go for a swim, so I put on my white bikini and headed for the pool. As I stepped outside I saw my brother laying asleep in his swimming suit. while sunning himself in a deck chair. I was feeling kind of frisky, so I quietly pulled the water hose from it's reel, dragging it up to about fifteen feet from him and cut loose with a spray of cold water. He screamed and fell out of the chair while I kept spraying him,,I dropped the hose and ran for the house with him in hot pursuit. I made it to the living room but where he finally caught me. We were wrestling, and laughing like crazy. Because he was soaking wet, he got me wet and it was difficult for him to hold on to my near naked body. finally he got me down on the floor and was laying on top of me trying to pin my arms to the floor. I was wiggling against his body on top of me when I noticed there was something hard rubbing against my pussy. I was getting a stirring inside of me, so I laughingly called "Uncle" I said I had had enough, and to please let me up. He became aware that he had a hard on and tried to hide it as he let me up. On an impulse I tapped the front of his suit,right on the penis and said, you naughty boy. he turned and grabbed at me , catching hold of my bikini bottoms and as I lunged to get away it wsas ripped off of me, sending me sprawling on the floor with my legs wide open.

I quickly got to my feet, covering my pussy with my hands, and raced up the stairs to my room. Embarrassed, I quickly grabbed a pair of panties and threw them on together with my bath robe. I sat down on the bed and didn't know what to do next. In a few minutes I heard a knock on the door,asking if he could come in. I said yes and he came in, his erection had gone down but I could still see the outline of his penis. He told me he was very sorry, and felt bad. I told him I was sorry too, and that it was just as much my fault. He said guys get caught up in the heat of the moment, but that was not a good excuse for getting turned on. I said girls get turned on too you know. But not by their brothers he replied. Sometimes they do I said. My voice was starting to quiver and I was trembling. Have it ever happened to you he asked. I started to cry and nodded my head. He came over to me and put his arms around me soothing me. Well I still love you he said kissing my forehead. When the tears had subsided he released me and smiled, Please don't wear a white bikini when you go swimming in front of me, I can see right through it when you climb out of the pool. I smiled and said ok, the next time I won't wear anything. Wow, he said that would cause a lot of commotion. What kind of commotion ,I teased back. I was stirring inside and I saw his erection coming back. I better get out of here he said, I got some things to do. Would one of them be taking care of that bulge in you swim trunks I asked. He was turning red and I was starting to quiver and stammer. Yes, he said in a husky voice. How do you take care of it I asked. I was becoming more excited and getting hot. Oh I have ways he said. We stared at each other and I stammered out Can I see that happen. He was quiet for a few seconds, Looked me straight in the eyes and said are you turned on now. Yes, I whispered. Do you want to take care of yourself? I nodded my head. I'll let you watch me if I can watch you,at the same time. I was hotter than a fire cracker so I said ok. He took off his swim suit and stood before me with is penis standing straight up. I hesitated for a second, Then opened my robe and pushed the crotch of my panties aside. He asked me to sit on the edge of the bed with my legs spread open, then drew up a chair about four feet away and stared to stroke his dick. My fingers sought out that little pleasure button and began the magic rub. We seemed to be in tune with each other increasing our pace faster and faster.

He came first. shooting a stream of cum across the gap between us and landing on my leg. The sight of that sent me into the throes of a explosive organism. A couple of minutes later, with our hands still on our genitals, He exclaimed, WOW, that is the most powerful cum, I have ever experienced. My voice was cracking as I said mine too. He used his swim trunks to clean the sperm from my leg, and from the carpet. He said in a soft voice thank you, I'd like to do it again sometime. Me too I said. and he left the room, closing the door behind him. I heard the shower start but I was floating and still hot. My fingers pushed the crotch of my panties aside and sought out that button that brought so much joy. About midnight I was still awake, I saw my door open and there stood my brother. He whispered Beth are you awake. Yes I whispered back, lock the door behind you. We assumed our positions with him a little closer. This time his sperm hit me on the stomach and my breast. as he was leaving he leaned over and kiss me a light kiss on the mouth, and on each breast.He went back to his room, to be continued......
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