Beth Part II
The next day after our masturbation session, I woke up and thought hard about what had transpired the night before. I was mixed up, on one hand I knew what we did was not right, but on the other hand I felt I was in love with my brother, which was not right either. He must have had second thoughts too, because as he was going out the door to start football practice, he stopped and sat down in chair across from me. He said that he had been thinking what we did was not such a good idea, perhaps we shouldn't do it anymore. He said that he felt we both were worked up because of the circumstances, and lets just forget it happened.

I was both relieved and disappointed at the same time, but agreed it was the best thing to do. As the weeks passed, we seem to avoid each other a lot, however when we were in the same room, I would often catch him looking at me and I was doing the same. The weeks flew by and it was summer again. We both had drivers licenses, He had a car. I was allowed to drive one of our parents cars often, so we had not been together very much. One morning we both came out of our bedrooms with our swim suits on, at the same time. He asked if I was going swimming and I said yes. He laughed and stared to run, saying last one in is a rotten egg. We swam, enjoying the pool for awhile. I got out first, lay down on a deck chair and started to soak up some sun. After awhile he came and took a chair next to me. Neither of us said anything, however there was a tension between us, which we both felt. Out of corner of my eye I caught him darting looks at me. I was getting warm inside and felt some stirring. I got up, jumped back in the pool, while he watched. When I climbed back out of the pool, I saw he was staring at me. and said swimming changed your swim suit color, I see, he said, smiling. Yes, I replied, didn't want to offend you. You never offended me he said, quite the opposite.

You used to get me excited. Well I hope this one meets with you approval. I said. Honey, he replied. You could wear a suit of armor and still look good. I laughed and layed back down. Finally I broke the silence, do you ever think about what we did last summer? Yeah, He said I do. Me too, I said softly. I could feel the electricity between us. Are you sorry it happened? I asked. He shook his head no. Me neither, I said, I wanted it to happen. Our eye met, but neither of said anything for a couple of minutes, we just stared. All at once he said, with a nervous voice, I tried to put it out of my mind, but it just won't go away. I know, because I feel the same way, I stammered. Would you like to do it again? he asked, but I couldn't speak, I just nodded my head. When He got up I saw he had a hard on, so I got up and we headed for the house. and up the stairs. In my room, he pulled the chair up to the bed, removed his suit and said, Are you sure? I just pulled down my bikini and sat down on the bed,spreading my legs. He sat down and began jacking off. My fingers sought my clit, and with experienced precision, manipulated it expertly.

I was burning with passion and was beyond awareness, so I never felt the streams of cum hit my stomach, my hand, pubic hair and leg. My orgasm slowly calmed all the pent up emotions I had harbored for so many months. I got up leaned over and kissed my brother full on his lips.

It was only then I noticed the trails of sperm running down my stomach and my pubic hair as they were guided by some force to seek my pussy. We cleaned up the mess and my brother said, I really needed that, to which my reply was you and me both dear brother, you and me both. Once or twice a week, we continued our sessions for several weeks. I was longing for some physical contact so, dressed in my baby doll pjs one evening, around Christmas I walked up behind my brother who was sitting in a large chair in the living room and put my arms around his neck. He looked up to me and I put my lips on his and slipped my tongue into his mouth. He pulled down onto his lap and we began to french kiss, our tongues sliding in and out each others mouths.It wasn't long before his had was fondling my breasts. I raised my top an placed his hand on my bare breast. It felt so good, that I began to move my ass in his lap. We ere straining at at each other and moving our bodies together. I pulled his hand from my breast and pushed in down to my crotch. He began to rub my pussy through the pj bottoms. I was on fire again. I whispered for him to put his hand inside my panties. It felt fantastic, so I whispered to him to put his fingers in me.

I began rubbing his penis until he lifted me up , lay me on the floor, got on top of me and began to grind our pubic areas together, until we both came. this went on for a time. One night he came into my bedroom, climbed into bed ,where we were making out real heavy. This time, he removed his shorts, opened my legs, positioned the head of his dick to my pussy and began to thrust. When he came, he squirted cum all over my pj crotch area. I asked him to wear a condom the next time because his sperm was to close to my pussy, and I was afraid I might get pregnant. By this time I was sure I was in love with him. With his shaft encased in a rubber, I felt a lot safer, so after a few times, one night, I removed my pjs, but kept my panties on. This was a big turn on for him because his shaft could push my panties part way into my pussy, thus allowing the head to get part way in.

By this time I was so in love with him, that I knew it was times to have him fully in me. On a warm spring night, I removed my pj bottoms and my panties, and went to his room. My folks were out, so I knew this was the perfect time. he was pleasantly surprised to see me come to his room. We kissed and he played with my nipples. When his hand reached for my mound I Said I wanted to put the condom on him. He said he wasn't ready yet,but I told him to lay back and enjoy. He gave me the rubber and layed down. I unwrapped it and went to his hardening shaft. I slid my mouth over the head of his dick and like I remembered seeing my mother do,and began sucking his dick. I gagged a couple of times until I found how much I could take. He was moaning and saying yes, yes, yes. He said he was cumming, so I said don't, I rolled the condom unto his dick,layed down beside him, spread my legs and waited as he got on me. As he reached to position his penis,

I pushed his hand aside and said, let me do it. I carefully held the shaft at the entrance to my vagina, and said push it in baby. He was surprised to not find the usual cloth barrier that had denied him entrance for so many months and stopped. I said it's yours baby,all yours. I love you with all my heart, do you love me enough to make me a woman. Oh god yes, he said and at last I felt penetration I had longed for all my life. It did hurt, but I urged him to go slow, which he did until I felt my hymen break. My cry of pain, made him stop, but I urged him to do it slowly and not try to push it in to deep. The tears from my eyes were a mixture of pain and happiness. I was not able to cum, but he was ecstatic with his. Over the next few months, we both gave up dating anyone else. He was very patient and tender with me, breaking in my pussy and stretching to accommodate his penis. He told me he loved me and I echoed it over and over again.and we were screwing every chance we got. until we left home.Life was good, perfect, nothing could change that, EVER,
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