Beth and the Goofy Grape Panties
Beth and the Goofy Grape Panties
By: Rachel R.

A small gasp escaped from my lips as I stood in the doorway with my hand over my mouth. I had just opened my bedroom door and was surprised to find my friend, Beth, sprawled on my bed with her hand stuffed in her red lace panties. More to my surprise, she had a pair of Passion Pink Victoria Secret panties that I had worn had worn last night. She had must have pilfered them from my hamper and was having a grand time rubbing her pussy with her nose buried in the crotch of the Passion Pink panties; these were the same panties I had soaked with my juices last night thinking of Beth as I was jilling.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, Beth lay there, her lips quivering, not producing a sound, but yet she clutched the Passion Pink panties to her nose inhaling my scent. Her beautiful young face with rich brown eyes staring at me in wonderment as she tried to figure out what was going to happen next. Her slick, wet tongue made a swipe across her bottom lip and then she said something that totally surprised me. "Please don't make me stop," it was breathless moment and her finger was burrowing deeper into her slit under her red lace panties.

"I know you have been using my dirty panties to relieve yourself for quite a while. I think it is the nastiest and sexiest thing. You are one naughty little girl, licking my soiled panties, all stiff with my cum. I have no intention of stopping you, in fact, I want to watch you lick my dirty Passion Pink panties and suck on my dried juices. The other day I found a pair of yellow panties, they were soaked and I had not worn them for two days. They were soaked but not only with my juices but yours as well. I took those yellow panties and I used them to rub on my swollen clit till I exploded my girly juices all over them. You like Rachel's dirty panties, don't you?"

Beth was in a state of confusion, was her mouth was dry that she did not, or could not respond to my accusation. She knew that I knew she was a pervert that Beth sucked my dirty panties and she thrives on the taste of reconstituted pussy juice. My pussy had reached its full potential again, brimming with a fresh batch of pussy juice and my pussy lips were straining and staining the Goofy Grape colored panties that were wedged between my labia. I looked at Beth, salaciously rubbing my crotch. My shorts unbuttoned, the Goofy Grape panties showing, with my fingers stroking my puffy labia.

Beth, finally managing a stammering, feeble reply to my question, "yes," she replied.

Smiling deliciously, a devilish twinkle in my eye I said, "Good, I was thinking about cumming in the pair of panties I'm wearing now, if you would like to watch. When I'm done and they're soaking with my cum, I'll peel them off and you can finish your business with fresh ones."

Fresh ones! How did she know I called her recently worn panties by that name? She must have seen the question in my eyes because she said, "Panty sluts, like you usually refer to wet panties with fresh cum as fresh ones. I do. With that she let her words linger in the air.

Do you sniff them, too?" Beth asked staring me directly in the eye.

I told Beth, "Don't move, I'll be right back. I want to get my vibrator so that I can really soak these panties for you."

I slipped out of the room, my shorts on the floor, and I went into the study where I retrieved my computer chair and a small silver vibrator. I could hear Beth panting, groaning as she was busy plunging her fingers in and out of her juicy pussy, soaking her red lace panties. Her pussy, leaking profusely and Beth was wiping her nectar with my Passion Pink panties and leaving a large wet spot in my soiled dirty panties.

When I re-entered my room, now clutching a small silver bullet vibrator in one hand and pulling the computer chair behind me I could smell Beth's recent addition to my Passion Pink panties. I positioned the chair so when I sat in the chair Beth would have an unobstructed view of my wet cunt. My legs spread wide and my feet on the edge of the bed I gave Beth a perfect view of my engorged pussy wrapped in a pair of Goofy Grape colored panties which had a dark stain up the center. I had a treat for my sweet naughty panty slut. I pushed the chair pushed to the head of my bed and sat down with my legs spread wide.

Beth dropped the Passion Pink panties, her fingers opening her pussy so I could I could view her inflamed clit through her red lace panties as she fingered her pulsating clit, which stood right up, begging to be flicked into cumming. Her panties were so silken and sheer that I could actually see her clit throbbing with her heartbeat. It was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen in a long time.

"Watch me cum in my panties, Beth, this for my precious panty slut, you naughty girl," I teased Beth.

I turned on the vibrator and held it to her clit through her lace panties and when Beth was thrashing and I then moved the silver bullet to my pussy. I eased the vibrating bullet along my engorged pussy lips and then I pushed the Goofy Grape panties down a bit, spread my pussy and put the silver bullet directly on my aching clit. Beth could see how much I was oozing through my panties and licked her lips. I needed to cum bad, so I turned the vibrator up to full speed and watching Beth contorting her face as I made small circular movements over my clit.

"Ooooh,"I said rather thickly. "You want me to cum quickly, don't you? If I keep this up I'll soak my panties in no time, and it is all for you, naughty girl.

I could feel a large wet spot growing in the crotch of her of my Goofy Grape panties. The faster Beth fingered her squishy pussy, the bigger the spot became. I could smell her juicy snatch, her aroma melded with my own stench and it was very sensual. Her red lace panties now soaked with ambrosia, leaching through the lace and once again, Beth was rubbing the soiled Passion Pink panties on her face. I was really working the vibrator on my clit and Beth could see I was close to losing it in my panties. I pressed the little silver bullet hard into my now sopping panties. My cum is exuding through the tightknit fabric and Beth had her eyes riveted to the cream on my Goofy Grape panties. That was all it took, Beth's face now flushed and looking between the fountain in my panties and my eyes.

Beth no longer able to restrain herself began gushing creamy spurts from silky slit drenching her red lace panties cum filtering through the lace. My body shook with a tremendous force and the spot in my panties grew even bigger.

I stood and with my fingers griping the waistband of my Goofy Grape panties I began to peel the sticky wet panty from my body. Spider webs of cum clinging to the wet panties as they pulled away from my wet cunt. The panties were sticking in my obscenely swollen lips. As I dislodged the Goofy Grape panties, there was so much juice from my pussy that it strung from my spread pussy lips. The further down my thighs I pulled the panties the longer the strands of warm cum stretched before snapping. I had the wet panties in my hands now, my pussy naked and my juices visible to Beth. Raising the crotch of my panties to my lips, my tongue snaked out tasting my forbidden fruit and I inhaled deeply filling my nostrils with my musky scent. I looked at Beth, frothing at the mouth and I extended my hand with the dripping Goofy Grape panties. I released them to Beth's outreached hand and she began moving the panties to her lips to taste my fresh cum. I looked at her, smiling, enjoying this nubile young woman revel in my soiled panties.

Beth had the Goofy Grape panties, dripping with my nectar, on her lips, sucking the cum from them and I told her, "Beth my dear, I wanted to make sure they were loaded with my goodness, and they would cling to your lips. Now do not waste any and when you are done you can get more from my pussy," I said with a sly smile.

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