Bethane (my daughters friend) pt. 2
Hearing her tell me to lick her pussy drove my desire as I bent and sank my tongue into her tight little box.

OMG that feels so good" she cried out as she
wriggled beneath me. My tongue moving wildly,like a butterfly. I do this for a couple of minutes then back off and lick her swollen lips.

She tastes as sweet as I imagined. She really is gorgeous lying there in the loose soil, her hair splayed out disheveled, smudges of dirt on her honey colored skin. Nipples hard with desire and legs open.

I slowly and gently lick up and around each side of her wet slit, my tongue teasing her clit with each pass. She is breathing hard as her hips begin to move back and forth.

I take that as my cue and start to lick her faster increasing the pressure of my tongue. Shes moaning and squeezing her tits. Pinching her nipples.

"That's it, lick my pussy and make me cum. I want to cum all over your face Shay" she says as she wraps her hands in my hair and pulls me tight and grinds dripping pussy on my mouth.

I give her clit a flick of my tongue then suck it into my mouth. She gasps and grinds even harder against me. I suck her hard nub like a baby on its mothers breast.

I love the feel of it, the way it driving her wild. I wonder if shes ever had her pussy licked before.

I slip a finger into her velvety softness and start to stroke while I suck her clit. She has such a tight hole. Her muscles gripping my finger as I fuck her nice and slow.
Her pussy is throbbing pulling at my finger when I pull it out.

My own pussy is so wet, I can feel it dripping down my leg. I slowly pull out just to go in slow and deep and back out slow, teasing her. This time I insert two fingers. Its really tight, but shes so wet I manage.

Oh Fuck, that feel so good !! she hollers out. That's gonna make me cum,. She pulls her feet up and plants them flat spreading her legs wide and starts to really thrust and grind against me.

I increase the tempo of my fingers pumping into her. I can feel her orgasm building as her hips move faster and harder against me.

I suck her clit hard and fast while fucking her with my fingers, in and out fast and hard.
Shes grinding and bucking against me, my mouth and chin covered in her nectar.

Then I feel it...the first wave of her orgasm, her legs tremble and she pulls me tight as she moves back and forth and in circles, just like someone riding a mechanical bull, up and down and round and round.

Oh Baby, fuck me, fuck me, lick up all my cum Shay. Her body gives a giant sudder and releases her sweet juice as I move down and lick it up. Mmmmm

I kiss my way up her body, telling her beautiful and sexy she is. Placing soft kisses on her breasts and so sensitive nipples.
Making my way up to her lips.

I gently kiss her and part them with my tongue and let her taste herself. "Do you taste as good as me"? she asks.

" You'll have to decide that for yourself " I reply

.....Whats next?

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