Beyond All Expectations: Welcome to our World!!!
The continuation of this story has been inspired by several V 9 members. You've asked for more description. Hope this fills the bill. Thanks for your stimulating comments.

Kayla, Larry and I will be sharing our personal insights throughout this adventure. After her husband Larry returns from his business trip we're going to throw that threesome party he whole heartedly suggested.

I accepted Kayla's invitation to move in with her. We're excited about going to the gym together each morning. She enjoys her friends who keep asking about why we're together all the time. Some of my friends wonder what I'm doing spending so much time with a married woman.

Our answer, "We just enjoy being together...and yes, we have Larry's permission."

Hi, I'm Kayla. Thank's for the comments and positive feedback messages you sent regarding Rod's first story. The only part we left out was when my husband Larry and Rod were talking about doing a threesome. He admitted to Rod about having gay tendencies but has never pursued his fantasies. He wanted to know if Rod ever had any inclination toward the same fantasies.

Here's Larry.

"I accept you and Kayla becoming sexually involved because I love her so much and want to see her sexually fulfilled. Just being able to agree on this level of involvement has freed us from any secret rendezvous behavior with others. I've never revealed my gay fantasies until now. Since we're looking forward to enjoying a threesome I feel the need to be honest about my speculative fantasies."

"I've had similar fantasies, Larry. Before I share them with you lets get Kayla involved with this conversation. We may as well keep everything open and honest."

"Thanks for asking me to join in guys. Seems like we're starting our threesome ahead of schedule. My fantasy is for us to be forever partners."

"As forever partners, we don't need a schedule. I'm hoping that you, Larry and I will be enjoying what I've partially experienced on and off throughout my adult life. What seems to always have been missing is the total openness you guys share and demonstrate. That not only turns me on it opens doors to ever new sexual adventure."

"I'm all for that. You've got a lot of experience to share with Kayla and me. I can't wait to get back. Kayla's right, this is the start of not just a threesome, but a whole new life style. I'll be back in three weeks so excited to finally enjoy some time off where we can become totally involved with the pursuit of sexual pleasure. I'll surely enjoy learning how to gain the endurance you have Rod."

"Love you, Babe. Thanks for being so open and honest...makes our love stronger than ever. Have a safe trip. Call us every day if you can."

"I sure will. It will be in the evening so we'll have time to have a three way conversation. I'd love to hear you guys making love over the phone. Describe what you're doing and how it feels. It'll make me even more excited to get back and know what I'll be experiencing."

"Have a good one Larry. As honest and open as we've all been I feel confident that we can just let our relationship unfold spontaneously. We can explore whatever, whenever and be open to any outcome. I want to especially thank you for allowing me to move in with Kayla. This is where so many of my other relationships ended."

"Well said Rod, thanks. I don't have to tell you guys to have fun, you seem to be made for each other. Just enjoy every moment. Rod, I feel that this is where our relationship begins without end. Enjoy all the pleasures with Kayla that make true lovers endure. I'll be dreaming of you guys night and day."

"Safe trip, Babe, see you soon."

As Larry drives away Kayla reaches for my hand. It isn't the kind of moment that feels like charging off to jump in the sack. It's that kind of moment to share something deeper than words could describe. We lean into each other, I take hold of her other hand. We kiss, a long intimate, sensual kiss with no desire for fire works.

We both open our eyes with tear drops rolling down our cheeks. We each gently wipe the others cheeks dry with our thumbs. Yes, I'm an emotional kind of guy and No, it doesn't bother me in the least. We kiss multiple times.

"Hey Rod, let's go to the beach."

"Great idea."

...Later, after returning from the beach...

Rod's asleep! He caught so many waves body surfing I couldn't keep up with him. Anyway, this'll give me some time alone to share with you.

This is a great site and a great way to not only reveal our sexual cravings but take a look at our own goals. I have my own insecurities to deal with and Rod is like a confidence builder.

I can't get over the way Rod makes me feel like something special. I look at my friends, I look in the mirror and what I see is an ugly duckling.

My body looks like a skeleton with a huge rubber band tied around it. My face is a long slender tear drop shaped blob with huge eyes, lips and a crooked humpy shaped nose. I have long dark brown hair that I like to hide behind. My arms and legs are tooth picks. I've got big feet with long toes.

Rod says I have a mystical glow in my eyes that trigger every sexual fantasy he's ever had. What I see is frightened scarecrow "seeking shelter from the storm."

I don't even have any curvy definition where there's suppose to be muscle. What's really baffling is where do I get all my strength. All my friends, even the skinny ones, have some definition to their figure. I do the same exercises with the same or more intensity.

While we were at the beach I asked Rod to tell me the truth about why he finds me attractive. He tells me it's the subtle things that turn him on. The way I walk with a slight forward swagger, my hips twist while my upper body has this reverse shimmy rotation that for some reason drives him into a sexual frenzy. He says I chew gum like a thriving teenager, open mouthed, popping bubbles with a joyful smile that gives him hope for humanity in the future. I guess that's a compliment!!!

At the gym he says everyone else looks like their trying to put on an entertainment act while I have these outrageously jerky movements that are so preciously untainted by false put on moves he can't take his eyes off my workout routines.

He says if he can't see me straight away he looks for me in the mirrors that surround the walls. Of course, he tells me, the hidden secret is, "I love feasting my eyes on your terrifically shaped bulging vulva. Your thriving awkwardness creates an image of a free loving sex goddess that can fuck me into next year, turn around and ask, 'Ready for more?'"

Rod and I enjoy sharing songs, especially ones that have sexual innuendoes. One of our favorites is, "Addicted to Love." I love hearing that phrase, "Oblivion is all you crave." I always change it to , Sexual Oblivion is all I Crave.

Rod's body looks like a gymnast. Broad shoulders, narrow waist, muscular chest, arms and thighs with narrow legs. All my friends, who are mostly his friends too, secretly wonder why he wears no underwear. I tell them I love it because it makes his cock and balls hang loosely down his thigh. When he walks they roll from side to side. The movement drives me wild. He wears loose, thin full length silk sweats that outline his cock when he lays backward on a Swiss ball. I get so wet when he works out on that ball. What he says my pussy does for him, his cock does for me.

So, at the beach, after telling him what everyone was wondering, I asked him the question everyone wishes to ask. He hesitated, looked away, a long ways away, almost as if he was looking across the ocean. Finally, he looks at me, there were tears welling up in his eyes. He quickly wipes them away and says...

"In Vietnam, it was so hot that any extra stitch of clothing made it unbearable to feel comfortable. I got to work with the Montagnards who wore only loin clothe type clothing, or less. The women were bare chested beautiful works of heavens ultimate creation on earth. Many of them were tiny breasted, extremely slender, with large lips, big eyes and haunting smiles. They mostly wore make shift type wrap around skirts. I don't know what they're called."

He stopped, looked at me, then said, "You remind me so much of them." He looked away again.

I waited, then finally asked, "Was one of them your girl?" He softly nodded affirmatively but didn't say a word. I understood and had no need to pry into his past. That moment answered many questions. I feel so honored to know someone so gentle, so kind.

One of my friends at the gym is a psychologist. One day we had lunch together and I asked her about sexual intensity mainly for my own benefit.

When she explained that there's an issue called 'displacement' I asked her to explain in plain English. She said that 'displacement' is a mechanism where a person can displace anger and hostility in other ways rather than violence.

A person could possibly become an Olympic gold medalist because they were abused as a child. They can't take out the anger on the object of hatred so they displace it in other areas that are socially acceptable.

I applied this information in realizing why Rod is so sexually intense. His swinging life style provides the kind of relationships where everyone is of like mind eliminating all the socially prescribed dating requirements.

At one party he told me the moment he walked in a girl grabbed his arm and said, "I want you to fuck me all night like you fucked Jeannie last week. She's my room mate and says that you're an insane sex maniac." They spent the entire week end fucking each other in every room of the swinging club house.

Then they went to Disneyland after dark. On both the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted House, they were alone. So, they fucked each other completely through each ride.

As for me I keep searching my memories for a clue as to why I have such an insatiable sex drive. My fondest memories are of watching my parents fuck each other endlessly, night after night. I craved the joyful look on moms face every morning. I even had fantasy dreams of my dad fucking me with mom encouraging him to put that same smile on my face. They were strict about morality and ethics so I found partial satisfaction hanging out with girl friends who introduced me to masturbation.

Then came the day I walked into an adult book store. I headed straight for the dildos. After enjoying group fuck sessions with my girl friends who taught me about carrots, zucchini and cucumbers I chose the largest dildo they had in the store. Its called, Super Star. I love using it especially since Larry doesn't have the stamina to continue fucking after his first orgasm. He's actually used it on me and knows how much I crave being fucked. Larry's way more endowed than my dildo, and Rod, well, I call him Super Rod.

Now that Rod has come into my life I doubt I'll ever need my dildo again. His age is deceiving but there's nothing at all deceptive about his love for sex. We're so much alike we could be the front and back side of the same coin.

Larry's body is the male counterpart of mine. His cock and balls make up for all the rest, the same way he tells me my pussy's the most magnificent part of me. I have a long torso which probably or partially explains why I love huge cocks. Larry fills my pussy quite adequately. I can take his almost twelve inch cock. It's almost two and half inches in diameter at the head.

Rod is so big we had to take it slow and easy at first. He's so gentle I love the way he lets me take my time riding him in a seated position. His foreskin is so chunky and huge we have to pull it back so his crown can open the way for deeper penetration.

I love wrapping my hands around his foreskin, pulling it back as he thrusts forward, then once he's inside letting his foreskin go. When he withdraws, the chunky mass of skin folds over his crown and completely fills my cavernous pussy.

We have this lean back comfort chair that's just right for the two of us. Rod lays back with one leg stretched out and the other spread wide, foot on the floor. I straddle the stretched out leg leaning my thigh against it for leverage. I fold my other leg alongside his other thigh opening my pussy wide. We face each other because I get so turned on guiding his cock into my pussy while he massages and sucks my tits.

My tits are flat but my nipples are like cow udders. Rod loves sucking them down his throat. He has a way of manipulating his throat that tightly massages their near six inch length. The way he works his tongue and throat make my pussy crave his cock, if that makes any sense!

I tried rushing things the first time we fucked and realized I've never been opened up so completely. That first time we fucked wasn't really all that great. Made me feel like a virgin. I felt sorry for Rod not being fully satisfied. He told me, "Satisfaction is watching your gorgeous smile after each orgasm."

It's taken quite a while for me to reach that all out enjoyment phase of intercourse with Rod. My mind wants more than my body is capable of sustaining. Rod's been so patient and so controlled. He get's orgasmically satisfied by just having his cock deep in my pussy while I do all the thrusting.

After opening my pussy up so wide and deep I've never felt so free. I even walk differently. I mean, it feels as if the inside of my pussy moves more freely where as before everything felt tight and restricted. My pussy lips feel looser, my clit emerges so elongated and wet I want to stroke it like guys stroke their cocks. Sometimes I do, when Rod's not close by. When he is, he says that just seeing my lips and clit swaying free turns him on so much he wants to inhale them like swallowing a bucket of oysters non stop.

Rod constantly says things that excite my juices to flow. Then we fuck each other to a stand still. What's helped me become prepared to fuck him harder and harder is the long hours we spend just laying in bed with me on top of him.

I use my knees to prop myself into a position where I can thrust backwards and he can thrust forward. We've coordinated our timing and depth of thrusts to match each other. He lets me set the pace. What thrills me is when we both orgasm at the same time. He lifts his hips as he thrusts forward and the angle of his cock penetrating my pussy is so awesome we glide together with ease, so deep it feels like his cock is in my chest.

Using K Y gel has increased our ability to sustain our long sessions of intercourse. We've reached a level of orgasmic bliss that seems unending. When we collapse with exhaustion after experimenting with numerous deep penetrating positions we always remain together. Rod loves having his cock buried deep in my pussy even when we sleep. This is where the K Y comes in, it keeps us moist all night. When we wake up, most of the time we'll slowly begin thrusting in rhythm with each other.

I like waking up before Rod so I can be the one who starts thrusting. Rods cock is soft so I grab the back of his shaft with both hands, slowly, gently squeezing then pulling forward. As I feel his cock swell inside my pussy I begin thrusting slowly. I can position my body over his, trying not to arouse him to fast. I adore the smile on his face as he wakes up doing what we both love doing best.

My turn...

Kayla is usually the instigator of many of our sexual adventures. Our sleep sessions are always spontaneous. It's taken time to be able to sleep together with my cock deep in her pussy. But the reward of having done so is outrageously satisfying.

One more quick note:

I just told Rod about having slept with a cucumber in my pussy all night. In the morning I was awe struck. My first orgasm took less than two minutes.

Rod here again...

There's the answer to why I'm so attracted to Kayla. We share every experience, we accept all aspects of each other, we must be long lost lovers from century's passed.

I've never met someone so enthusiastic about wanting to be fucked as much as Kayla. I thought I would have to be somewhat reserved about revealing my own cravings for constant steady intercourse. There's nothing at all reserved about how Kayla loves to fuck. She's for sure, my dream fantasy come true.

In just over two weeks we've been able to fuck deeper and deeper without Kayla experiencing discomfort. I hate forcing myself on anyone so I love the fact that she's in control. Her hip movements are so innovative as she rides my cock it's an ever new adventure every time we fuck.

At times, she loves fucking like someone on a mechanical bull. Her body never thrusts the same way twice. My greatest sensation is when she's going for it and I just raise my hips. The sight of my cock being jockeyed three sheets to the wind is overwhelming. We can only achieve this rodeo ride when I'm rock hard. My cock bows, twists and contorts in so many directions I have to hold the base of my shaft for fear of dislocation.

I love the tightness of her pussy, she loves the thickness of my cock. However, we've had to learn that too much, too soon makes for discomfort. This is where sleeping locked together has prepared the way for endless fuck sessions that have lasted for hours.

My turn...

I never believed Rod when he said he's reached a point of orgasmic bliss that has lasted for days. He's got me believing him more and more and here's why. After our first couple of orgasms we lay sprawled out on each other, my pussy filled with his cock.

He does this flexing maneuver that pulsates from my pussy lips to uterus. I've learned how to do the flexing technique so now we alternate each pulse. We can be completely exhausted but still be able to stimulate each other this way. Then it's just a matter of who feels like thrusting slowly again.

We change positions constantly and since we both crave deep penetration we fit our bodies together just to achieve that goal. Then once we've found a new position we get more and more intense. We've had several failures but always find ourselves laughing as we hit the ground or mattress in an off balanced position.

Here's something for those of you who may have the same dilemma. Rod's cock is extremely oval shaped while Larry's cock is more round. My pussy, it seems, has the same oval shape as Rod's cock, only vertical. Larry and I can fuck straight away, front or rear without discomfort.

The first time Rod and I fucked he felt my body tense up immediately. We were so tight together it was painful for both of us. I wanted Rod so much I forced myself onto his cock fucking him as hard as I could. The pain was mixed with pleasure so I focused on the pleasure.

Being so experienced Rod taught me how to shift into a crisscross position so whenever we thrust the wide section of his cock matches my pussy.

I'm glad he let me fuck him the way I did that first time because of how he opened my pussy up so much wider and deeper. Some day I want us to be able to fuck each other into an orgasmic stupor that lasts indefinitely.

The phone rang a while ago when Rod and I were in the middle of our sex workout sessions. Rod twisted around so we could still fuck while I propped myself in his lap while answering. Yes, it was Larry...

"Hi Babe, where are you?"

"I'm at a resort in Malibu thinking of you two hopeful in the throws of sexual bliss."

"You bet we are. I'm sitting in Rod's lap with his cock so deep in my pussy, my ribs are being tickled."

"Wow, wish I was there, I'm just dying to watch the two of you fuck each other silly. Can't wait to be part of that threesome we're planning."

"Rod wants to fuck my pussy while you fuck my ass with the three of us alternating massaging my pussy lips and clit, sucking my tits and jacking each other off."

"You've got me jacking off right now. Keep talking! Put the phone down by your pussy so I can hear Rod fucking you. I'll bet you two are suction squirting maniacs."

"O K, Rod's propping the phone up on the inside of his thigh. I'll fuck him first while he sucks my nipples. We've really gotten off fucking like this."

Larry told us later that he jacked himself off twice non-stop. Rod and I fucked each other so hard the sounds of our cum were a mixture of splashing, squirting, suction thrusts that were so audible they almost matched our growling moans and groans.

"Hey Kayla, have Rod fuck you on the corner of the bed with your legs over his shoulders. I have that image in my mind. I want to keep stroking my cock with all this cum dripping down my balls. Then hold the phone where the sounds of him fucking you are the loudest."

"O K."

We shift into position where Rod can alternate thrusts from one side to the other keeping the widest section of his cock penetrating the widest portion of my pussy.

We start a slow steady deep thrusting rhythm emphasizing each thrust with audible, pleasurable sounds. The combination of sounds with all the pussy splashing, cock diving momentum becomes a chant. We can hear Larry shouting, "Fuck her Rod, I'm about to cum again...Fuck her hard and deep, the way she likes it...put that smile on her face."

Hearing Larry getting so much pleasure sent me into an orgasmic fit. I started shouting, "Fuck me Rod, fuck me like a jack hammer gone crazy...fuck me, harder, deeper...bury that cock up to my chest."

Rod fucked me so hard we were both numb. His volcanic orgasm sent Larry into jack off heaven. He said he jacked off so hard, it stretched his foreskin farther than ever before. He actually had three orgasms. The last one with only a trickle of cum left in his body but it was the longest orgasm he's ever had. He kept stroking himself until his cum was dry. Then he used lotion to keep his orgasmic sensation alive for another half hour.

Rod said the last good by's: "Hey Larry, get home as quick as possible. We've got some serious catching up to do."

"On my way!"

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