Bethane (.my daughters friend)
It was a beautiful day out. I was in my garden working. I love the feel
of the sun on my skin,the cool dirt slipping thru
my fingers as I weed and prepare the soil for planting.
I love the outdoors.

I can feel beads of sweat on my chest I pause and grab my shirt lifting it up,my nipples harden as the material grazes them. I toss my top aside and cup my breasts squeezing them. Hmmm I can feel my pussy tingle.

I lift my face up taking in the warmth of the sun my hands working my tits. As I caress them the sweat mixing with the dirt leaves smudges across them. I close my eyes as I move my hands down my body. I can feel my panties getting wet.

Slipping my hand in down to trace my lips through. My panties which are soaked. I moan and squeeze my tits as my finger slips inside
my velvety box. My pussy grips my finger as I stroke it in and out. I withdraw my hand and undo my shorts and take them off. I want to feel the sun on my pussy, I lean back and spread my my legs.

"Damn your hot!"

I turn and see her standing there, she's gorgeous! Young and hot, I see her hand rubbing the outside of her shorts.

My pussy throbs, It's been a couple yrs. since I've seen her. Bethane, my daughters friend, she used hang out with my daughter. I thought back then she was hot. I knew it was wrong, but I would fantasize about her, kissing her soft lips caressing her young perky tits.

She would walk around in short shorts that barely covered her beautiful little ass. Or sometimes just in a Tshirt and panties. It drove me wild.

Since she is obviously turned on by watching, I continue to play with my pussy. " I love to feel the sun warming my body while I play" Shes licking her lips and moveing her hand faster on her shorts.

I look her in the eye and tell her come here. She moves towards me slowly as I tell her "you are so hot, I pull her down to me and gently kiss her lips. She moans and kisses me back. "I have fantasized about you many times" I tell her.

"Really?, because I used to think about you too" But I knew it was wrong, you were my friends mom, and I knew she would be mad"

But your all grown up now, and I want you. I gently kiss her neck and trace my hands along her breasts. I reach down and remove her tank top exposing her firm breasts, her nipples standing at attention.

My heart is pounding as I think to myself, my fantasy is coming true. I bend and lick her tits as my hands squeeze and caress them, she's moaning and pulling me closer.

"Oh yes, that's it, lick and suck my tits Shay!!" I've dreamed of this.

My pussy is on fire, as I lick and tease her nipples going from one to the other, nibbling, biting sucking, I cant get enough!

I push her onto her back and tear her shorts off exposing her pink slit. I see her juices dripping out of her hot box. Shes squeezing her nipples as she looks at me with desire and says " I want you so bad, I want to feel your tongue on my pussy"

I cum just from hearing those words! I lower my head and inhale her sweet aroma as I drive my tongue deep into her waiting pussy.

to be continue.....
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