Beyond All Expectations !!!
She's waiting by my truck! Wonder if she's as awe struck about me as I am of her. We work out together at the gym less than five minutes from my house. I've noticed her running back home after our workouts. I know approximately where she lives. Once, I followed her almost all the way until she turned her head and spotted me. I quickly turned down a street as if going somewhere else.

"Say Rod, I've been meaning to ask you, did you follow me home last week or was it just coincidence that I saw you?"

"Well, since I don't believe in coincidence I guess you caught me wanting to know where you live."

"May I ask why?"

"Sure, I've got nothing to hide. I'm extremely attracted to you and I guess I wanted to be caught following you so maybe there would be a chance for us to talk...and here we are."

Her smile has an allure that makes my body shudder.

"You know I'm married or haven't you seen my husband drop me off at the gym."

"I missed that part but I do notice you're not wearing a ring, so please accept my apology if I've offended you in any way."

"Actually, I find it flattering that you'd be attracted to a skinny, bony, flat chested ordinary looking woman."

"Skinny, bony, flat chested women just seem to turn me on."

"Got time for a coffee break? I'd like to know more about you."

"Thought you said you were married."

"I am! I'm also a free spirited woman with an over zealous sexual appetite that my husband can't satisfy."

Somewhat perplexed, I open the door for her and we hit the local coffee shop just down the road. She chooses a corner booth with plenty of privacy.

"Kayla, before we get to deeply involved in conversation, I'm not into violating any marriage codes."

"On the contrary!!! What if I told you my husband has wanted me to find a sex partner who would be into a threesome. In fact he wouldn't mind if we became steady sex partners once we find out if we're truly compatible."

I shift my body position so hopefully she doesn't spot how excited I'm getting. Her eyes shift, yep, she catches me adjusting the erection creeping down my thigh.

"Would he mind if I ask you out for dinner so we can hang out and really get to know each other."

"He wouldn't mind if we became steady dating lovers, all night or even all day sexual partners. He's gone almost three weeks at a time. You could come stay with me if you'd like. We have a huge pool, completely private with a relaxed atmosphere. I love bathing in the nude. In fact I love staying nude most of the day. I get turned on by the most subtle sensual experiences like laying on the couch watching T V, a silk pillow between my legs with the edge against my pussy lips and clit, my hips thrusting for maximum length until I reach orgasm."

My cock is so swollen and elongated I have to awkwardly shift again to relieve the pressure. She smiles completely aware of my excitement, slowly licks her lips then announces.

"Come home with me Rod. Larry's leaving for an extended business trip. He'll want to meet you since I've already told him how attracted I am to you."

She catches me off guard...

"Yes, I'm amazed at your workout schedule and I can't help notice you in the shower. How surprised would you be to know that I've hunted for a dildo to match the length of your cock. I'm not sure if it's as thick since you seem to have a huge layer of foreskin."

"Kayla, you've got me so turned on I'm about to cum in my jeans."

"I know, that's my motive for seeking you out today. It's been my dream to meet you so we can enjoy each other. I've peeked in and seen you masturbating in the shower. That's when I knew you probably have the same craving for sex as me. Come on, lets go. Larry's about to leave and we'll be able to spend the rest of the day together."

Larry seems thrilled that Kayla found what she's been looking for.

"Rod, you're going to have your hands full keeping up with this sex dynamo. I'll be looking forward to us engaging in a threesome. I'd love to watch her getting fucked to her hearts content. Just to see her finally satisfied sexually would be a world of delight. I'm simply a one orgasm kind of guy. One shot of jizz and I'm empty, all through. I try to please her orally and with her toys especially the dildo she has. She's told me it resembles how mother nature's supplied you."

"Thanks for being so accepting Larry. I'm extremely fond of Kayla and meeting up with her today has opened a door that I never thought could ever be open. I've been searching for a steady sex partner who has all the qualities Kayla has shared with me. By the way, mother nature wasn't as good to me as the exercises I've developed over the years."

"You two have a great time together. I'll be joining up with you when I return. Hope you'll share those secret exercises. I know Kayla would love it if I'd have more to please her with. You'll find out what I'm talking about soon enough."

Kayla takes hold of my hand as we watch Larry drive away. The softness of her touch is inviting as she weaves her fingers around mine subtly pressing her thumb into my wrist then circling round and round. A slight pressure invites me to lean over and kiss her awaiting lips.

Her tongue immediately dives down my throat lacking any resemblance of a subtle advance. I match her intensity swallowing her tongue then diving down her amazingly accepting deep throat.

I position my arm around her tiny waist, my other arm reaching down under her knees to pick her up and carry her into the house. As I cradle her almost feather weight body she begins unbuckling my belt then unzipping my jeans.

Laying her down on a couch I hook my fingers in the back of her shorts and easily slip them off. Her tank top slides upward, she lifts her arms knowing my next move is to unveil her bony flat chested body.

She tucks her arms inward trying to hide the massiveness of her nipples which jet forward then bend like a willow tree hanging three to four inches from her chest. My mouth waters dripping down the edge of my cheeks. Her tongue quickly swipes across my lips then back down my throat. This time she fucks my throat deeper and deeper as If I'm fucking her pussy to the hilt of my shaft.

After getting completely naked I pick her up positioning the small of her back on the wide shoulder of the couch. We suck each others tongues gradually releasing, then kissing with undulating fervor. There's nothing petite about her lips. We bite each others lips top to bottom while sucking softly then increasing intensity.

We break away as she arches her back over the corner of the couch. She throws her right leg over my left shoulder cocking her knee outward, opening her pussy like a mussel shell.

I lean into her extremely slender body aching to suck her nipples one by one. First the left then the right. Her right foot digs into my shoulder inviting me to feast on her most sensual anatomy. My eyes glance downward, her hands are reaching for my cock. I bend my knees inward as her hands wrap around my shaft.

She guides the length of my shaft between her robust flowering pussy lips. They too are enormous, so huge she wraps them around my shaft and starts working her hips. I begin thrusting, she tightens her grip. Then what feels like another cock sliding in under mine her clit expands almost matching the length and thickness of the head of my cock. I wonder how such a petite woman can have such outrageous anatomy.

Our juices begin to flow as we both know we're about to explode with liquid adventure. I switch nipples and suck hard realizing the nipple I was sucking reached deep down my throat. Now it rests against her chest hanging down nearly to her belly button.

As I suck, pull and stretch her other nipple it elongates gradually sliding down my throat. Kayla begins to moan a beautiful satisfying lament, a series of melodic humming notes that grows in intensity.

We both begin thrusting harder. I begin emitting a series of uncontrollable, pleasurable moans. Our breathing becomes forceful then becomes synchronized. Her grip on my shaft tightens more. Her clit has become outrageously elongated and thick. The rhythm of our thrusts alternate as we both feel the sensuousness of each others freakish anatomy.

My foreskin slides back with every forward thrust then covers my crown while withdrawing. Each time my crown emerges kissing her clit. We both angle our thrusts to feel the sensation getting more and more powerful.

All of a sudden we both thrust our hips into each other feeling warm liquid gushing, squirting, flowing in every direction. My balls drip with cum as they smack her cum covered rosebud splashing cum across both her cheeks.

Kayla lets go of my cock at the height of our orgasmic release. Instinctively, without any hesitation I plunge my cock into her pussy. She spreads both thighs with her heels pressing into my shoulders. Her pussy opens up like the curtains of a theatre play. The head of my cock glides into her entry way. I feel the walls of her pussy tighten against my foreskin. The crown of my cock jets into her cervix then the head of my cock tightens so much my foreskin bunches up against the back half of my shaft.

Her body relaxes, my cock inches forward, I pull back slightly then lunge forward with quick jabs. Her hips beg for me to jab harder and harder. Our orgasm hasn't begun to subside. Little by little she opens up wider and wider. I finally penetrate deeper and deeper filling her pussy with what has become the most swollen cock I've ever felt. The hood of my crown seems to become numb as we start fucking each other with a wild sense of insanity.

I feel her body tighten then relax over and over again. I thrust so hard until it pleasantly aches then back off. We both relax then slowly build up speed. I momentarily get out of control and Kayla places her hands on my chest...

"Hey Rod, I love the way you fuck me but I want to feel the entire length of that amazing cock. Slow down and fuck me deep and steady."

Realizing I wasn't even penetrating her pussy half way I slow down. To my own amazement I realize she has the control to tighten her cervix in rhythm to my thrusts. We pick up a relentless rhythm that my balls stretched out so far they smack the small of her back. She bends her body into a half moon shape where I can thrust so deep into her pussy it stretches the walls of her womb as my crown bends upward against the curvature of her inner belly. Sweat beads up all over our bodies.

We fuck each other for what seems like forever. I flash on how I've wondered if forever could be such a thrill. I begin twisting in clockwise then counterclockwise rotations stimulating her clit which rests alongside my shaft as I withdraw. As I penetrate so deep to the end of my shaft her clit folds upward sliding against my groin almost to my belly button. Her glistening nectar sparkles in the sunlight. I want to suck her clit so bad but we've got forever to enjoy each other and I know she wants to be sucked as much as she knows I want the same.

Never realizing we've fucked each other for close to two hours we both feel a build up of volcanic proportions. I begin thrusting so hard our pelvic bones crunch with enormous pleasure. We both hesitate then in unison our hips withdraw for another attack. Again and again we pound each other feverishly until that last amazing thrust that unleashes an orgasmic flood of cum that pulsates throughout our bodies. We both feel the uncontrollable spasms that vibrate through every nerve and cell of every organ throughout our bodies.

I carry her to bed where we collapse into a head to toe position allowing us to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. I flood my mouth with hers and my cum as she sucks cum from under my foreskin, licks around the hood of my crown, deep throats the head of my cock with her tongue spiraling around the exposed crown. Her hands grab hold of my shaft as she jacks me off anticipating more cum which flows freely down her throat. I feel her swallow while continuing to eat her pussy like a starved maniac attacking a watermelon.

Her hips constantly buck and swerve. After sucking each pussy lip and feeling them caress my cheeks I finally inhale her clit which is so elongated it slides down my throat to where when I swallow it stimulates Kayla's sex drive. She pushes her pussy against my mouth then sucks my cock hard first biting down behind the hood of my crown then letting the foreskin cover the crown with her tongue pressing inside the foreskin against the crown. I go wild when she swirls her tongue around the entire circumference of my cock.

While sucking her clit down my throat and working my jaw from side to side I open up her pussy lips with my hands stretching them against my cheeks. My chin dips into the back portion of her pussy and I press inward creating sucking sounds that splash more cum upward then down my neck. Her body jumps with delight as her hands continue to jack me off. I feel more cum rising up through my shaft into her mouth. Her juices continually flow down my throat.

We both feel several mini orgasms before feeling that final rush where our bodies jolt and quiver without the release of more cum. A few drops emerge as we rotate our bodies into a sprawled out scissors position with Kayla on top of my chest our thighs rotated outward with her pussy accepting the last remnants of energy from my semi hard cock. She rocks her body up and down until I'm buried deep in her pussy, her mouth in position for her tongue to lick my nipple.

I kiss her lips sliding my tongue upward against her inner lip and upper teeth then downward. Our tongues come to rest against each other then relax. She relaxes as my right hand reaches for the cum that seeped out around the back of my shaft. We both lift up knowing each others motive. I fill my hand with the slippery juice then take hold of her massive nipple and begin stroking slowly. It swells, her hips begin rotating, my cock becomes stimulated, we both know that all we can accomplish now is enjoy the awesome aftermath of what we'll be enjoying for a long, long time.....what's forever for!!!
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